Term: you how much pension you drank

Did I manage to save you some money in the financial period, which you earn on term, because you do not know where to go with them? With a term deposit, do not fly, but pay for the pension.

Term deposit today = dn vhra

Of course, there are still people who do not see an alternative way of investing, for example. to open-end funds. They still stay in the traditional term, or even dark. The most important selection criterion for this is the certainty of debt (would be low) and the insurance investment in the sense of the Bank Act.

Zkon. 21/1992 Sb., O bankch, ve znn pozdjch pedpis
According to the current knowledge, all non-anonymous deposits in Czech and foreign natural and primary persons are binding. Payment of the deposit to the entitled persons is paid in Czech korunch in the amount of 90% of the deposit, up to a maximum of EUR 25,000 for one person at one bank

Inputs, resp. Year-on-year rates for term deposits are well below 2%, depending on long-term maturities and more financial resources. For the deposit, we took a deposit of 100 thousand crowns with a payable period of 1 month.

In such a volume, banks offer clients an annual rate between 0.5 (Potovn term term deposit Potovn spoitelny) and 1.9% pa (Spoc et ING account).

For this example, we will use an average annual rate of 0.85% pa If we consider that the pension for the whole year, we will receive a certain annual rate of 0.723% pa ​​after deducting the tax. pay 100 723 K.

The average inflation rate for the last 12 months was 2.58%, so if we still have the same value of 100 thousand. K, we actually drank a total of 2,580 crowns a year. If we consider gaining 723 crowns on the term here, then we have lost “only” 1 857 crowns. It is evident that such a connection is thrown out of the window. At the same time, the total number of households on term firms was as high as CZK 332 billion (ie as of June 30, 2006, S).

Money market funds do not die or dazzle

For those who want to get a little more, they are not able to offer term deposits, there are open funds under the money market. Therefore, whoever decided to invest with low risk, for the price of his return (compared to, for example, with much riskier shares), secured in the past twelve months a return between 1.2 and 2.5%, the average return was 1, 62%.

The above-average return to the investor in the past 12 months, e.g. IKS penn market Komern Bank, 1.67%. If you invest in one of the mutual funds, you usually pay (unlike term deposits) an entry fee. Not only the chosen type of fund, but also the value of the investment itself decides on its vi.

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To illustrate, we decided to invest another 100,000 K, in the IKS penn market of Komern banka, where there is zero entry fee. The yield of 1.67% is therefore the same as the deposit, or we collect the pension and after 12 months, I accept it after 6 months from the deposit of funds, the contributions are not subject to tax obligations. After a year, let’s collect 101,670 crowns. Due to inflation, we actually drank 910 crowns for the whole year.

Are you really so afraid of risk?

So neither futures nor money market funds are the right tool if you really want to make money. If you really want to increase the taste of your pension, you should increase your propensity for investment risk. For example, bond funds offer a far more interesting appreciation. Even in the future, you do not have to lose any risk of investing in the future, if you incorporate them appropriately into your investment portfolio. You can grow more in this darkness HERE.

The use of term banks, as an alternative suitable for saving pensions, is possible, however, at these low years rates, this banking product can be recommended with some conscience only for a very short time.

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