The attention of the people will be shifted to gold, its price will rise

The ongoing turmoil in the financial markets caused by problems with the debt of the Czech Republic and other weak euro area countries, continues to increase the popularity of gold. Gold has reached historical records last week for several world currencies and has been raised. More and more people buy gold and thus diversify their disputes.

Gold is currently available to central banks, financial funds and small investors. Investin demand pushes its prices up, even despite the return of most of the world’s economies to a growth trajectory. The price of gold in the elder rose by five percent, which is the highest msn nrst since November.

Despite the highest prices in dollars at the end of December, the Czech crisis sent gold prices in euros, British pounds and Czech korunch to records last week. At the same time, the great interest in gold is also confirmed by traders who specialize in the sale of investment gold.

Gold is a historical certainty

Even more people do not consider it safe to have disputes deposited in paper pensions, which can lose value much more easily. The price of gold fluctuates, but its value lasts for several thousand years. Gold has always been one of the safest investments and the most natural currency of human history, which can be compared to the centuries-old history of paper mills.

In addition, for a long time, the peas of me were each other’s gold, and the mine was completely separated, and in the age of seven. The history of unrelated paper currencies is thus quite short, and together with the current weakened yard in the financial sector, people have longed to prefer gold security over other investments.

Gold proved successful during the crisis

The increased interest in mercury has been evident since the crisis ended in 2008. Gold gained a very good reputation and, unlike other financial assets, grew. At that time, it was not possible for other precious metals such as platinum and silver, which are not so suitable for a controversial time in those times. It is the bottom mainly due to their use in industry, which logically runs out of breath during the crisis and the demand for these metals is declining.

However, the net is gold, its industrial use is negligible. All this is consumed in perks, coins, and other forms of investment. Therefore, the price of gold is not prone to economic cycles.

The conditions for further growth are favorable

Finann stimuli of central banks during the crisis and further indebtedness of the public sector has left unwanted inheritance in the financial system. Greece’s problems may seem solved at present, but there are many long rounds ahead of the world’s economies in the coming years.

It will be very difficult to reduce the European social economic model, which largely depends on the current indebtedness of European countries, and debts will continue to increase in the coming years.

The credit crunch is thus perpetrated by a number of our European neighbors in a turbulent crisis, which would undoubtedly have an impact on economic growth and the stability of the currency. Although the Czech Republic is currently in a better situation, it is not immune to external infection and can be quickly pushed into the center of the bottom. The depression would certainly have an impact on economic growth and sharp fluctuations in the Czech koruna.

That’s why gold is so popular today. Offer one of the greatest certainties in the financial markets, and although under normal circumstances can not meet with great appreciation, many people prefer to prefer certainty. Gold is unique in this area.

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