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Priluchny responded to the businessman who beat him

Actor Pavel Priluchny commented on the story of Vladimir Semyonov, the owner of the Zavod night club, who beat him, about the fateful evening when a fight broke out between them, which ended with Priluchny’s hospitalization. The actor wrote about this on Instagram.

The actor accused the offender of distorting the facts

Priluchny said that he was not ready to comment on “strange information about himself,” and recalled that the incident with his participation is being investigated by law enforcement agencies and forensic experts. At the same time, he transparently hinted that his opponent is trying to present the story in a light that suits him.

“The desire of a person to try to save his reputation and freedom at any cost, even so paradoxical – distorting the facts through the tabloid press – you can probably even understand,” – said Priluchny.

According to him, this is his first and last comment on this situation, and in the future he is not going to be distracted by such “stuffing” and will focus on work.

“If you need correct information, you know who to contact, and where you can’t find it,” the actor said.

Earlier it was reported that a criminal case was initiated on the fact of Priluchny’s fight in the Kaliningrad club under the article on intentional infliction of moderate harm to health. The actor is treated as a victim in this case.

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The doctor named those who are harmful to masks

The Russian airline announced that from now on, those who have medical contraindications for wearing masks are not allowed on board. Thus, the carrier decided to completely protect its passengers from “maskless”, whatever the reason they may call it. We found out from the doctors what diseases masks cannot be worn with and how to solve this problem.

Under the new rules, they will not be allowed on the plane.

Airplanes may be considered the safest place in terms of coronavirus these days. The stewardesses strictly monitor that the mask is in the right place for each passenger, even lowering it just below the nose “will not give a ride”, the vigilant flight attendant will notice this and make a remark. And now the airline has introduced a new rule: “Passengers who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons or for other reasons … cannot be allowed to fly,” their official statement on December 14 said.

We asked the assistant of the Department of Allergology and Immunology of the FSBEI DPO RMANPO of the Ministry of Health of Russia Marina Peredelskaya, under what diseases a person cannot wear a mask.

– There are relative contraindications for wearing masks. In this pandemic, we faced such a problem as contact dermatitis in people on the face after wearing a mask. If the mask is on the face for a long time, skin irritation may occur.

When a patient contacts us with this problem, we recommend that he refrain from wearing this particular type of mask, or change it more often. Indeed, after two hours of wearing the same mask, due to its excessive moisture, there is a rapid growth and development of microorganisms.

But all this is relative contraindications, because the risk-benefit ratio of the mask is controversial, which is better, to get infected with coronavirus or get contact dermatitis? We prescribe therapy to such a patient and recommend changing, for example, a medical mask for a medical respirator, which has a different degree of touch on the face.

Much more serious mask wearing difficulties can occur in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which causes shortness of breath. But these should be patients with extremely severe COPD who require oxygen support on an ongoing basis and who carry oxygen cans with them. For such people, a medical mask is an additional mechanical complication of the act of breathing. On the other hand, patients with COPD are at a special risk group, and if they become infected with coronavirus, they will definitely develop a difficult clinic.

– Maybe it’s better for such patients not to fly at all now?

– Why, maybe, such a person really needs a flight. There are different degrees of COPD, patients with mild and moderate degrees are quite intact people, they move around, they take care of themselves. But here, too, the question arises, which is better, to put on a mask and try to breathe through it or not to wear it, get infected and almost certainly die from COVID-19? If a patient comes to me and says, give me a certificate that I cannot wear a mask, I will not give such a certificate as a doctor. I will give recommendations on how to live with a mask, we will try to find a solution to his problem.

Cardiologists also warn that in people who suffer from heart failure, chronic severe bronchitis, asthma, wearing a mask can make breathing difficult. This will lead to a decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood, and, accordingly, worsen the oxygen supply to all organs and tissues.

Well, as for children, they are not forced to wear masks on airplanes, because Rospotrebnadzor indicates in its rules that “putting on a mask on a small child is not easy, therefore, for children under 7 years old, the main recommendation is to maintain social distance”. But older children, adolescents, as you know, must be in PPE. But, as doctors say, masks are contraindicated for children of any age if they have breathing problems, chronic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract and congenital malformations of the cardiovascular system.

Cashier Khairullina who stole 25 million bursts into tears after hearing the verdict

On Monday, September 28, the Salavat court put an end to the high-profile story of the “Bashkir Bonnie and Clyde”, who managed to steal about 25 million rubles from the bank for a couple. Luiza Khairullina, a simple cashier, who took out bills in her purse for several years, received five years in a general regime colony. The mastermind of the robbery of the century, Marat Khairullin, received a year more.

“I didn't strive for luxury, I didn't buy anything for myself, I gave money to my husband”

Recall that the loss of 25.4 million rubles in the Salavat branch of Rosselkhozbank was noticed in May last year. The security service quickly established that senior cashier Luiza Khairullina could be involved in the theft. Law enforcement officers visited the cashier’s home, but they found no one in the apartment. The neighbors said that the Khairullins couple fled with their children, leaving all household appliances, furniture, personal belongings in the apartment. And only a month later, in July 2019, the “Bashkir Bonnie and Clyde” were found in a rented apartment in Kazan. The Khairullins were returned home. The senior cashier was sent to await trial in a pre-trial detention center, and the man was ordered to be under house arrest.

When the investigators began to investigate, it turned out that the ideological mastermind of the crime was in fact a man. The apparently prosperous family had debts on loans, because its head squandered his earnings on rates. When the family budget cracked, Marat began to ask his mistress to take out some money from the cashier. The first time, in 2017, Louise took out 50 thousand rubles, then 100. Appetites increased: if at first the senior cashier took money in rubles, then later the currency – euros and dollars – was used. Sometimes a woman gave her husband money right at the workplace, where he came under the guise of a bank client. As Marat himself later admitted, “his wife followed his lead.” The woman herself explained that “she did not strive for luxury, did not buy anything for herself and gave all the money to her husband.” As a result, when not a penny was left at the box office, the couple decided to flee.

The husband of the kidnapper of millions was at first a witness, but after the revelations on a popular talk show, his status changed and the man became an accomplice. On the air of the program, which, by the way, generously pays for participation, the man said that he had lost all 25 million rubles. However, after the program, having received his fee, the man backed down and said that allegedly his wife’s lawyers had advised him to “confess” his guilt.

The announcement of the Khairullin’s verdict in the Salavat Court on Monday began in the afternoon and lasted more than an hour. The first to arrive at the meeting was Marat, who was under house arrest. The man was in a cheerful frame of mind. And Louise who arrived under escort, according to eyewitnesses, sighed heavily. By the way, many local journalists who followed the process noted that Louise became paradoxically prettier in the pretrial detention center – the woman threw off about 15 kilograms, let go of her braid …

Both hoped that the court would give them suspended sentences, despite the fact that the prosecutor asked for real ones. Perhaps that is why the woman could not restrain herself and burst into tears after the announcement of the terms. The man, who was taken into custody right in the courtroom, also barely contained his emotions. Already in the cage, he asked journalists not to interfere in his life.

“We’ll figure it out somehow without you,” the convict rapped out, answering a question from correspondents who were interested in the further fate of the Khairullins’ minor children. By the way, now Louise’s father enters the schoolchildren, on whom real trials rained down – first, his daughter went to prison, then his wife died.

As for the stolen money, according to Louise’s lawyer, she has already made an attempt to start making damages. Marat only promised that he would return the stolen goods.