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Chaliapin and Volochkova arranged a New Year’s rally

The difficult year 2020 is coming to an end. By the end of the year, even the artists have already resigned themselves to the fact that there are fewer festive events, and on their pages in social networks they share the advantages of the forced quarantine. Anastasia Volochkova and Prokhor Chaliapin decided to create a New Year mood for the readers of “MK” this year, dressed in their favorite winter characters – Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

In an interview with our reporter, the artists told why they like to play New Year’s characters and what kind of trees they prefer, and also reminded us of how our Santa Claus differs from the American Santa Claus.

They appeared in the images of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

– Did you believe in Santa Claus and Snow Maiden?

Santa Claus: – Of course I did. And in Santa Claus, and in the Snow Maiden.

True, when one day in kindergarten I accidentally saw how Santa Claus turned into our teacher after the Christmas tree, I still had some doubts about his existence. But then I thought: after all, Santa Claus is one, and there is not enough of him for everyone, so he just needs helpers. And I liked this explanation so much that I believed for a very long time that Santa Claus existed.

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Snow Maiden: – I believed in kindergarten, but from the age of five I was obsessed with the idea of ​​becoming a ballerina, so I had no time to celebrate the New Year. (Smiles.)

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

– What gifts have you dreamed about under the tree?

Santa Claus: – I dreamed that Santa Claus would give me a real railway for New Year, so that I could ride it around the yard and garden in our private house in Volgograd. But Santa Claus gave me a toy railroad “Ogonyok”. It was, of course, impossible to ride it, but playing with it was still a great joy. I still dream about it sometimes.

Snow Maiden: – Once in St. Petersburg in the House of Trade I saw a toy cat. She was big, she was decorating a shop window. I dreamed of a live kitten, but told my parents that I wanted a toy, like in that store. And they gave me a little toy cat, but I was very happy with her too: I understood that my parents could not afford more. This cat became a talisman for me.

And when I turned ten, a miracle happened. Dad came into our small apartment on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, opened the door and stood on the threshold for a long time. He opened his jacket and I saw the blue eyes of a white Angora kitten. The marquis was handsome, but deaf from birth. Although this did not prevent him from becoming a mystical gift for me. He lived for 18 years, went on tour with me, traveled and died in my mother’s arms. But I wasn’t really expecting any gifts. Since I knew that all the money I earned my parents gave to teach me ballet art, because from the age of 9, in addition to the ballet school, every day I studied with a private teacher.

– Who were you at the children’s matinees?

Santa Claus: – Both Bunny and Piggy. My mother made me the costumes of these heroes, but the most interesting of all, of course, were the masks that complemented these costumes. I still have photographs, still in black and white, from these kindergarten matinees. And I put on the costume of Santa Claus several times, and played this role with pleasure. I liked to speak in an imperious, menacing voice and generally to be the main figure at the holiday. And by the way, don’t be confused: it was Santa Claus that I liked to be, and not Santa Claus. Let me remind you of the differences between Russian Santa Claus and American:

Santa Claus has a blue camisole or a red toe-length fur coat, white felt boots, warm mittens and a hat. Santa Claus has a red jacket, pants, black boots, light gloves and a nightcap with a pompom.

Santa Claus has a long beard; Santa has a short one with a shovel.

Santa Claus holds a staff in his hands; Klaus has nothing.

Santa Claus has a white belt or with a trim to match the color of a fur coat; Santa has a buckle belt.

Santa Claus has glasses; Santa Claus sees well.

Santa Claus moves in a sleigh pulled by three horses; Santa Claus rides in a reindeer cart.

Santa smokes a pipe; Santa Claus leads a healthy lifestyle, does not smoke or drink.

But with the Snow Maiden, everything is much simpler: we have one for the whole wide world.

Snow Maiden: – In kindergarten I was a Bunny. And when I was already dancing at the ballet school, my first appearance in the opera Morozko at the Maly Opera House in St. Petersburg was the role of Bunny. And I will be the Snow Maiden especially for your readers. I love this look!

– Do you believe in horoscopes?

Santa Claus: – I believe. I am a Sagittarius, and I correspond 100% to all descriptions. And I can break wood, and do stupid things, but sincerely and without anger. (Smiles.)

Snow Maiden: – To be honest, no. Today the stars will converge like this, and tomorrow it will be different. I think everything is individual, and a lot depends on our actions. After all, it is a true truth that everything comes back to us like a boomerang – both evil and good. I am sure that good actions change our horoscope for the better.

– What tree do you have at home?

Santa Claus: – I don’t put the Christmas tree on the New Year now. Several years ago, after the New Year, I flew to hot countries for a month, and when I returned home, my tree dried up and crumbled to the floor. While I was carrying it out, I sprinkled the entire corridor with needles, so that the whole apartment was littered with these needles for several years (and they are dry and very sharp).

Snow Maiden: – I have a gorgeous artificial tree 4 meters high at home. Fortunately, the house allows that height. We have been putting it on for the fourth year since I moved. And this beauty stands before my birthday. Professional designers help me decorate it, but the finishing touch is always with me. It seems to me that decorating a Christmas tree is a very pleasant and soothing process. I hung up some toys and made a wish. But the most important thing in the tree is garlands and glowing lights. There is a huge Christmas tree in the area between the main and guest houses, it is also decorated with garlands. And in front of my house there are two fantastic Christmas trees. The house itself is also covered with New Year’s illumination. It turns on automatically when it gets dark and stays on until the morning.

– What gifts do you like to give?

Santa Claus: – I love giving fabulous porcelain houses. I like to give New Year’s toys with the year marked. I have a 2001 Christmas toy. This year I moved into my apartment in Moscow, where I still live. This toy for me is a symbol of a new stage in my life.

Snow Maiden: – Yes, very different: perfumes, candles, which I myself love, cosmetic sets, scarves, T-shirts … In fact, the New Year in terms of financial expenses is a natural disaster, to be honest. And even more so now, when everything is so complicated. But what worries me even more is not money, but time, which is not enough for anything. Therefore, my assistants help me. They look after what I would like, send me photos, coordinate and purchase gifts.

For my daughter Ariadne and those closest to me, gifts, of course, I buy myself. Frankly, my daughter loves all sorts of gadgets – so there were iPhones and other new electronics that she wanted. When she was fond of filming and photography, I gave her a video camera. All kinds of tripods and accessories for photographic equipment. She used to give trips to horse clubs, and much more. Yes, I spoiled my daughter very much, did not refuse her anything. I always wanted my daughter to have what I lacked in childhood.

– What would you wish our readers in the new year?

Santa Claus: – I would like to wish the readers of “MK” health, happiness, respect for themselves and their loved ones. There is also the ability to appreciate small joys, of which there are actually many in our life. We just don’t always notice them. I wish you all good, love, faith and hope!

Snow Maiden: – Always smile in any situation. And it will really save the world. If there is no reason for the holiday, then think of it yourself. Love and be loved, take care of your beloved people, appreciate them and cherish them. I want there to be peace on our earth, so that each of us has enough room in our souls for kindness, so that each of us can share something good with a friend. So that even in difficult times we all do not become embittered, but rallied.

I want to thank my subscribers, viewers and just all people who are not indifferent to my fate for their support. Who lent a helping hand in a difficult moment. I am grateful to everyone, even my spiteful critics, since they are also not indifferent to my fate. Before my birthday on January 20, I want to go to my beloved Maldives. I will again delight you with new photos from there.

And also I congratulate all readers of “MK” on such a huge date – 101 years of the newspaper’s existence! Happiness and prosperity! And on my 45th upcoming anniversary, I will raise a glass to you and my favorite newspaper MK.

Parents are outraged by plans to extend antiquarian measures in schools for a year

Rospotrebnadzor plans to extend measures to prevent covid in schools and childcare facilities for another year. And if few people object to thermometry, sanitizers and air disinfectants, since they are also effective for the prevention of influenza and SARS, many participants in the educational process rebelled against the prohibition of mass events in schools, assigning an office to each class, etc.

MK has listened to the opinions of experts on this matter.

So far, the established rules are valid until January 1, 2021, but it is planned to change the date to “January 1, 2022”. Chairman of the St. Petersburg City Parents’ Committee Mikhail Bogdanov perplexed:

– Where can we extend the grounds for a year? We already have vaccination will soon be widely used! And when children don’t communicate, they get stressed …

– The prolongation of which measures cause the biggest indignation among parents?

– Firstly, linking children to one classroom seriously affects the quality of the educational process. If children are sitting in their class, and they need to go to the chemistry classroom for experiments, it may be busy – there are not enough classrooms in schools because of these rules. But the biggest problem is the prohibition of mass events in which different classes can participate. Children still meet at breaks, outside of school they instantly mix up, go to shopping malls together, walk in yards, etc. Cancellation of school-wide events is very harmful – no concerts, no Teacher’s Day or Mother’s Day, no New Year …

Viktor Panin, Chairman of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Citizens’ Rights in Education, member of the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation I am convinced that “the authorities must act flexibly in a situation of uncontested pandemic reality and make decisions taking into account changing circumstances”:

– I would consider such statements of officials as a provocation. Moreover, the official structures assure us that mass vaccination is not far off. I think that the opinion of the population is being probed, is it ready to continue all these measures in a tough format, is it ready to endure? We need to look at the situation as soberly as possible. At the moment, at the peak of morbidity, these measures are justified, but it is impossible to predict what the situation will be in a month, in six months, and even more so at the end of the year. We don’t hear such statements from top-level officials, but lower-ranking officials, the same Rospotrebnadzor, are trying to play it safe and impose their own vision of the situation. This is unjustified today.

We also asked the opinion of co-chairman of the trade union “Teacher” Vsevolod Lukhovitsky:

– The authorities have shifted the execution of the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor to the schools themselves. And then everything depends on educational institutions: in those schools where active parents and sensible teachers, everything is organized more or less normally. In those cases where no one asked neither teachers nor parents when building the timetable, and there are most of them, it became much more difficult for children and teachers to learn. The main thing is not to try one and all to fulfill the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, because it is technically impossible. Gradually, schools could somehow adapt to this situation, but a few things get in the way. The need to prepare children for exams after grades 9 and 11 keeps teachers under tremendous stress. If the ministry had already announced that in connection with this situation (like this summer) we are canceling the OGE after the 9th grade, we still give the opportunity to take the exam only to those who enter universities, then the school and parents would feel much freer. And it would also be good if the ministry again said that we will not carry out the CDP. And, of course, the school in the current conditions, when there is a likelihood of some regions reaching the distance, requires additional funding. Give not only 5 thousand for the classroom leadership, as was given in September from federal funds, but also give additional money to teachers for the purchase of the Internet, technical means of communication, etc.

See also: The fall in the residual knowledge of Russian schoolchildren in a pandemic has been measured

The verdict to Efremov became the most severe in a year with such accidents

The performance, which turned into the criminal case of Mikhail Efremov, is over. On September 8, the Presnensky Court of Moscow sentenced the actor to eight years in a general regime colony. Judge Elena Abramova gave the artist three years less than the prosecutor asked for, and exactly as much as the relatives of the driver Sergei Zakharov, who died in an accident, demanded. But neither the defense nor the prosecution got the applause. The audience’s reaction to this performance was very mediocre: “Come on! We thought they would give more … “- swept along the corridor next to the courtroom immediately after the verdict was announced.

This process could not end calmly: from the very morning the performance began on two stages at once. Malaya, near the house of Mikhail Efremov, gathered his devoted fan-grannies. Under their gaze, the actor’s wife Sofia Kruglikova took the children to school. A little later, Efremov himself showed up. True, he went to the final action of the court play with only one thin blue folder with documents. The artist took neither warm clothes, nor any other belongings with him. Those present began to whisper: is it really hoping for something?

At the same time, the audience in court said:

On the main stage, near the Presnensky court, in the meantime, the action unfolded more abruptly. Everyone was here: a man in the form of a digger, or a ghost hunter, monks, a real shaman in feathers. A couple of minutes before the start of the announcement of the verdict, a column of girls in carnival costumes marched past the stunned bailiffs and police officers. The ubiquitous grandmothers here snatched their moment of glory, lining up in a row in front of television cameras with photographs of Mikhail Efremov in their hands. The photo bore an inspiring inscription: “Misha, you are not alone.”

Close friends came to support the actor – Garik Sukachev and Ivan Okhlobystin. Both celebrities opted to sneak into the courthouse and take a bench in the back corner on the second floor, away from Hall 11 and the press crowd. The main TV star of this process, the defendant’s defender Elman Pashayev, meanwhile, was emotionally explaining something to Sofya Kruglikova. While the parties were pulling up to the courtroom, something unimaginable began to happen on the approaches to the courthouse.

Two men decided to perform a voodoo-style ceremony with the burning of dolls. It is not clear who the ritual was aimed at. The homegrown shamans were quickly tied up by law enforcement officials.

Sergei “Spider” Troitsky, shamans, mummers … Awaiting the verdict near the court turned into a circus. The only thing missing was a bear with a glass of vodka.Photo: Ekaterina Shlychkova

Efremov himself appeared in court, as usual, quietly and unnoticed. Even the shocking baseball cap with the inscription “Non grata”, which used to be often an element of his judicial wardrobe, the actor this time left at home. He came to meet his destiny in a modest dark gray jacket, blue shirt and jeans. There is a permanent medical mask on the face, behind which it is difficult to recognize the emotions of the actor. Although his body language betrayed him. Entering the hall, Efremov got up, hunched over, stared at the blue folder, and remained frozen in this position until the end of the announcement. Sofya Kruglikova, on the contrary, could not hide her excitement and grief. The woman stood directly opposite Judge Elena Abramova and placed two pocket icons on the table in front of her. As soon as the judge began to read the first words of the verdict: “Efremov committed a traffic violation that resulted in the death of the victim …” – the actor’s wife closed her eyes and began nervously drumming her fingers on the table.

There were no surprises in the verdict itself, the reading of which lasted two hours. The court did not believe a single word of the defense witnesses Alyaksandr Kobets, Andrei Gayev and Tevan Badasyan.

Photo: Ekaterina Shlychkova

What is the further fate of this trinity is not yet known. The prosecution previously asked the judge to send material against witnesses for the defense to law enforcement agencies to initiate a criminal case under article 307 of the Criminal Code “Giving deliberately false testimony”. Nevertheless, there is not a word about this in the verdict.

Elena Abramova also walked through the version of the sudden loss of memory by the actor. Perhaps, after a while, some episodes from his memories were erased. But too much Efremov spoke against himself immediately after the accident and the next day. And to the traffic police officers who drove up to analyze the accident, he honestly admitted that it was he who was driving the SUV. And he said the same to eyewitnesses of the tragedy.

Perhaps the only one of the “people of Elman Pashayev” who was lucky this time was an expert auto technician Yuri Fialko. The one who advanced in court a fantastic hypothesis about the influence of energy waves on Efremov’s car or the interception of control by hackers. Judge Elena Abramova condescendingly noted in the verdict that the expert’s statements are a common set of facts from automotive practice. But they have nothing to do with the case of an accident on Smolenskaya Square.

Photo: Ekaterina Shlychkova

Moving on to the culmination, the judge noted that when sentencing, she takes into account the whole bouquet of mitigating circumstances for Efremov. Three young children, undermined health, many years of creative life and state awards. No aggravating circumstances were found. Against this background, it sounded even more offensive: “The court finds that the defendant’s correction is possible only in conditions of isolation from society.”

And then another blow: eight years in a general regime colony.

Mikhail Efremov seemed to be ready to hear this figure – he didn’t even shift from foot to foot, stood rooted to the spot. Sofya Kruglikova stood, clutching the hand of a relative, on which she leaned all the time while the sentence was being read. Against the background of such a silent tragedy, the reaction of lawyers from both sides looked like a special blasphemy. Elman Pashayev’s straight back and absolute zero regret on his face. And his main opponent is in the eternal butterfly, imposingly flipping something on the smartphone screen. As if he already knew everything in advance and nothing could surprise him. I involuntarily recalled the story of the writer Teffi “Fashion Lawyer”, where the defense attorney tried so hard to add sharpness and brightness to the boring process of putting up leaflets that he “achieved” the death penalty for his client.

I wonder what words Pashayev found for his client? Sympathy, a promise to turn everything 180 degrees in the appeal, or at least the banal “sorry, Misha”? One can only guess about this: immediately after the announcement of the verdict, the bailiffs asked the press to hastily leave the hall.

They took Mikhail Efremov out in handcuffs. By the decision of the judge, he was taken into custody in the courtroom. While the actor walked along the corridor, accompanied by guards, he again did not utter a word. A strange thing – none of the journalists, of whom this time there were so many that some did not even fit in the corridor and were forced to be on duty on the stairs, did not dare to ask the actor a single question. Everyone was so impressed by the performance, of which they became involuntary spectators.

The shock was not even caused by the term. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that through the efforts of lawyers, Mr. Efremov ended up in the absolute minority of those accused under Article 264 of the Criminal Code, to whom the court assigns more than five years in prison. The dry statistics of the Judicial Department under the Supreme Court will speak volumes about the failure of the defense. In 2019, 3177 people were convicted under parts 3 and 4 of Article 264 of the Criminal Code. Of these, 1896 were sentenced to imprisonment, including suspended sentences. In real terms, the alignment is clearly not in favor of the strategy of Efremov’s defenders. Up to 1 year received 207 people. From one to two years – 796 people. From three to five years – 261 defendants. From five to eight years – 21 people. Not a single accused under the “Efremov” article received a prison term of eight to ten years last year.

But much more shocking is the fact that the victims of this verdict, in fact, won nothing. The court only partially satisfied the claim of Valery Zakharov (the eldest son of the deceased). Instead of the required 7 million 300 thousand, he was awarded only 800 thousand rubles. Approximately so much Efremov transferred to the victims when they refused his money. So there is an involuntary feeling that there are no winners in this process. Except for the lawyers, who again shone in front of television cameras.

True, this time Elman Pashayev was laconic:

– We will, we will! – the lawyer muttered on the run when the journalists asked him about his intention to appeal the verdict.

The prosecution arranged the verdict. Prosecutor Diana Galiullina called it legal and fair. If the appeal takes place, Mikhail Efremov will have to wait for him in the pre-trial detention center. According to lawyers, the actor will have to spend two months in the dungeons at best. Of course, this time will be credited to him as punishment. At the moment, the court has already credited him with the time spent under house arrest. True, it turned out sparsely. According to the set-off rules, house arrest is the most disadvantageous measure of restraint: two days spent at home are equated to one day in a colony. So 90 days of house arrest magically turned into 45 days. The countdown for Mikhail Efremov started from today. He will have to spend 7 years and 10 and a half months behind bars.

Sentence to Efremov in photographs: views and passions

Sentence to Efremov in photographs: views and passions

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“On New Year’s Eve, we were shown wonderful Russia on TV”

What a wonderful country we were shown for the New Year! So peaceful, tolerant. There, everyone is happy to switch to even Ukrainian, even to Georgian, sing songs that Poroshenko, Zelensky and Saakashvili listened to in their childhood with gold, sweetly falling asleep. Moreover, we now have our own Odessa, and not one! In this beautiful country, the highest representatives of the authorities sit on KVN and laugh at themselves. And the students, so cheerful and resourceful, and where are they grown? These are not students, but some walking along with their innocent, affectionate jokes. Even in this country, a great songwriter appeared, whose hits our pop music is just happy to perform. But first about the good.

In this beautiful country, everyone is peaceful and tolerant.

“Odessa steamer”

Oh, how Odessa experts, fans of Zhvanetsky, liberals of the whole world attacked this film!

Odessa is not the same, the reprise is not the same, it was impossible to shoot them, you just need to listen to Zhvanetsky. And if not Zhvanetsky, then the blessed memory of Raikin, Kartsev and Ilchenko, to whom Zhvanetsky gave his immortal humor. The words “vulgarity”, “haste”, “sunset” sounded.

All the bumps flew at the director Sergei Ursulyak. He was also avenged for his recent TV series “Bad Weather”, which he shot about “Afghans” and about our life. Advanced creative people thought that Ursulyak was ours, and he turned out to be not theirs, but his own.

But these are details. They did not understand anything, his critics. We didn’t see (didn’t want to see!) That thinnest fabric of Odessa color, which was embroidered by Ursulyak from Zhvanetsky. At first, by a sinful deed, I also thought that Zhvanetsky, like, for example, Dovlatov, was not translated into the language of cinema, or, like Pushkin, was not translated into foreign languages. But after…

The whole composition is so delicate, and each plot flows into the next, as if complementing it. And so, bit by bit, bit by bit, the same diversity of the eternally mocking, but never surrendering to the enemy, port city, the hero-city was created. And gradually meanings, half-hints, allusions appear. No, they don’t joke like that, they talk like that. These songs of the 70s here and there seem to set off the whole absurdity of Soviet Odessa life, its poverty, hypocrisy and the extraordinary charm of life.

That’s why Ursulyak was needed, one of the most intelligent and sensual Russian directors. Zhvanetsky is his man, and he knows how this Aesopian language of an ironic sage is deciphered.

For my taste, this kind of work with great artists (Makovetsky, Mashkov, Khamatova, Kryuchkova, Zolotovitsky … sorry if I missed anyone) will eventually become a classic of Russian TV, well, like Old Songs about the Main. And it will be possible to twist it for many, many years. It happens with many masterpieces, at first they are not understood.

And Odessa … Yes, there is no such Odessa anymore. This Odessa of the past or the future. Odessa Zhvanetsky. In this fabulous, fictional Odessa, the House of Trade Unions and people burning alive are impossible. In it, everyone loves everyone, even if they quarrel strongly. And so be it!

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

“Song” away!

Voznesensky was: “Take Lenin off the money!” It’s easier for me: remove the “Song of the Year” already. Do you see what it has become?

This is laughter through tears, circus tent. I would have been angrier, wrote “parade of freaks,” but I’m kind today.

What are these songs, where did they come from? And who is listening to them? Well, no, people are sitting, a full hall, singing along, clapping. Where did they get them from? Or is this stormy, prolonged applause in the spirit of delight superimposed specifically on TV as a background?

Against this background, they, singers and singers, of course, are heroes, I can no longer see them. All the same clip performs faceless howls, robotic songs, plastic songs, artificial selection. And the masses are delighted with this wretched provinciality, praising each other, rewarding people themselves.

How we waited for “Song of the Year” in the USSR! Yes, I will now play an ancient old man on a blockage, for whom the water was wetter, and the grass was greener, and the girls were more beautiful. I don’t know about the girls, but the songs … As we waited for them, almost every one. And how they waited for Tolkunova, Senchina, Zykina, Rotara (no, she still has everything ok), Pugacheva, Piekha, “Syabrov”, “Verasov”, “Pesnyarov” … And Kobzon with Leshchenko and Magomayev. And in the hall sat Frenkel, Shainsky, Pauls, Fradkin, Mokrousov, standing up and bowing with dignity. And Migulya was, and Martynov, and Reznik with Dementyev, and Pakhmutova with Dobronravov.

And now one confusion instead of music.

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Little Sophie

She is getting younger and younger. God, what will she get to? Little Sophie is our Benjamin Button.

Look at some “Song-75”, there is also little Sophie, and compare it with the current one. Now she looks even brighter, fresher. Maybe it’s a matter of the wonders of television or plastic — it doesn’t matter. As the French say: after 40 years, everyone is responsible for their own face, and Sofochka, apparently, is still far from 40 until she’s 40. So she doesn’t answer.

Through Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko, Yanukovych, Zelensky, Putin, through the Soviet Afghan and the Ukrainian ATO, Sofochka again got to us at Ogonyok. Say what you like, but she is our bond, spiritual bond. Melancoly, you know, is a duolche melody. Well that’s it!

Photo: still from the film “Operation” Y “and other adventures of Shurik”

Old songs about the main thing

Again the New Year, and we, as always, are waiting for the old Soviet cinema. A movie that won’t change us.

And there is no other! “The Adventures of Shurik”, “Ivan Vasilyevich …”, “Office Romance”, “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”, “Irony of Fate …”, of course. And also from “Hello, I’m your aunt!” to “D’Artagnan” and “Sherlock Holmes”. The youngest of these films is over 30 years old.

Here’s to you, grandmother, and stagnation, here’s the “damned Soviet past.” And how they knew how to joke and laugh at themselves, and wink, seek and find meanings! How they knew how not to finish speaking, so much so that everyone, everyone, everyone understood.

Once Leonid Parfenov was scolded into dust that he came up with “Old songs about the main thing”, but so talentedly, but with such love. Here, they said, it betrays nostalgia for the obsolete past, for the USSR, rolls out of the grave of Stalin and other communists. But how can you not love the past, you cannot order your heart. What passes will be nice.

And what – to love these, today’s ?! Yes, they have nothing to show, to justify everything. There is nothing to cover. All the best, at least in a cultural sense, remained in the distant scoop, despite even the terrible and stupid censorship. The heroes are not you, but Ryazanov, Gaidai, Danelia, Sergey Bondarchuk, Menshov and many, many others. We wait for them every New Year, and on March 8, and on Russia Day. They are with us.