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The head of the pre-trial detention center, where Efremov is sitting, was sent to the women prisoners

Global personnel reshuffles have taken place in the capital’s pre-trial detention centers. Three famous Moscow “prisons” (as they are called by the people, although formally it is wrong) changed their bosses.

Personnel rotation has taken place in the leadership of the capital pre-trial detention centers

As it became known to “MK”, ​​the owner of the legendary “Butyrka” Sergey Telyatnikov has been retired. He headed SIZO # 2 for ten years, which is a lot for the FSIN system. Rumor has it that one of the reasons for the departure of the 56-year-old head of the detention center was the scandal associated with cells for life-sentenced prisoners. It held especially dangerous criminals, sentenced to capital punishment, during their stay in Moscow (for example, when considering a complaint in the Supreme Court). However, sometimes prisoners were placed in such cells for psychological treatment, from whom obedience and humility were required.

The head of Butyrka will now be the former head of the women’s detention center # 6, Andrei Shubin. He is known for bringing near-perfect order to a once not-so-good isolation ward. Thanks to Shubin’s “iron hand”, it became possible to open a building there for the detention of arrested crime bosses. Well, for the fair sex will be supervised by the ex-head of SIZO No. 5 Evgeny Dobrov. Now in this isolation ward, we recall, after the verdict, the actor Mikhail Efremov.

Efremov was promised the cancellation of the sentence and freedom

According to our experts, everything goes to the point that the court of appeal can recognize that Mikhail Efremov’s rights to defense were violated in court, which means that the case of a fatal accident involving the actor must be reviewed. Complaints from lawyers against Efremov’s verdict continue to pour into the Presnensky court like a cornucopia almost every week.

7 complaints filed against the verdict

Another batch of complaints arrived on Monday, September 28th. This time, among others, the actor himself, sentenced to eight years in a general regime colony, filed a complaint. Efremov said that his behavior, in which many did not see remorse, was due to pressure from lawyer Elman Pashayev.

On Monday morning, the Presnensky Court announced the receipt of four complaints against the verdict at once. Let us remind you that there are already three complaints in court on behalf of the actor’s defenders. The first, brief, was written immediately after the verdict by the scandalous Elman Pashayev, who is credited with “merit” for such a long time.

Then the world champion in armwrestling Roman Filippov appeared on the scene, who declared himself the new lawyer of Efremov. A little later, Vladimir Vasiliev announced his intention to defend the artist. And he also filed his appeal, demanding 4 years probation for the principal. At the end of last week, his colleague, Pyotr Kharkhorin, known for his stunning victories in the courts, joined Filippov.

What happened to the complaints on Monday? This time Pashayev and his partner Yelizaveta Shargorodskaya supplemented their brief complaints, which they filed immediately after the verdict was passed. By the way, according to the law, the lawyers who participated in the process can be engaged in filing additional complaints until the materials are received by the Moscow City Court.

So, Pashayev demanded a reconsideration of the case and listed the formal reasons for this – “inadmissibility of evidence”, “violation of the Criminal Procedure Code”, inconsistency of the court’s conclusions with the actual circumstances. His colleague asked to mitigate the punishment for the actor and change the general regime of serving the sentence to a colony-settlement.

Mikhail Efremov himself, in his complaint, actually returned to where he had started – he said that he “repents of what he had done” and “pleads guilty.” For his correct position, Efremov asked the next instance to commute his sentence.

And, perhaps, the most important thing: the actor officially announced that lawyer Elman Pashayev put pressure on him. In other words, the ugly behavior of the defendant (boorish shouts from the place) and “didn’t see him, so he didn’t exist” were the result of the bad influence of the defense lawyer, who, we recall, after the trial lost the opportunity to work in the courts. It is not excluded that the idea to declare about the bad influence of the former defender Efremov was suggested by his current lawyers. After all, if it is proved that the actor was defended in an inappropriate manner, he will have the right to demand a review of the case in compliance with all his rights.

Another complaint was filed by the defender of the civil wife of the deceased driver Sergei Zakharov, Vadim Nikulin, who also asked for the sentence to be canceled. As the lawyer of Irina Sterkhova told “MK”, ​​the appeal was the result of newly discovered circumstances. Namely, she appeared after MK reported: the official wife of the deceased, Margarita Zakharova, filed for divorce shortly before the fatal accident. At the same time, in court, she, her son and the brother of the deceased talked about the idyll that allegedly reigned in their family.

– It turns out that all these people gave deliberately false testimony in court. And this is of great importance for the verdict. After all, Zakharov’s wife Margarita kept silent about the divorce statement and told how great they all lived, even mentioned the amount that the deceased brought home, – said lawyer Nikulin. He intends to be present at the consideration of appeals in the Moscow City Court and to represent the interests of his trustee Irina, a woman with whom the deceased Zakharov has lived under the same roof for more than 20 years.

According to the MK expert, lawyer Oksana Mikhalkina, the verdict can indeed be canceled – Efremov’s rights to defense were violated, and the victim turned out to be controversial.

– The newly discovered circumstances – namely, that Zakharov and Margarita were actually divorced – may lead to the cancellation of the sentence. After all, it turns out that Margarita Zakharova is a controversial victim. There were similar cases in my practice. And this gives a chance for the cancellation of the sentence, – Mikhalkina explained, adding that the cancellation of the sentence will automatically entail the cancellation of the measure of restraint for Efremov. In other words, purely theoretically, the actor can be free right after the sentence is canceled.

According to Mikhalkina, now Efremov’s lawyers and the convicted person himself must change their rhetoric and side with Irina Sterkhova. We will remind that earlier Pashayev and his client were categorically opposed to Sterkhova being recognized as a victim. After one of the meetings, at which the lawyer Pashayev was not shy in expressions, the woman left in tears.

The youngest “thief in law” was imprisoned for 11 years for old cases

Criminal authority Shalva Ozmanov, nicknamed Kusya (Kuso), who is called the youngest thief in law, was sentenced by the Moscow City Court to 11 years in prison. The grand-nephew of another well-known mafioso, Shakro Molodoy, was reminded of the shooting at a car wash six years ago and heaped up with a relatively new article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Occupying a high position in the criminal hierarchy.”

The Moscow City Court sentenced Shalva Ozmanov, nicknamed Kusya, for shooting at a gas station six years ago

Let us remind you that a year ago Shalva Ozmanov was detained in the Krasnodar Territory and accused of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm. Six years ago in Moscow, Kuso shot a car wash administrator in the buttock. At that time, this episode was hushed up thanks to an agreement with the victim. But later there were witnesses to the shot who were ready to confirm their testimony at the trial. In addition, Ozmanov was charged under the “anti-thief” article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. On top of everything else, he had a suspended sentence – two years for illegal carrying of a pistol, with which the “authority” threatened visitors of one of the Krasnodar bars.

Ozmanov’s mother went to almost every court session. The mother of the thief in law had one answer to all the journalists’ questions:

– My son is innocent!

The defense provided the court with a written statement from the victim, which says that Shalva did not shoot him in the buttock.

“We ask to discontinue the criminal case against Ozmanov, since he is innocent of what happened and has nothing to do with it,” the judge read out. – I will not even discuss this statement. He does not join the materials of the case, I will not leave it to myself.

The prosecutor invited an operative, who briefly spoke about how he came to the hospital to the victim to seize an important material evidence – a bullet.

When Ozmanov’s lawyers asked whether he personally removed the bullet, the operative laughed and replied:

– No, doctors helped me.

As for the charges under the “anti-thief” article, the defense of Kusya interpreted this in its own way.

“My client calls himself a thief, not a thief in law,” the lawyer tried to justify Ozmanov.

One way or another, the Moscow State Court sentenced Ozmanov to 11 years in a strict regime.

– Such terms are given to pedophiles. For what 11 years? Now everyone is wearing tattoos, women are wearing tattoos! And now to plant for this? – Kusya’s mother Tamara Petrova was indignant.

The jury of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren was accused of provocation

On November 21, St. Petersburg hosted the municipal stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in mathematics. Due to coronavirus restrictions, students completed assignments from home or in the classroom without supervision from teachers. Naturally, in such conditions, some tried to find the correct answers on the Web – moreover, problem solutions appeared on one of the popular resources within half an hour. However, as it turned out later, these decisions turned out to be wrong. Moreover, the organizers of the event themselves uploaded them to the site in order to catch careless participants in the act.

During the exam, the organizers published incorrect decisions on the web

Konstantin Knopp, a teacher and popularizer of mathematics from St. Petersburg, spoke about an unusual attempt to combat the cheating of the St. Petersburg jury on social networks.

“As you might guess, within 10 minutes after the start of the Olympiad, some problem conditions appeared on With a prayer “help to solve” and, of course, without specifying the source of the problems. In about 20-30 minutes, quite reasonable solutions appeared on the same resource for all the “floating” tasks. And it would be very sad if it were not for two common properties of these solutions: they were all written by the jury members (problem authors and variant authors) and they were all wrong, ”said Knopp.

According to the teacher, the goal of the jury was to assess the scale of the problem and to de-anonymize the participants who wrote off the solution from the Internet. At the same time, according to Knopp, such a measure is not new and has already been used in the fight against cheating on the exam.

– Cheaters (people trying to win by dishonest means. – “MK”) are the scourge of all intellectual competitions, – said the teacher. – A couple of years ago, on the night before the holding, whole variants of regional Olympiads in physics, the Russian language floated away … Before some of the USE, our Ministry of Education itself posted on the Web in considerable quantities various fake options, so that, even if something from correct options, it would be extremely difficult to find him in the sea of ​​fakes.

In the meantime, the actions of the jury members provoked a strong public reaction. Some even accused the jury of provocation and disrespect for the participants of the Olympiad, because the shameless behavior of children is not a reason for the same dishonest response from adults. However, many parents, on the contrary, took the side of the organizers of the municipal stage and supported their desire to punish the dishonest participants.

Indeed, the motive for the actions of the jury members is quite understandable. From year to year and without a pandemic, scandals occur around the same municipal stage due to cheating. Yes, victory at the municipal stage does not provide any advantages, except for reaching the regional stage. But where is the guarantee that someone will not be able to win it with the help of deception? In addition, job leaks have already happened more than once. All this often leads to the fact that really talented children lose the incentive and desire to participate in the Olympiad. It is like doping in sport, with the advantage gained in dishonest means.

Ivan Yashchenko, the coordinator of the Higher School of Education in Moscow, scientific director of the Center for Pedagogical Excellence, told us about how urgent the problem of cheating assignments at the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren during a pandemic and whether it is possible to cope with it: pandemics. Including the municipal stage in a number of subjects already last year was held on computers, so the capital as a whole was ready for this stage of the Olympiad in a distance format. In our work with schoolchildren, teachers and parents, we place the main emphasis on explaining the absolute senselessness of cheating at the second stage. By itself, a victory in a municipality does not give anything, and it is practically impossible to become the winner of the regional and, moreover, the final stage by dishonest means under current conditions.

This year, due to the distance format of the Olympiad, the number of participants in the municipal stage has increased significantly. For example, 46 thousand schoolchildren wrote Russian in the capital, although usually the number of participants does not exceed 20 thousand. Nevertheless, we manage to minimize the incidence of dishonest execution of tasks. The municipal tour in the capital takes place online, teachers are watching all the participants. In addition, we have special programs that help to calculate non-independent jobs. St. Petersburg is now only at the beginning of the transition to electronic technologies in conducting VOS. In this regard, it seems to me that the method of combating cheating, chosen by the jury in mathematics, is quite acceptable. In our work, we also sometimes needed to use similar techniques. “