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The details of Monetochka’s wedding with the producer were revealed: no celebration

At the end of the year, the young, but ambitious singer Monetochka, aka Elizaveta Gyrdymova, surprised with the news of the wedding. The 22-year-old artist unexpectedly married music producer Viktor Isaev.

As the singer admitted to fans, she became the very girl from the class who jumped out to get married before anyone else. The lovers got married in Sochi, where the singer bought a house about a year ago.

A colleague of the newlyweds told how their relationship developed and why the singer decided to do without a magnificent party.

“I got married,” Monetochka said briefly.

The singer’s colleague manager Maxim Gnu, in a conversation with MK, recalled how the romance between Victor and Elizabeth developed.

“As such, there was no wedding, the guys sealed the union in one of the Sochi registry offices, – said Maxim. – It is difficult to consider a wedding as a celebration now – let’s wait for the long-awaited post-covid times.

– Was it an office romance?

– At what point their creative cooperation has grown into a new level of relations is difficult to keep track of. Somewhere between their joint writing of the first and second albums of Coin. So, in a way, yes, this is an office romance.

– Who does the chosen one of Monetochka work with?

– It’s good that you paid attention to this moment. Indeed, Viktor is signed everywhere as a producer, which can somewhat disorient readers, since within the Russian music market the word “producer” has even a slightly negative connotation, and it is definitely not the same meaning as in the world understanding. Vitya, if you like, is a music producer, or better – a companion or co-author of Lisa. The guys write all the songs together, and Vitya is a producer, but in the sense of a music producer. That is, he is more likely Rick Rubin than Joseph Prigogine.

Singer Monetochka married a producer: wedding doubts

Singer Monetochka married a producer: wedding doubts

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Certain types of theft and fraud will no longer be considered a crime

112 crimes, including theft and fraud, can cease to be criminalized by the Supreme Court. Such acts will be classified as a criminal offense.

A bill was approved to transfer certain violations of the law to the category of criminal offenses

The draft law with amendments to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code was approved by the Plenum of the Supreme Court. Recall that for the first time the initiative of the highest instance was submitted to the State Duma in 2017. Then it was proposed to transfer to the category of misconduct 80 elements of crimes of small and gravity, committed for the first time. Now a number of crimes against property have been added to them. These are mainly “entrepreneurial” articles of the Criminal Code, but there are also more massive ones – theft and fraud without aggravating circumstances. As the chairman of the Armed Forces, Vyacheslav Lebedev, emphasized, 44.7 thousand people were convicted for these crimes in 2019. At the same time, 20.2 thousand convicts (45%) had no previous convictions, and 37% of them were under thirty years old.

As the head of the Supreme Court noted, the implementation of the proposed changes will contribute to the socialization of citizens who have committed such crimes for the first time, especially at a young age, and prevent their involvement in the criminal environment. Crimes in the field of public procurement and tax fraud were not included in the new bill. Also, as noted in the Armed Forces, crimes with a high social danger will not be considered an offense: crimes against military service, knowingly false reporting of a terrorist attack and illegal actions that caused slight harm to the health of the victim.

Anfisa Chekhova said she had no complexes and showed wet breasts

On her birthday, TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova posted on Instagram a photo in which she splashes in a bathtub with foam, and spoke about complexes due to age. According to the TV personality, she “likes to grow up,” and she does not regret her departed youth.

The presenter said that she is not one of those women who suffer from appearing wrinkles chasing “girlish blush and elasticity.” At 43, she does not want to return to her youth at all, because for this she will have to give up her past experience.

According to Chekhova, maturity is something worth enjoying instead of wasting time and energy trying to stay young.

“She is juicy, tart, mature, with a bit of bitterness, but with such an intoxicating aroma of freedom, confidence, wisdom, irony, and self-respect,” the TV presenter wrote.

Chekhova stressed that there is no need to run away from the past years, deny them, not pretend that they are not there. It is important to appreciate the path traveled, but unfortunately, to many it seems like “some kind of nonsense” that can be forgotten in exchange for “a new firm chest or a face stretched like a darts target”.

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