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There are abysmal differences between financial advisors. Some people just play on the advisor, heal the financially full client, and bend over with the experienced experience. Broker Consulting and Partners performed best in a large test of financial advisors, and OVB advisors finished at the far end of the market.

The test took place during April and June and involved the lay public in those large cities in Pilsen, Liberec, Prague and Brno. “People lived with advisors about the financial needs of their families. They always drank at the meeting with specific requirements and tried to get financial advice from the consultants, which would help, ”to Martin Viktora, test initiator and founder of the Poradci-sob.cz website.

The participants of the test then evaluated the quality of the apprentices, collecting data from the advisers for the preparation of financial resources, but also how the advisers acted during one. So whether they were accommodating, they could talk about finances clearly and logically, whether they did not pull their clients’ noses and try to manipulate them.

Instead of professional advice, clients received instructions

Sometimes the results were surprising. Some advisors have taken a clear strategy: “You need to close the first deal right away and not waste time.” The city of professional councils thus received instructions from the evaluator: “I need a building savings contract, which we will drink together, according to a copy of the ID card, proof of income”

“When I asked about the specific parameters of the product, I immediately received an answer that the contract would prepare my consultants to sign for five meetings. She left the meeting with it right at the end of the meeting. I just didn’t get the information at all, ”to one of the participants in the test about the OVB advisor from Pilsen.

“OVB’s advisor from Liberec told our phone that I needed a financial security. Finann, however, did not fully offer me during one, “said another tester, and added the evaluator, advised by a Broker Consulting consultant in Pilsen, adding:

The bank advisers of foreign banks also disappointed in the test. The city of financial advice was usually only able to describe the products of the bank and respond to a long-term problem and not to the entire financial situation of the client who was advising. “Finann is not full,” it even said.

peak advisers submitted an interesting financial full

Some consultants performed professionally. In the financial preparations that they prepared, they were able to clearly heal the client’s finances and protect his family from the risks that can bring the household to its knees financially. They reviewed and recommended property rights, proposed a concrete way to consolidate existing loans, how to gradually secure children and secure retirement. They were then able to explain their proposals clearly.

“One of the advisers had a lot of fun and it was nice. I didn’t feel like running into insignificant things. She spoke clearly, specifically about things, “she describes the meeting with the Pilsen consultant Partners gave from clients. “Finann full, which was prepared by the consultant, I finally decided to accept, I submitted only minor rights. The price of compulsory liability was reduced by about half as much as possible, ”added the evaluator about Broker Consulting.

The overall performance was provided by overall OVB consultants

More than 60 meetings with twenty-seven counselors took place during the test. The evaluation took place in the same form as the marks in the round, ie from one to a bird. “The test showed that the quality of financial advisors is known to fluctuate and that clients cannot expect comprehensive advice from bank advisers,” notes Martin Viktora.

Underlined and set. The clients were best impressed by consultants from Broker Consulting. In the overall evaluation, they passed the exam and thus received the best testimonial. Partners and AWD finished in second and third place, and received a commendation rating. Trojkudali was evaluated by Fincentrum and SMS. According to the lay public, OVB, which is one of the largest consulting companies in the Czech Republic, provided below-average performance. Her advisers took the test report with a total of minus. Bank advisers received a similar mark.

Testimonial for financial advisers lay public
Spolenost Plze Liberec Prague Brno Znmka Poad
Broker Consulting 1,5 1 1 1 1 1.
Partners 1 1 3 3 2 2.
AWD 2,5 2 3,5 3 2,5 3.
Fincentrum 3,5 1,5 3,5 3 3 4.-5.
SMS 3,5 4 3 1 3 4.-5.
OVB 4 4 3 2,5 3,5 6.-7.
banks 3,5 3 4 -/* 3,5 6.-7.
source: Poradci-sob.cz, / * the test of bank advisers did not take place in Brno

The individual advisor and the quality of the submitted financial reports were fully assessed by an expert jury composed of Czech analysts, professional economic newspapers and specialists in financial consulting. Their evaluation in the end resulted the views of the lay public and the overall ranking is only marginal.

Certified for financial advisors and experts
Spolenost be it Impression Finann pln Total mark Poad
Broker Consulting 1,5 1 1,5 1,5 1.
Partners 2,5 2 2 2 2.-3.
AWD 2 2,5 2 2 2-.3.
Fincentrum 3 3 3 3 4.-5.
SMS 3 3 3 3 4.-5.
OVB 3,5 3,5 4 4 6.-7.
banks 4 3,5 3,5 4 6.-7.
Source: expert jury (test organizer Poradci-sob.cz, Finance iDNES.cz, Mec.cz, magazine Finann poradce, KFP, E-konzultant.cz)

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