The big shot on D-Day: the inventor of the power plant offended investors

Zdenk Svoboda worked with a project he called Zazen on electricity generation. It is basically a windmill with a vertical axis. After investors d 1.5 million crowns for 49%, his conversation with investors is growing.

One and a half million, which Svoboda d, will be intended for a group of experts and designers who would create a wind power plant. Ivan Piln is first interested in the model. d for Svoboda to put its model into operation. We learn that the model does not work.

Svoboda explains that it is not possible to build for the model: “Since I designed the power plant to make sense, the power plant must be large, which means that this variant would have a diameter of about 40 meters, and its height would be a 1, 5nsobek. And this wind turbine should weigh 250 tons, more, more. According to the size of the warehouse. ” He then proceeds with the same technical description of the whole project.

He diligently asks if there is a functional model on which Svoboda would prove that the power plant works. The only answer is that she started production of a similar project. Svoboda vak registered his patent a year ago.

Tomio Okamura pauses over the darkness where the plant could be built: “On the one hand, we have the power plants, which are on the ground floor and all have propellers. On the other hand, offer an alternative that is 40 meters in diameter and 60 meters in height. Now imagine a 40 meter circle in diameter that will be in the country. that it must be in the open country, it is evident. And just 40 meters, actually in the diameter of a tube or monster, there will be up to 60 meters in this way. Do you think that it is acceptable for these monsters to be in esk prod? ”

Svoboda argues that one power plant will replace 30 or 50 wind turbines. Okamura doesn’t know, “Would you shut down the existing power plants?”

I prefer Dana Brov. Wonder if Svoboda addressed the producer of energy in any way. “I offered it to EZ, but I probably chose the wrong address or I dialed the wrong address. I was told that I would not deal with these things and that I simply had to look for someone else, ”to Svoboda. “Then I talked to several lecturers from BUT, who really liked the idea,” adds the inventor.

Marta Novkov is in the eye of the fact that Svoboda does not even have a functional idol of 1.5 million crowns. According to them, he would never ask for 150 million. Unfortunately, the contact you asked for is the maximum for this show.

The conversation will start

Svoboda prvv: “About a year ago, three others from Brno came to us, who read about the idea on the Internet. kali, that it would be useful for me if I made a model that would have a power of about 3.4 MW, so that we could… Please vs, what could I think about that interior? Model with 3.4 MW? That means it’s a colossus on the Austrian border. ”

Brov answers: “And what do you think when you applied for 1.5 million and you are not even able to show how it would work on a prayer?”

Ivan Piln thus focused on a functional prototype. On the other hand, Okamura can complete the project without a model. However, the other thing is wrong with him: “The reason for the dark problem is that I can’t imagine how to push your power plant. In the current social situation, where it is a problem to enforce here those simple power plants that have only one pole and do not interfere with the whole country. They just go to see from great lengths. Now take a chance to offer a real monster that is 30 meters in diameter, 45, 60 meters in height, and it’s like this all around and somewhere in the countryside on a meadow or on a hill. ”

None of the investors in the St. Retirement Pension project wants.

Freedom is angry: “But he will make it. You know that, don’t you? Open the internet, enter the Maglev power plant and it’s in pale blue. The principle they didn’t even start making is here, sir. ” For Ondej Bartoe, this is a reason for vc, for it will never be part of this project.

Freedom dwells that it will give in a variant: “Because that’s where electromagnets eat. And 40-50-60% and just this will go to Archimdv kon. There, it will be self-evident, for free. Sir, it’s about getting among investors who don’t know about it. That Mr. inenr knows me about it, but he probably doesn’t want to. ” In his delight, Svoboda continues: “Two women, I’m not surprised. But guys ”?”

Marta Novkov and Dana Brov say that they are so inenrky. Freedom scornfully replied: “But it means nothing. Vte, how much is inenr? And they get it and then they want to return it? I wouldn’t bend over with that, sir! ”

Ondej Barto tries to ground Svoboda: “It is definitely appropriate to offend investors, if you do not invest, at least a little. I agree with you. “

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