The blue card on the road is not enough. No pension to lkai unwillingness

With the insurance card, get the same income in the EU for which the local population has a year. But it’s not enough to get out in the doctor’s office with a command. Usually he has to pay for the city. If you are without pensions, I will know that vs nekaet.

Each member state of the EU issues its citizens with the European Order of Human Rights (EHIC), which has the same technical parameters and almost the same appearance in all countries. When presenting a health insurance card in one of the states of the European Union, you are entitled to the necessary health care. Oeten will then pay the health insurance company.

Only a public health facility will provide a bag. So bad on the terms of the country. If it is customary to pay for pi or lky, this obligation will also apply to vs.

The costs for the provided medicine are then paid by the local health insurance company at the same prices as they would pay for their citizens. The costs are then given to patients by the Czech Health Insurance Company.

Don’t have a pension? Ani vs neoet

In some countries, such as France, Belgium and Luxembourg, pay is immediately paid. In this case, pay for the payment, you will receive a receipt and the original proof of payment. With these documents, visit the health insurance company where the costs will be reimbursed. If you do not have time or do not want to visit a branch in a foreign country, after the return, go to your health insurance company, where you will be reimbursed.

“If you don’t have a pension to pay for a city, I don’t think it will work at all. If the injured person does not endanger his life, ask the hospital if you have to pay for the disease. If not, you don’t have to go, ”warns Ji Rod from VZP before relying on the card.

If you have a connection and something happens to you, call the assistance service. Operator tells you what to give. The insurance company will arrange a friendly agreement and you will not pay anything. Read more about assisted services in the previous article.

Transport by ambulance at your own expense

The card of the insured person in the case when one of your close ones abroad. The insured person under the European Health Insurance Card does not cover the repatriation of the remains or the transport of the injured person by ambulance. Czech health insurance companies can only pay for transport from Germany, Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro in exceptional cases. It is not their duty and it can happen that the health insurance company does not even provide transport from these countries.

Think of co-participation

Some countries have a paid health care, but such a certain participation. It is different in all countries of the European Union. In France, for example, pay 30 percent of the cost of lkask oeten and one euro for nvtvu. Nemocnin pe vs costs 16 euros per day or 20 percent cost for a maximum of 30 days. In all diseases, the hospitalization bag is uncomplicated.

In Croatia, for example, co-payments for a one-day surgical procedure account for 15 percent of the costs and costs for 25 percent. If you only travel with a payer’s order, no one will pay for the co-payment.

In Germany, always pay 10 euros for a drink and a toothpick. For materials and bandages, pay 10 percent of the price, a minimum of five euros and a maximum of 10 euros. Definitely not more than real costs. Nemocnin pe vs costs 10 euros per day for a maximum of 28 days. You can find more about co-participation on the General Health Insurance website.

When you arrange a commercial travel insurance, you will avoid paying the co-payment.

When you forget your insurance card and are forced to look for a medicine, you must pay the entire fee yourself. After traveling to the Czech Republic, contact your health insurance company. They will want an order from the insured, the original here for medical help and medical care first. You will receive an oeten pension, but you will have to repent of it. The health insurance company must also visit foreign institutions.

If you decide to arrange a regular travel insurance policy, you can use any insurance company or bank, not just the one with which you have health insurance. The price ranges from 15 to 35 crowns per person per day.

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