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Television in the era of coronavirus: when everyone is banned, Swan Lake will come

No extras, no spectators, no people – empty. Television in its own right is what the coronavirus is.

Moment of Truth or Perversion


But they – cameramen, sound technicians, directors, presenters – still go to work. Only old men go into battle. Everything for you, practically sacrificing yourself. Maybe not a feat, but there is something heroic in it.

Poor Urgant, well done Urgant! With his last strength, sadness, worrying, practically crying, he jokes about the coronavirus. Laughter through tears is our way. In the seats of the audience, his film crew, about 20 people, is sitting and applauding with all their might, after having thoroughly washed their hands. Instead of two guests, now there is one – such is the circumcision. Sad, girls, but uplifting.

Channel “Match TV” precipitated. What to show? Even when they gave Inter – Juventus without spectators – this is such a perversion! They canceled everything that people were alive with: football, basketball … It’s not possible to get together in the studio for more than three, instead of living emotions – “canned food”, programs of past years. All went to the front.

But the moment of truth has come in political talk shows. Previously, extras for a small share (300–500 rubles) personified the simple Russian people. Who, on the whistle, on the wave of the hand, on the snap of a finger, either clapped like a madman, greeted the successful phrase “ours”, then booed, hooted, and booed against “not ours.” A people is a people in Africa, especially when it turns into a herd. But now the shepherds are left alone, and this is honest. It turned out that they did not need extras at all, and without it they firmly fulfill their duty.

Yes, they start with the coronavirus, but then they move gently and very quickly to Ukraine. No plague will replace Ukraine for us. They are being measured with coronaviruses, who have more … made to fight the epidemic. Against the background of death, our patriotic propagandists are yelling at the screen: “And we have already checked 100 thousand, and you? And your metro was closed, but ours was not closed! And you have a Zelensky fool … “This is a stronger spectacle than” Evening Urgant “.

But such stars must be protected. The time will come when they will still be banned from going to work. And then on TV will come one continuous “Swan Lake”. Or films about Lenin – we remember how it was. Mourning. Amen.

It’s Magomayev!

Why are you so pounced on “Magomayev”, you, all dissatisfied high-brow critics who consider themselves the intelligentsia in the fifth generation! Everywhere looking for meaning, talent, art … I’m also looking, but I understand that the series is a completely different genre. It can be bad, good, Indian – different. There is no need to look for a black cat in a dark room, especially if it is not there.

Photo: Still from video

You are outraged that Tamara Sinyavskaya took part in the selection of actors for the main roles, she herself pointed to Milos Bikovich: “Here he will be Muslim!” What do you have against Bikovich?

Say that everyone is there in ceremonial artistic costumes, that the images are stilted, lifeless, that this is a “showcase movie”, that this is a doll and not Magomayev? So you were waiting for “Hamlet”? ..

This series has a different purpose. In fact, Bikovich is very good: how did he in one fell swoop turn from a “slave” to Magomayev? Perfectly laid accurate make-up, wonderfully found timbre, intonation – and here’s a very young Muslim, who just arrived from his native Baku to Moscow. Gait, habits – all Magomayev.

Yes, he is so noble, modest, correct here. But he was! Yes, there is not just a love triangle – a quadrangle, a square, and all such worthy gentlemen and gentlemen. But it also happens. Or let it be. Yes, there must, of course, be gray KGB officers, stupid workers of the Central Committee, suppressing personality, talent, always watching Muslim, taking care of him. Yes, stereotyped, schematic, but throw a stone at me if it wasn’t.

It is important that Tamara Ilyinichna liked it. Yes, she chose for the role of herself Irina Antonenko, a fabulously beautiful girl. But can anyone be more beautiful than Sinyavskaya herself?

And most importantly – the songs of Magomayev in his live performance. Here they are given almost everything – from “The Queen of Beauty” to “The New Bremen Town Musicians”. And what a pleasure it is to hear them again.

So do not grind your teeth with anger, malice, but rather sit comfortably in a chair in our difficult time and look with a light heart. It’s Magomayev!

You never dreamed

I am impressed. I watched Irina Shikhman’s film “The Controversial Profession” on YouTube. This is a scrapping of templates. The critic is shocked.

Photo: Still from video

A film about Russian porn actresses working in Budapest. Well, yes, “Splin” sings: “The best porn in Budapest.” God, what smart girls! How thoughtful, how happy! Life is everywhere.

We are used to Sonechka Marmeladova, a sinner and a saint. How unhappy she is, we feel so sorry for her … We are accustomed to the fallen women from Kuprin’s Yama. That’s where the hopelessness is.

Well, first of all, don’t confuse porn with prostitution – that’s what we’re told in this movie. Porn is a business turning into art. They have their own Oscars, their own porn stars. They have a dream come true.

The girls say so: this is our talent. There is a creative talent, a criminal one, and they have this one. Each has its own destiny, yes, not easy. But the dream is one for all. They got what they wanted. They try to do their job well and still get pleasure from it, because sex is sheer pleasure, isn’t it ?! And also good money and an endless journey. They say that this is happiness.

Moral: all professions are important, choose your taste. Sounds ambiguous. But here one of the girls in some restaurant meets with classmates. An ex-girlfriend, a mother of two, is sitting next to her, probably a faithful wife. All so preoccupied, gloomy, notorious. Boys of the same age are generally Dodiks, teenagers from the Tubertian period. And only she, a woman, pleasant in every way, a porn actress, so beautiful, so confident, sits at the head of the table and looks at everyone with undisguised condescension.

And then I thought: what if I change my profession and go for happiness in porn ?! It’s too late, no longer worth it. Again it sounds ambiguous.

No, you still have to remain a porn critic. Because what I am writing about – about political propaganda programs on our TV – is such pornography! And there are such porn actors and actresses involved – you girls never dreamed of.