The best investor valued her deposit by three thousand percent. He is currently on matesk

These were the X-Trade Brokers Cup investin competitions. Mr. Zuzana from Slovakia became the best investor. It appreciated its deposit by 4,040 percent. He is currently on maternity leave. Otherwise, Slovak and English on the basic round.

What vs pimlo, sign up for the competition?

About a year ago, I saw an advertisement for the XTB CUP 2008 competition on one news television, and since then I have become interested in virtual investment. I also defended the spring investment competition in Slovakia. Then she emailed me an invitation to XTB CUP 2009…

Did you have an investment strategy?

My strategy slept in an aggressive business style, for the first two weeks of the competition. I worked in the position for a short time, I went to individual stores with the maximum risk. As the market did not move according to my ideas, I closed with as little loss as possible.

Then I changed my strategy, and I had a lot, so I bet everything on the market correction and I sold oil for all the pensions, its price seemed very high. But it didn’t work out.

So I went to the EUR / USD market, bought, of course, for everything and over 1,500 I sold everything again. After a few days of market correction, I worked on it and it decided.

So did you often change stores during the game? Or have you drilled an exquisite investment dormitory?

I changed the profit and the related Buy Limit and Sell Limit, based on the bottom of the market

Do you invest in real world? Are you going to do it?

Together with mm manel, we have a relay at XTB, which we set up after the competition. We also trade in rel for a year.

What would you recommend a real investor?

I would recommend watching the market, not going into business. Do not make a headless decision and especially spread the risk, because it is not always possible to bet on one card.

You are currently on the job, what job will you return to?

If all goes well, I’ll go from matesk to give matesk. Then he’s probably rushing back to my job. I’m a primary school teacher. I teach Slovak language and English.

How do you load a winning car?
It will be seen. First of all, because it is a sports purchase, it is not the first suitable car for a small family. You can also see the value in the lot, which I will probably try to foam.

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