The chemist, economist and construction started the project. I want to break through sry

The Slovaks agreed on holiday that they would produce goat cheese. They bought a plot of land near Ruomberok and started production last autumn. Sales were complemented by a restaurant and a gas station.

In Slovakia you will see plenty of sheep and cow shit. But not the goat. And there is a lot of interest in it. It is imported from the Netherlands, because in Slovakia it is produced only in very small quantities.

“So we said, for him to find out when we can work here,” to Josef Husark, one of the entrepreneurs who set off last June in Ivachnov, near the road between Ruomberok and Liptovský Mikuláš, both projects. They built a lard making cheese from goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk, a restaurant with Slovak specialties, they opened a pump, but so the children’s zoo corner with flowers.

How did it come about? How did you drink it?
The cell was created on vacation. We talked with asking one is an economist, the kind of construction, I’m a chemist about cosmic silence. We were very excited about the idea of ​​processing it. But we agreed that it is a seasonal matter, and that you need to add something to the production of milk and cow’s milk, and finally we added a restaurant project.

Were you close to it as a chemist?
Although I graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Technology, I don’t understand in silence, but I can learn everything I did. Goat’s silence is a sight of sale, it has timeless immunological properties and in space it can travel. In Slovakia, they are usually very silent processors, so we thought: we will be such a medium segment. Today we take about two thousand liters a day, which is 200 kilos of shit, we process two and three thousand liters of cow’s milk. To do this, go a thousand liters. Together, five and six thousand liters of silence per day, which is the minimum for the return of our project. In the future, we would like to secure a supply of goat’s milk and produce mainly goat’s cheese.

How many employees do you have?
We are now in trial operation. The company has five employees, of which ten people work in production. And the season is starting, we would like to have them. We are cooperating with a farm in Kysucch, where they have 800 goats, but after we gave a little bit of ourselves, the breeder gave it to him. We know about those who decided to build new breeding.


Zrajc koz sry ve slovensk srrn in Ivachnov

How to make cheese?
We focus on maturing goats sry msn, tmsn and in the future we want to make estimsn sry as well. You need a special room where the temperature is right. Sr must be the same. It is an art of preparation. He is ideal when I have so many weeks. Let’s taste it: with paitka, chili, with esnek. Such sr is not produced in Slovakia.

There are a lot of small producers of sr, but the term “slovensk sr” was used only for baskets and quilts from paenho cow’s milk. A quality sr is one that goes through a process of grains, let it fly. It’s complicated, but we want to try it and make a floor, uniform uniform, which ripens in the ripening layer.

You are only open pr msc. How are you?
We started in the hustle and bustle of the seasons in the fall, but it’s still nice, people come here to drive someone for petrol and buy cheese, others go for cheese. The advantage is that we are right next to the debtor. It is mainly made for us, the restaurant is just an accessory, even though we manage to process a lot of the product here. For example, let’s go for a grilled goat, which the visitors liked. In the hitpard he went to the second town, right after the Brynz haluks.

What is vt interested in? About goats or cows?
It’s so pl to pl.

Are you considering selling to neighboring countries? Teba do eska i Polska?
Let’s see. We started production in June, negotiating with the distributors and in January, when the first cheeses matured. Also try one.

How much will the cheese cost?
A kilo of ripe goat cheese costs 25 euros (about 615 crowns), for a kilo of cow pay 12 euros (about 295 crowns).

And how much did you invest in your project?
The investment is 3.5 million euros, we gave two million of ours, to 1.5 million mme vry. We know that it can be repaid within five years.

How long did it take from the idea and to the construction?
The case was created in lt 2010. The year was ripe in our country, but then I found out that the land at the bedroom was being sold, I called them all and told them that if we wanted to go into it, we had to buy it. The darkness accelerated. Last year, we started to pull the topsoil and we approved it. It is a modern building, but we were inspired by folk art.

How asto jte sr?
Every day, I have to taste it. But what I enjoy most is watching TV. We opened two chips and things like that, today let’s feed a goat sr, which we have in honey.

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