Ten fatal mistakes that you make about robbing an apartment

The people literally claim the robbery of the apartment and the house due to their carelessness, distraction, lightness, simply because I am recording the apartment myself. This is confirmed by everyday reality.

Even though the rules on how to dream of risk are robbed, they get enough, many people don’t mess with them much and behave exactly the opposite. And how are you? Get upside down and try to answer the truth to see if any of the wrong steps are not in the problem that thieves can get and rob.

Ten steps to get out of a stolen apartment and financial loss


Spread the world on a thermal holiday as far as you can go. take it and involve your children in it.

Paste it on the social room so that everyone can see what kind of vacation I can afford. And you will be on vacation, don’t forget to take photos on the internet, as you say and how many days I can go, don’t go home. If you have a landline with a sign, you will not forget to record a message until it is in the apartment. And set the message on your e-mail as well.


Reveal to the surroundings how rich you are, what new you have bought in the apartment again and you will not forget to raise it to the social st. Show off your photos and photos from the interior of your house and apartment. And where you see how you sow, whatever and where you have, so that they can see you.


Before going on holiday, leave the windows in the windows ajar to allow the air in the air to penetrate. Going back to an uninhabited home is nothing to do. In the case of a family house, you will not forget to open both the cellar and the front window, and the property will air through during the dormant days.


Do not spoil anything by pulling allusions, raising blinds at home and not sunbathing designer furniture at home before you go on holiday. Always bake where you stay away and for how long. Therefore, no one will be surprised, because your windows are darkened day and night. Turn off all the lights in good time, even the switch that creates the illusion of being at home. The energy is the furnace of the tracks, so do not waste it during the period of illness, if the crown is good, the furnace is good.


If you have a family house, make sure that the trees and keys in the garden create a welcoming barracks so that passers-by and neighbors cannot watch long enough. Urit privately is a furnace dleit and no one needs to see what to keep in the gardens and around the house. Such a private, peace and quiet of the furnace needs a bath.


If you go on holiday this time by air and the storm will be at home, leave the vents in a visible place so that you do not have to look for them after the return. And don’t forget to add a technical order to the air conditioning, and they are nice together. Then just move and don’t grind where to look for them.


Keep perks, valuables, antiques and documents best in a nonm table. Dl to so ovce cel ada lid. And when you want to hide them somewhere when you go on holiday, put them in the fridge. They will be on the ice and no one will think that in addition to eating, I should have a treasure in the fridge. And when you’re not sure if you’ve chosen the right locker, consult with friends and acquaintances on social networks, and have some experience that can be used safely.


It is better not to give anyone any supervision over your apartment, today I do not welcome anyone, not even friends and good acquaintances. Secure the oven with open valves, flowers or the dullness of baking, when you pour them on the floor and the sweat box will also hold and crack when the bills and advertising squadrons will accumulate in the outside.


If any of your relatives can come to your home during a period of illness, leave him or her at the agreed location. It is best under a corner or in a flower with a flower that adorns the entrance to your home. The furnace thief does not think that anyone could be old enough to hide in such a place. The time is the furnace of jin, modern, internet.


Do not throw away pensions for home or building insurance. And when you have the fuse closed, crush three stars, the new one would definitely cost more. You can protect your furnace property and thieves can avoid it in an arc. There are household ovens where things can be packed in everything, but the fact that it happens first, is nothing.

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