The bank does not have to take responsibility for the loss of the card

Which banks are responsible for the code? And where can you drink about ten thousand? Pette yourself how to proceed when you lose your card.

Banks have a special telephone line, where you can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the case of a green line, the telephone is free of charge, otherwise for a standard telephone call rate. Some banks want to confirm the blocking in writing. Bank electronic cards usually block immediately and take responsibility for any financial losses immediately after reporting.

An embossed card (a card with a plastic embossed slem) also allows for electronically unrecovered transactions, so it must also be included in the so-called stop list or list of stolen and lost cards. Therefore, some banks take responsibility and follow it from fullness to full.

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The bank will block my card, then it can be reactivated. Or put a card on the so-called stoplist, which is an irreversible operation. However, you cannot choose a variant. Krde cards are reported to the police. If you have it, all banks from there will want a copy of the police file.

■ where to call: +420 272 771 111 nonstop (Global Payments Europe), 844 844 822 (pop 8 and 18 hours), or personal bank
■ locked: immediately after a telephone call, card lock 100 K, card unlock 100 K
■ vydn nov cards: okamit, cena nov cards Maestro je 200 K, MasterCard Standard 600 K
■ insurance: the MasterCard embossed card system is automatically connected in the price of the card in case of loss or theft and subsequent misuse of the card (Standard limit 30,000 K, Comfort limit 100,000 K), for electronic Maestro only insurance theft of cash for two hours immediately following Withdrawal from an ATM for use or under the threat of physical force (always a limit of 10,000 K), in case of unauthorized use of a payment card, the insurance covers a period which begins 3 calendar days before the end of the day in which the bank was reported lost or stolen. Reimbursement of costs incurred for the loss or theft of personal documents, when they were lost or stolen together with a payment card (limit 5000 K), reimbursement of costs incurred for the loss or theft of documents when lost or stolen together with a payment card (limit 2500 TO),

■ where to call: +420 233 062 222
■ blocked: the bank assumes full liability for embossed cards immediately after reporting the loss, free of charge
■ Issuance of new cards: free of charge, maximum within a week
■ Binding: CreditShield covers any codes up to 10,000 K, applies to events that occurred up to 2 days before the block, less than 0.69% of the current balance on the card as of the date of entry. Insurance against misuse against unauthorized transactions up to 100,000 K (up to two days before blocking), unauthorized internet transactions up to 30,000 K (up to two days before blocking), insurance up to 3000 K, personal documents, if they were also lost stolen together with the card up to 5000 K, connection cost 79 K msn

esk spoitelna
■ where to call: 800 207 207
■ blocked: 200 and 500 K depending on the type of card, the bank assumes responsibility immediately after blocking, for unauthorized transactions with a lost or stolen card exceeding 4500 K, it applies to all cards within 48 hours before the card is blocked
■ issuance of a new card: within 6 working days replacement card (valid as stolen) electronic 100 K, embossed 200 K, express issue within 3 days, including delivery to the address within R for 3000 K + fee for issue, new card standard according to the tariff
■ insurance: the client can insure himself against the loss of the card in those variants in the insurance indemnity (P10 10 000 K, P30 30 000 K and P50 50 000 K), the price is 170, 320 and 480 K rons, the insurance applies to the compensation of the code incurred misuse of lost or stolen card 96 hours before the moment of recording, applies to transactions with the help of PIN, insurance covers the fee for stoplisting the payment card, limits for lost or stolen document and key 8000 K, limit for cash theft 10 000 K

■ where to call: +420 495 800 111, it is necessary to document in writing with the local key that the client learns during the telephone blocking
■ locked: the bank assumes responsibility immediately after the lock, the lock is irreversible and costs 200 K for the electronic card and 2000 K for the embossed card, the temporary lock is not possible. After n, the function of the card cannot be restored.
■ vydn nov karty: v balku slueb zdarma, bn et 200 K elektronick karta, 500 K embosovan karta, do 10 dn
■ Binding: according to the weekly card withdrawal limit: 15,000 K 150 K ron, 50,000 K 460 K ron, 85,000 K 800 K ron, 200,000 K 1300 K ron, liability back 72 hours from mud

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■ where to call: 800 124 200, +420 222 115 200
■ blocked: 200 K, card embossed on the international stop list 1900 K (optional), for electronic cards (VISA Elektron, MasterCard) bank responsibility 1 hour after registration, for embossed cards from fullness to registration
■ Issuance of a new card: for the first new 250 K + management fee, depending on the type of card
■ pojitn: pro vechny typy karet, cena zvis na vi plnn: 20,000 K 230 K ron, 30,000 K 290 K ron, 40,000 K 360 K ron, 50,000 K 480 K ron, 80,000 K 720 K ron

GE Money Bank
■ where to call: +420 224 443 636 (pop 8 am and 7 pm only 10 am and 6 pm), 272 711 111 nonstop
■ blocked: for electronic cards, the bank assumes responsibility for reporting lost and stolen at the moment, for embossed after the full day of the event in which the event was reported, this person may report the loss and theft, not just the cardholder, the price of the Maestro electronic card and MasterCard internet cards Internet 100 K, for embossed MasterCard Standard cards and Gold stoplisting 2000 K
■ Issued new cards: all types of cards are free within a few days
■ Binding: electronic Maestro 19 K msn (limit 10,000 K), embossed MasterCard 27 K msn (limit 20,000 K), also applies to the reimbursement of costs for selected new documents up to 5,000 K, wall castle costs for stoplisting

HVB Bank
■ where to call: +420 224 221 017
■ locked: instant, price according to card type: VISA, MasterCard 1500 K, Maestro / Cirrus 100 K
■ new cards issued: debit cards Maestro / Cirrus 150 K, VISA, MasterCard 300 K, up to 10 days
■ insurance: for 300 K rons full up to 20,000 K, for 500 K rons full up to 50,000 K, applies to transactions from the moment of theft and loss of the card and ends within 24 hours of the day when you report the situation to the bank (max. Within 5 days ), supplementary bond: bonded cost for the re-use of lost personal documents 1500 Krons, bonded cost for blocking the card 1800 Krons, bonded cost for the redemption of lost keys 3000 Krons, bonded for the case of robberies selected by the bond card 5000 Krons

Komern bank
■ where to call: +420 224 412 230, +420 222 412 241
■ blocked: immediate from full payment, for transactions where it is not possible to prove the exact time the bank assumes responsibility from the day when the loss was also reported, electronic and virtual cards 150 K (personal) and 200 K (business), domestic payment cards 350 K (personal) and 400 K (business), embossed Gold Card, Business Card 4000 K, other payment cards 2000 K
■ Issuance of a new card: free of charge with the validity of the original card within 5 working days
■ connection: Merlin for all payment and credit cards, up to 30,000 K for payments, up to 10,000 K for withdrawing from KB, up to 5,000 K for withdrawing with another bank, up to 2,000 K for withdrawing cash, and 4,000 K for stoplisting, and 5000 K for the production of new keys and 500 K for the production of new personal documents, it is possible to arrange for each card for 276 K

Potovn spoitelna
■ where to call: +420 495 800 121
■ blocking: after a telephone blocking, it is necessary to confirm the blocking in writing and enter a new card, free of charge for Maxkarta blocking, the bank is liable for all losses up to 30,000 K 24 hours before uploading
■ Issuance of a new card: free of charge for a maximum of 10 days
■ Binding: for Maxkarta free of charge (limit 30,000 K), for other cards see SOB

■ where to call: 800 900 000 R, + 420 417 941 446 from abroad
■ blocked: immediately, from reporting the loss, the bank assumes responsibility for all codes, for embossed cards (automatically connected) and back to the end of the day, for Gold and Business cards 48 hours back, blocking for electronic cards costs 200 K for embossed cards 2000 K
■ Issuance of a new card: 90 K, within 10 days, you can call
■ Binding: only for card embossing, free of charge, also applies to all transactions specified via PIN code (ie also to ATM withdrawals)

ivnostensk bank
■ where to call: 800 12 24 12, from abroad +420 224 232 423
■ locked: free of charge, the bank does not make stoplisting, the responsibility of the boarders from full time of the day of reporting, unlocking of the card free of charge
■ Issuance of a new card: within 10 working days according to the method of distribution for 50% of the original price of the card
■ insurance: Day to Day (for all types of cards) 250 Kons per card transactions on the bank here with a limit of 30,000 K, 300 Kons with a limit of 50,000 K. The bank assumes liability for misuse 72 hours before the full day of the card blocked. The insurance also applies to stolen cash up to 10,000 K within two hours after withdrawal from an ATM, according to the compensation of lost and stolen keys up to 5,000 K and the payment for the issue of new identity documents up to 2,500 K.

To insure the card?
In general, from the moment you block the card by phone (maximum from the full day of the day when you report the loss), the bank takes over all the cancellations.

By insuring you reduce the risk of misuse of the card in the period between the moment of loss and the bank and the block. Often you come at a loss the next day. The length of this time is bad on bank conditions and ranges from 24 to 96 hours.

Two banks (Raiffeisenbank and esk spoitelna) insured and transactions carried out via PIN kdu.

According to them, it is possible to insure the castle for the loss of documents, keys and similar always to certain amounts (2000 and 8000 K). Somewhere you have a connection automatically in the price of the card, elsewhere you have to pay extra (from 170 to 1300 crowns).

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