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“TV depicts us a quasi-Soviet life”

Last week, there was deja vu, Groundhog Day: the familiar program “Field of Miracles” took the first place in the rating in Russia to tears. That is, in our homeland it was watched more than all other programs. Sometimes she comes back.


In October, Pole will be 30 years old. Vladislav Listyev started with the light hand of Alexander Lyubimov. Then, from November 1, 1991, Leonid Yakubovich began to lead. And it still leads.

When Listyev did it, I looked. In his performance, “Field of Miracles” was an intelligent program for intelligent people, and I must say that the “stratum”, despite all its incompleteness, the fact that Lenin at the dawn of Soviet power called it “shit”, on a philosophical steamer that sent clever men away from the Russian land; to Stalin’s landings and executions, it turned out to be more alive than all the living. First, the intelligentsia created a “thaw” for us, and 20 years later, perestroika. And Listyev in this sense was ours, with a higher education on his face, and everything that he even touched, one way or another sowed reasonable, kind, eternal, first of all for those who work with their heads.

With the arrival of Leonid Yakubovich, everything changed. The Field of Miracles became popular and I stopped watching it. Not because he was terribly far from the people, just clever Yakubovich was playing for a fall, for mass character, simplification. The people in his performance turned out to be very kind, extremely naive, a little silly, with an eternal free Russian dream about “a car – a prize to the studio.”

Over the years, “Field of Miracles” dissolved among other programs, famously passed the 90s, where it served as a pill for nerves and stress, but it seemed that it did not fit into the zero. Everything was too pragmatic then, screwed up, twisted, and a simple program without any special pretensions looked like a fifth wheel in a cart or a suitcase without a handle, which, even despite its awkwardness and inappropriateness, is a pity to throw away. Yakubovich walked like a background, a necessary attribute from the past. And here is such a renaissance.

It’s all about nostalgia. The TV gives us, depicts us a quasi-Soviet life. Propaganda crawls out of the pants to create in the box the illusion of a stable past, from which we never left. “For faith, tsar and fatherland” easily intersects with “Lenin (no, now Stalin!), The party, the Komsomol.” So we live, just not to think about what is outside the window, in real life. Real life has turned into television.

In the German film Good Bye, Lenin! A loving son, so as not to injure his sick mother, who has devoted her whole life to the struggle for the ideas of socialism, during the collapse of the Berlin Wall puts cassettes from the past on her TV-video, where news and programs from the times of the unforgettable comrade Erich Honecker are broadcast. Thus, the mother is saved, her nervous system and heart are working normally. She remains in the illusion that everything is the same, the wall is in place and the GDR is forever.

So it is with us. It remains only for Vladimir Solovyov to speak in the voice of Igor Kirillov, and Katya Andreeva to turn into Svetlana Zhiltsova … However, no, it will not work, sincerity, cordiality, intimacy will not be enough … But on TV we successfully create the illusion of calm, and “cheap entertainment will not leave you anymore.” … If only not to think about what is happening, just to forget about the monstrous theft around, when there is nothing even to treat seriously ill children, and those who have sucked to the power trough are fattening. Just not to understand how they lie to us every day from the same box.

I am also sick with this high disease. I also dream every day to be in my Soviet Union, in the country of unlearned lessons, in the country of my childhood. The other day on the Internet, I found and reviewed “Field of Miracles”, which came out immediately after the coup of August 91st. Conducted by Vladislav Listyev. The first three were played by Leonid Yarmolnik, Andrei Makarevich and Alexander Abdulov, each of them was not yet 40. In the second three – Zinovy ​​Gerdt, Konstantin Raikin and Alexander Ivanov. In the third – Alla Pugacheva, Eldar Ryazanov and Yuri Nikulin. Abdulov won … When I watch such programs, albeit not very professional, albeit naive, good-natured, I want to send the present time to hell, delete it, erase it with an eraser. I would like to go back in a time machine, where everything is just beginning. No, I know as well as you why “everything is gone, everything disappeared”, why my homeland collapsed, how many abominations and lies were there. But you can’t order your heart.

So our people, TV viewers, dream of running away into the past, hiding there, getting away from the chase, and so that they won’t get you. That is why “Field of Miracles” … Return to youth, youth, naivety, innocence … At least so, at least on TV. To see the kind, untouched Soviet people again, albeit for a while, for an hour. Forget everything that happens here and now, in this life …

“Whoever does not regret the collapse of the USSR has no heart. And the one who wants to restore it in its former form has no head. ” But he said well!

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“Destroyed politicians”: Ukrainian TV show without Zelensky became unfunny

In the best traditions of our propaganda, I will start with Ukraine. Which, of course, is not Russia, but this is ours, such is our own in the board.

And why in Russia it never happened

Evening Quarter is the best show I’ve ever known. The funniest and the most ridiculous, the most reckless and evil, in the best sense of the word. They were there, in Ukraine, so they mocked their politicians, their president (former) – mom, do not cry. So talentedly hollowed them out, ridiculed them, undressed them – that’s something! Well, it’s a pleasure to watch this spectacle.

Professor Zelensky was in charge there. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, current President of All Ukraine. He was the best there, the most talented and incendiary. He wrote these sketches together with his beloved wife, and he also performed them. He parodied (and how he parodied!) And his “master” Kolomoisky, and the same Gunpowder, and mayor Klitschko, and the unconventional radical Lyashko. He just destroyed them. And so he became president.

Now, as president, he can hardly do anything, only wants. But you know what it’s called ?! And he became the first person in the state, in general, for a big joke, with the help of the brilliant series “Servant of the People”. Of course, he, Zelensky, is a patriot, of course, he is offended for the state, but then … silence. He is afraid of offending those and those, wants to please everyone, to please everyone. Well, yes, he’s an artist, a great artist.

He was the best comedian in the country, the most courageous, the freest, and after becoming president … In our shows, Solovyov calls him a president at best, pats him on the head, regrets (well, as in The Ordinary Miracle, Mironov called Leonov “our king”) … Yes, Zelensky is ridiculous, but now it’s different. This is called “laughing chickens.”

And without Zelensky, “Evening Quarter” is already dying out. As if something important, important, some kind of core fell out of him. Now they will send, stupidly mock, but not at all funny, or rather, not witty. After all, Vladimir Zelensky took many of his friends into power, to the Rada, to his office, and how can Kvartal now whip his homies in the face? How to finish off your boss Zelensky, he will be offended. Well, such a good person!

Two negatives make an affirmative? I don’t know, this is not mathematics for you. It was the best show in the country (but what about the country, the entire former USSR, where there is “Ural dumplings”), and now nothing. There was a wonderful comedian, just wonderful, and now Nobody, Mr. Nobody.

The other day “Kvartal” sang a Ukrainian folk song about how the house of the former chairman of the National Bank Gontareva burned down, and the famous choir of Grigory Verevka attracted there. It turned out nonsense, mockery. Exactly the same thing happened with Vladimir Zelensky with Mr. Trump – the same nonsense. Moral: everyone is good in his place, and when a person does not his own business, then stupidity turns out. And not funny at all.

Passion for the “Voice”

I have already prepared a blank. I already wanted to crush this disgusted “Voice” at last. I already wanted to write: enough, as long as possible, the same thing. And where are your meanings, guys?

Photo: Still from video

In Voice 60 I saw these meanings, they lay on the surface. Well, yes, become always young, forever young, and you will be happy. Do not be discouraged, do not slouch under the weight of problems and diseases, walk with your head held high. Here it is, the Stanislavsky super task!

But then on the First Channel, they immediately started another “Voice”, already the eighth in a row, without stopping, without pauses. And that’s when I prepared my blank. How will we surprise? Nothing, everything is the same: members of the jury, singers and singers, turns in the chair. Or non-reversals. And the eternal Nagiyev, of course. No other ideas?

And then I turned it on, looked … Damn it, I take my words back again. Again he cried and laughed, scolded what the light was worth of this Shnurov for the fact that he did not even turn around, did not blink an eye. I was happy like a child when they all reacted to a bald singer, so wonderful (or weird?). Blank, homework did not work again.

And I understood what the point was. I found him. It is simple as truth. But the truth is that this format (not by us, unfortunately, invented by the Dutch) is dedicated to the essence of each individual person. Here is taken a man, with all his shortcomings, passions and victories, and exhibited on the stage, in the window, as if naked. And you see him, understand and love him, and everyone. And on one side and on the other side of this scene. Yes, and you love Meladze (who is Konstantin), and Shnurov (although for what?), And Syutkin, of course, and let alone Polina Gagarina … That’s who made me happy. After all, when she started in The Voice, it was pewter, wooden, glass, not like my dear Pelageya. And now Gagarin seems to have been replaced: alive, light, natural. And all the emotions on her face, on her beautiful face …

In a word, “The Voice” again mesmerized, I can’t help myself. There will be no rout, one eulogy. So much for your homework.

Kirill burns

On TV there is such a sign: if Kirill Kleimenov suddenly appears instead of Ekaterina Andreeva … Is it for the rain? No, to big political events.

Photo: Still from video

There were rumors again that Katya had been removed, that Katya was bored. How long can you be the face of the First? Such a handsome, official person. And now Kirill, he is burning again.

In fact, he is in charge of all the information of the channel, that is, the big boss. But the big boss in the frame is the song! He creates, sings, plays his role, like some people’s artist of the USSR. He revels in this role, loves it. Well, from my beloved. Can express such passages that it becomes scary. Someone will blush, someone will be proud or smile. Only these will be real, living emotions. That is why Kirill Kleimenov, the head of all the propagandists of the first button, is good.

He is sincere to the point. Or does it play so well in this sincerity, disguises itself? In every next second you don’t even know what will come out of him, what he will do, say. Yes, it will always be a surprise.

In fact, I know Kirill, he is a good guy. He goes to football, is a fan of Spartak. An excellent family man, merciless to enemies … But such wonderful people are also non-trivial hosts of the “Time” program. Once he even interceded for Kirill Serebrennikov, such a fellow.

What else can we expect from Mr. Kleimenov? I personally think that one fine moment he will stand on his hands and walk around the studio. Or he will dance a hopaka, talking about Ukraine. No words, this is a very great master of words.

Maybe he is against Putin: the culprit of the “Syutka” scandal on TV explained

Was there a boy? Was there Syutkin, maybe there was no Syutkin?

What is hype and how to deal with it? This is how news is actually born.

Daniil Prokhorov told why he did not shake hands with the star

Show “Voice”, Channel One, our time. Someone (still someone, he is not Syutkin yet) Daniil Korolev, having triumphantly passed into the second round, shook hands with all the mentors, except for Syutkin. And what, you ask. And nothing, went to write the province, in the sense of YouTube, the World Wide Web. It turns out that our people, suspicious and sensitive to everything unprecedented, saw in this non-shaking a certain symbol, an afront, a fateful gesture. Here he shook everyone, but he did not. Is this Daniel an anti-Semite? Or maybe he is against Putin? Or for Ukraine?

This news, nowhere to go, scored first places in the chats. The news reached the newly minted singer Mr. Korolev. And this is what he said on this occasion: “To get into the second round of the Voice show on Channel One was so unexpected that all I thought about at that moment was how not to fall down or scream with joy while walking to mentors. And only after they wrote about it on the Web, I realized that Valery Miladovich had risen to meet me. It pains me very much that someone thinks that I have deliberately shown disrespect to a person whose work has inspired and still inspires me to this day. “

Everything, bobby is dead, in the sense of news. Or the mountain gave birth to a mouse. No, even a mouse has nothing to do with it, “Chapaev and Emptiness.” Zero turned to zero, the carriage turned into a pumpkin. A worthless hype, fake info and only one question: was there Syutkin?

Was. In fact, the news (real) is that this is one of the two singers of our great pop music (the second is Alexander Malinin), who always sings without a phonogram. With your voice. Even if this voice is already asking for retirement, 60. This is news.

“On New Year’s Eve, we were shown wonderful Russia on TV”

What a wonderful country we were shown for the New Year! So peaceful, tolerant. There, everyone is happy to switch to even Ukrainian, even to Georgian, sing songs that Poroshenko, Zelensky and Saakashvili listened to in their childhood with gold, sweetly falling asleep. Moreover, we now have our own Odessa, and not one! In this beautiful country, the highest representatives of the authorities sit on KVN and laugh at themselves. And the students, so cheerful and resourceful, and where are they grown? These are not students, but some walking along with their innocent, affectionate jokes. Even in this country, a great songwriter appeared, whose hits our pop music is just happy to perform. But first about the good.

In this beautiful country, everyone is peaceful and tolerant.

“Odessa steamer”

Oh, how Odessa experts, fans of Zhvanetsky, liberals of the whole world attacked this film!

Odessa is not the same, the reprise is not the same, it was impossible to shoot them, you just need to listen to Zhvanetsky. And if not Zhvanetsky, then the blessed memory of Raikin, Kartsev and Ilchenko, to whom Zhvanetsky gave his immortal humor. The words “vulgarity”, “haste”, “sunset” sounded.

All the bumps flew at the director Sergei Ursulyak. He was also avenged for his recent TV series “Bad Weather”, which he shot about “Afghans” and about our life. Advanced creative people thought that Ursulyak was ours, and he turned out to be not theirs, but his own.

But these are details. They did not understand anything, his critics. We didn’t see (didn’t want to see!) That thinnest fabric of Odessa color, which was embroidered by Ursulyak from Zhvanetsky. At first, by a sinful deed, I also thought that Zhvanetsky, like, for example, Dovlatov, was not translated into the language of cinema, or, like Pushkin, was not translated into foreign languages. But after…

The whole composition is so delicate, and each plot flows into the next, as if complementing it. And so, bit by bit, bit by bit, the same diversity of the eternally mocking, but never surrendering to the enemy, port city, the hero-city was created. And gradually meanings, half-hints, allusions appear. No, they don’t joke like that, they talk like that. These songs of the 70s here and there seem to set off the whole absurdity of Soviet Odessa life, its poverty, hypocrisy and the extraordinary charm of life.

That’s why Ursulyak was needed, one of the most intelligent and sensual Russian directors. Zhvanetsky is his man, and he knows how this Aesopian language of an ironic sage is deciphered.

For my taste, this kind of work with great artists (Makovetsky, Mashkov, Khamatova, Kryuchkova, Zolotovitsky … sorry if I missed anyone) will eventually become a classic of Russian TV, well, like Old Songs about the Main. And it will be possible to twist it for many, many years. It happens with many masterpieces, at first they are not understood.

And Odessa … Yes, there is no such Odessa anymore. This Odessa of the past or the future. Odessa Zhvanetsky. In this fabulous, fictional Odessa, the House of Trade Unions and people burning alive are impossible. In it, everyone loves everyone, even if they quarrel strongly. And so be it!

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

“Song” away!

Voznesensky was: “Take Lenin off the money!” It’s easier for me: remove the “Song of the Year” already. Do you see what it has become?

This is laughter through tears, circus tent. I would have been angrier, wrote “parade of freaks,” but I’m kind today.

What are these songs, where did they come from? And who is listening to them? Well, no, people are sitting, a full hall, singing along, clapping. Where did they get them from? Or is this stormy, prolonged applause in the spirit of delight superimposed specifically on TV as a background?

Against this background, they, singers and singers, of course, are heroes, I can no longer see them. All the same clip performs faceless howls, robotic songs, plastic songs, artificial selection. And the masses are delighted with this wretched provinciality, praising each other, rewarding people themselves.

How we waited for “Song of the Year” in the USSR! Yes, I will now play an ancient old man on a blockage, for whom the water was wetter, and the grass was greener, and the girls were more beautiful. I don’t know about the girls, but the songs … As we waited for them, almost every one. And how they waited for Tolkunova, Senchina, Zykina, Rotara (no, she still has everything ok), Pugacheva, Piekha, “Syabrov”, “Verasov”, “Pesnyarov” … And Kobzon with Leshchenko and Magomayev. And in the hall sat Frenkel, Shainsky, Pauls, Fradkin, Mokrousov, standing up and bowing with dignity. And Migulya was, and Martynov, and Reznik with Dementyev, and Pakhmutova with Dobronravov.

And now one confusion instead of music.

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Little Sophie

She is getting younger and younger. God, what will she get to? Little Sophie is our Benjamin Button.

Look at some “Song-75”, there is also little Sophie, and compare it with the current one. Now she looks even brighter, fresher. Maybe it’s a matter of the wonders of television or plastic — it doesn’t matter. As the French say: after 40 years, everyone is responsible for their own face, and Sofochka, apparently, is still far from 40 until she’s 40. So she doesn’t answer.

Through Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko, Yanukovych, Zelensky, Putin, through the Soviet Afghan and the Ukrainian ATO, Sofochka again got to us at Ogonyok. Say what you like, but she is our bond, spiritual bond. Melancoly, you know, is a duolche melody. Well that’s it!

Photo: still from the film “Operation” Y “and other adventures of Shurik”

Old songs about the main thing

Again the New Year, and we, as always, are waiting for the old Soviet cinema. A movie that won’t change us.

And there is no other! “The Adventures of Shurik”, “Ivan Vasilyevich …”, “Office Romance”, “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”, “Irony of Fate …”, of course. And also from “Hello, I’m your aunt!” to “D’Artagnan” and “Sherlock Holmes”. The youngest of these films is over 30 years old.

Here’s to you, grandmother, and stagnation, here’s the “damned Soviet past.” And how they knew how to joke and laugh at themselves, and wink, seek and find meanings! How they knew how not to finish speaking, so much so that everyone, everyone, everyone understood.

Once Leonid Parfenov was scolded into dust that he came up with “Old songs about the main thing”, but so talentedly, but with such love. Here, they said, it betrays nostalgia for the obsolete past, for the USSR, rolls out of the grave of Stalin and other communists. But how can you not love the past, you cannot order your heart. What passes will be nice.

And what – to love these, today’s ?! Yes, they have nothing to show, to justify everything. There is nothing to cover. All the best, at least in a cultural sense, remained in the distant scoop, despite even the terrible and stupid censorship. The heroes are not you, but Ryazanov, Gaidai, Danelia, Sergey Bondarchuk, Menshov and many, many others. We wait for them every New Year, and on March 8, and on Russia Day. They are with us.