The bottom of the sprayer is washed away by the first fuse, but the conditions are tangled

Sprays are most often spent in houses in Prague and elsewhere in Moravia, the first time it comes to property owners in the Karlovy Vary region. Codes caused by sprays are usually covered by a fuse for the case of vandalism and theft, which usually moves in the breath of hundred crowns.

“The insurance can be arranged for a family or innovative house, but also for a cottage, cottage, garage, fencing and other buildings,” says Petr Milata from SOB Pojiovny. As he added, it is necessary to insure real estate for the main range of risks and to insure vandalism, which also covers the risk of spraying.

It is thus possible to insure yourself against mental damage or destruction by insuring several colors with the help of the Czech Business Insurance Company (PP). “The damage to the house of graffiti, however, must not come from public and unstable cities, it must be a nice place, such as a fence or a house door,” explains Renata Svobodov from PP.

So if you have a house, only one wall is right next to the street and the sprayer “tags” it, then you may have a problem with the insurance indemnity, according to Svoboda. However, this does not apply to all binders.

Only some fuses will automatically protect against sprays

Some insurance companies cover the risk of property damage by spraying it directly in the insurance of the construction of the house and you do not need to connect. However, it is important to look for a insurance variant or type of contract. The risk of vandalism is usually covered in those expensive packages and insurance variants.

Pojiovna Kooperativa, for example, has insurance against vandalism, which covers the damage to the family house by sprays, in the Comfort package. At Wstenrot, this risk is included in the ProDomov and Allianz properties in the Exclusive insurance package. At Generali, there is a part of home insurance with Vario assistance, which includes property, household and liability insurance.

Whoever has an agreed contract for another type or variant of insurance in these insurance companies should check whether his vandalism insurance covers at all and whether he may additionally insure this risk.

It is up to you, the owner of innovative houses, who have arranged a connected property with the Wstenrot insurance company. According to Kateina Bl, the insurance company must always insure the risk of vandalism, even if it is wrong on the selected limit of the insurance indemnity. It pays to know that the castle only chemically.

Pojiovny proplcej kvli sprejerm jen uritou sumu

If you are going to check whether your insurance also covers the risk of damage to your property by sprays, also ask about the limits of insurance benefits. You at SOB Pojiovn pay a limit of ten thousand crowns for one insurance event. The insurance company will pay for these codes repeatedly even to those who have a deal and spray them more often. “The only thing clients will lose by paying their insurance benefits is the loss of a five percent discount for a smooth process,” Milata points out.

The tens of thousands of limits are set, for example, for private insurance in the Uniqa insurance company (price 200 crowns) and in Generali.

“It’s bad for the client to keep the risk of vandalism in the contracts. It is possible to exclude this risk from the insurance company, in which case a discount from the insurance percentage of three percent, ”says Generali Ji Cvka. In Generali, for a self-employed property called Living with Assistance, vandalism can be insured for CZK 700 and the limit is CZK 20,000.

What to do when you discover a spray paint for a house

If spray paint appears on the wall of the house and the fence, you should immediately document the code and report the connection. The photo was taken by the pilot then the pilot to mucus the insurance event. However, some insurance companies request that you report the code to the Police R. You in Generali will also request a copy of the police report and, in some cases, a witness. On the other hand, you do not have to report the code to the police in Allianz.

Reporting codes to the police and apprehending the perpetrator can sometimes be used to pay the insurance indemnity. For example, whoever has an old property contract with a Czech insurance company will receive an insurance benefit only if the perpetrator is discovered. However, in the case of new contracts of this insurance company, it is also compensated for events caused by an unknown perpetrator. This approach has recently attracted more insurance, which does not insist on apprehending the offender for the payment of insurance benefits. The code will pay you even in an unknown perpetrator in Allianz, in PP and in Generali.

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