The company promised to build a dm on kl. The city of sn remained only non-mry

Ml to bt dm sn. The other company, which promised to deliver a low-energy building on a key, in a short time and in the sun of the pension, is called Dream house. But the reality was full. Pestoe builder Jaroslav Prek gradually paid the whole price, the dm finally had to finish the sm.

Prkovi started looking for a company that would give them a house. They approached several companies and were also looking at model houses. They were most interested in the offer of AKE Dream house, ltd, so they met with its director Jaroslav Hodonský.

One owner of the company and his employees seemed credible, they promised to issue a mortgage and a building permit, nothing was a problem for them, describes a well-arranged construction company Jaroslav Prek. In addition, the company had a house in action for a good price and she also managed to look at its construction. And it looked like a complete horseshoe, so the Preks signed a contract in June 2011 and paid a deposit. The total price for one house is 1,549,000 crowns, construction on the key, before five months from the start of construction.

Problems with building it from pot

Construction began from the bottom, waiting for the project and the building permit. In the end, Mr. Prek preferred to secure the sm, as well as all the connections that the company originally promised to provide. And there was a problem. The land is on a slope, said the construction manager of the Dream house company and the real estate is not included in the prices. So the Prkas hired an excavator, first they locked up with their friends and prepared the land for construction themselves. In August of the following year, the horse began to be built and the Preks wished that the EU would soon live in a new one. The city of approval is, however, expected not to be surprised.

In November, Dream house employees, who were in charge of the house, came to the construction site and said that the owner of the company had fired them and simply left the building to the eastern builder Prek. The fact that he was supposed to live for msc didn’t look a bit like that. Circuits were built, no windows or doors were installed, insulation was not made and the interiors were not completed. Mr. Prek therefore went to the Dream house in Zlín. Jaroslav Hodonsk, the company’s executive, promised that the construction would continue without any problems.

And the fact continued. Two workers drank, set the chambers by the fireplaces, but only under the roof. They settled the windows on the perimeter walls and then disappeared again. I insisted, Mr. Hodonsk didn’t even pick up the phone, and he even started to threaten, knowing that the house could not be built for those pensions, that we wanted to enrich ourselves with him and that he would cover us, Prek said.

A: DM Dostav Jin Firm

After many emergencies, however, in the end only the company’s CEO drank the furnace and designed it. Dm delivered the company Malux. Pensions, which I have a dream house from Mr. Prek and which he has not yet built, of course Malux pepole. And Mr. Prek will pay the rest of the purchase price for the company. A sensible offer that everyone came to.

We took over the rough construction, but unfortunately even what was paid for by the customer was not made, but mainly, and the work done was of poor quality, to the director of the Malux company Martin Ludvk. The walls were not finished, the walls were kiw, the doors were installed turned, describes the executive. The Malux workers tried to pesto. And Mr. Prek paid the firm, Jaroslav Hodonsk did not.

We were with him several times for pensions, either Mr. Hodonsk was not there, or he did not have a pension, or he had an appointment, and so it was all around, says Ludvk. And when this situation lasted according to less than two months, the company Malux also left the building.

Mr. Prek terminated the contract for the work so that the house could get where it lived. He called on the Dream company, which owed him 600,000 crowns in arrears for his work, to repay his pension without answering.

The CEO of Dream House does not communicate, the case and the police

The editors of ernch ovc esk televize became interested in the case. First, they visited the Dream house establishment in elechovice. However, the traffic in which the new buildings were built recently was empty.

Yeah, they said here, they haven’t been here for about a year, I don’t know where they moved, but as far as I could hear, some 38 million were betrayed, the editors learned from the landlord of the neighboring building.

The Dream house dajn company also stayed long for renting the building. According to an entry from the Commercial Register, the CEO of Dreamhouse, Jaroslav Hodonsk, lasted to live in Psk on Velkomoravsk 1 Street. At this address, however, there is a general ad. No one responded to the e-mail, and Mr. Hodonsk just said abruptly on the phone that this was an old matter and there was no reason to comment.

However, Mr. Prek was not the only damaged builder; I can confirm that we have received the report, the whistleblower is likely to go more, informs Petr Jaro, a criminal investigator, and adds: At the moment, there is a trial in progress, so we did not accuse anyone of going.

Podtreno to Seteno

How not to get into a similar situation? The first advice for vs was prepared by lawyer Pavel Nastis.

  • Pay attention to the contract with km. Get references from the construction company and take it, for example, on the Internet.
  • You will go to see the people who built it with the company and give them to share their experiences.
  • Pay attention to the content of the contract itself. Contract contracts are complex, it is advisable to consult the contract with the element.
  • In general, it is possible that in the contract of work it is important from the point of view of the customer to look at the following issues:
    – whether the subject of the contract is defined by sufficient security
    – how is the total price for whether it can be delivered separately
    – how the due date of the price is determined (it is recommended to pay the price for the stages, not the whole price in advance)
    – how to eat termn zahjen a achievement for
    – what co-operation must the client provide to the contractor
    – whether there are any sanctions (typically a contractual penalty) in the contract for the case that the contractor is in delay with the
    – whether the customer has the first to withdraw from the contract in case the factory is extended
    – From the customer’s point of view, for example, it is important to stipulate in the contract that the contractor is obliged to clean and clean the site after construction, ie to remove various machines, unimobuks, fencing, building materials, packaging materials and the like.
  • Get quality construction supervision from someone you trust. Construction supervision, which is recommended by the contractor, is not fully suitable, it should be on the side of the contractor.

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