Test: Can you go to a pub without pensions?

Mte rdi hdanky a ardy? It’s allowed for a while, so even in our test we can for a while bounce back from different financial definitions, rules and consistency. Experience how to know folk wisdom with the themes of property hidden in dogs.

In the test in m this time we will not offer options a), b), c), because it would be very simple. Forget what a vta might mean.

You can then check the first one on the right. You will know for yourself whether you hit the right or at least the right one. This time the points are not awarded to you, you have to answer the first answers yourself.

1. hdanka

A physical quantity that causes events to occur in an irreversible order is a toton with a generally accepted means of exchange.

2. hdanka

A person who prefers to collect bread before his or her delivery achieves a 300 percent result in comparison with the usual sample of the population.

3. hdanka

At a time when the physical nature of our apartment will not exist, there will still be plenty of means of exchange available.

4. hdanka

Social status, characterized by a material deficiency, does not mean a loss of socially valued character traits.

5. hdanka

A person who offers his property to another. is characterized by a lack of dvtipu, but the person who offered the farm, suffers from this shortcoming in many ways.

6. hdanka

One hundred percent of garden tools with a long handle collect material, which manipulates to the center, from where the tool starts moving.

7. hdanka

In the same time period, in which a lockable building element enters the house, a state where the hunter is unable to provide basic living conditions, strong positive emotions begin to return through a hole filled with transparent rigid material.

8. hdanka

If, as an employee, you take care of the household of Laziness and Inaction, do not worry that you are considered a bad guy.

9. hdanka

The grain regenerates and creates clones.

10. hdanka

At a time when he does not have many means of change, many people around you do not express the joy of capturing one of their meanings.


  • 7 and 10 that: Great! Understand the written text, have a good imagination and be interested in finances.
  • 3 and 6 that: Slun resulting. Nkter pslov mon neznte, ale kad pece nemus bt jako teta Kateina ze Saturnina…
  • 0 a 2 body: You’re not a stranger, are you? And thus the ignorance of the Czech dogs is detached.

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