The best competitor in the X-Trade Brokers Cup evaluated his deposit by 808% last week

Her first competing week was able to deliver some of the competitors high profits, which were achieved by the team exclusively on commodity titles. Of these, the most popular were oil and gold, which occurred in 14%, respectively. 10% of all entered trading orders.

The first week of the X-Trade Brokers Cup is over and we know her the first most likely women from the Czech and Slovak Republics. In the Czech Republic, Mr. Hrub Ladislav achieved the highest appreciation, appreciating the virtual deposit of EUR 10,000 by 724%, while Mr. Pajkov Vra (576%) took the lead. In Slovakia, Mr. Barck Vladimr achieved the best rating (669%), while Mr. Holieninov Zuzana (808%) was the most among the women.

All three of them are the winners of the modern telecommunication device HTC Touch Diamond2, which we will always distribute in the coming technical weeks among the best women from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Only one of the contestants can become an absolute winner and get a luxurious Porche Cayman, which will be awarded to those who can best value a virtual deposit of EUR 10,000 during those contest weeks.

Volatility on both of these commodities was appealing to anyone who risked what this time was about the price of gold. This year, it reached its record high last week and only increased from USD 60 to USD 1,061 / oz from Monday to Thursday. Both commodities were helped to grow by a weak dollar, which added, among other things, to speculation that some of the geopolitically significant countries could agree on alternatives to replacing the dollar, as a loss-making unit in the oil trade.

And how were the popular investment instruments given this week? Definitely the most popular amount of currencies against EUR / USD, which was included in more than five of all business transactions. This was followed by the first oil with gold and, at a later distance, the GBP / USD and natural gas. The first natural gas was one of the most volatile commodities in recent days, when its price has risen by 37% since the arrest. It is therefore no coincidence that this is the first natural gas on which the most profitable trades were carried out in recent days, one of which managed to spend more than EUR 34,000.

The X-Trade Brokers Cup competition is currently going through its third round, but the Slovaks will also compete together for the second year in a row. Chu Slovk takes risks and the win is high, as evidenced by the fact that in his absolute sweat, so far a little surprisingly sweat, with almost 54% of all registrations coming from Slovakia first. Registration takes place until the very end of the competition on June 30 and is available on the website In addition, as the past year has shown, it is possible to jump to the top of the statistics even in a few young days.

It is especially good time for traders to carry out interesting trades, for the first time next week. In particular, it will bring increased volatility to most of the most traded instruments, thanks in part to the results of the US list.

These are the economic results of a number of large American banks, which will certainly not leave them calm traders in the stock markets. In addition to volatility, it could then write some economic data, which will come from the US and Europe in the coming days. Among the most interesting is, for example, American retail sales, to which the markets traditionally react very nervously, because it speaks of the desire of American consumers to spend, which is a key not only for the American economy, but also for a number of European and Asian countries.

The difficulty of succeeding in competition is therefore a number, as well as many business strategies. Stocks, stock indices, or currencies can be more cautious for traders over time, and their volatility is less, not in the case of risky commodities. It is therefore up to everyone whether they decide to bet on one card or try to work their way up step by step. Careful strategies are still the main conjecture, which is in the competition only 17%, but still occupy the leading position in statistics.

In the coming weeks, we wish you a lot of hurry and a lot of profitable business.

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