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Large families may have new vacation benefits

An employee with three or more children, the youngest of whom is under 14 years old, will be able to take leave without queue and at any convenient time – this initiative was made by the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia.

If the initiative of public figures is considered, parents of even 14-year-olds will be able to relax at any convenient time.

Recall that in 2018, the state provided large families with an unscheduled leave benefit. But the age of all children is limited to 12 years. The purpose of the law is a more active participation of parents in the upbringing of children and the combination of the leisure time of both spouses.

However, in practice, not everything is so rosy for those large families in which at least one child has reached the age of more than 12 years. In this case, the employee is already deprived of the benefits of taking a vacation at any time of the year

As explained in the FNPS, this suggests that the adopted norm is discriminatory. After all, children over 12 do not cease to be children and also need the attention of their parents. Therefore, the experts of the organization consider it necessary to amend the legislation – to provide employees with three or more children with the opportunity to take leave at their request at a convenient time until the youngest of the children reaches 14 years old.

Chaliapin and Volochkova arranged a New Year’s rally

The difficult year 2020 is coming to an end. By the end of the year, even the artists have already resigned themselves to the fact that there are fewer festive events, and on their pages in social networks they share the advantages of the forced quarantine. Anastasia Volochkova and Prokhor Chaliapin decided to create a New Year mood for the readers of “MK” this year, dressed in their favorite winter characters – Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

In an interview with our reporter, the artists told why they like to play New Year’s characters and what kind of trees they prefer, and also reminded us of how our Santa Claus differs from the American Santa Claus.

They appeared in the images of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

– Did you believe in Santa Claus and Snow Maiden?

Santa Claus: – Of course I did. And in Santa Claus, and in the Snow Maiden.

True, when one day in kindergarten I accidentally saw how Santa Claus turned into our teacher after the Christmas tree, I still had some doubts about his existence. But then I thought: after all, Santa Claus is one, and there is not enough of him for everyone, so he just needs helpers. And I liked this explanation so much that I believed for a very long time that Santa Claus existed.

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Snow Maiden: – I believed in kindergarten, but from the age of five I was obsessed with the idea of ​​becoming a ballerina, so I had no time to celebrate the New Year. (Smiles.)

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

– What gifts have you dreamed about under the tree?

Santa Claus: – I dreamed that Santa Claus would give me a real railway for New Year, so that I could ride it around the yard and garden in our private house in Volgograd. But Santa Claus gave me a toy railroad “Ogonyok”. It was, of course, impossible to ride it, but playing with it was still a great joy. I still dream about it sometimes.

Snow Maiden: – Once in St. Petersburg in the House of Trade I saw a toy cat. She was big, she was decorating a shop window. I dreamed of a live kitten, but told my parents that I wanted a toy, like in that store. And they gave me a little toy cat, but I was very happy with her too: I understood that my parents could not afford more. This cat became a talisman for me.

And when I turned ten, a miracle happened. Dad came into our small apartment on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, opened the door and stood on the threshold for a long time. He opened his jacket and I saw the blue eyes of a white Angora kitten. The marquis was handsome, but deaf from birth. Although this did not prevent him from becoming a mystical gift for me. He lived for 18 years, went on tour with me, traveled and died in my mother’s arms. But I wasn’t really expecting any gifts. Since I knew that all the money I earned my parents gave to teach me ballet art, because from the age of 9, in addition to the ballet school, every day I studied with a private teacher.

– Who were you at the children’s matinees?

Santa Claus: – Both Bunny and Piggy. My mother made me the costumes of these heroes, but the most interesting of all, of course, were the masks that complemented these costumes. I still have photographs, still in black and white, from these kindergarten matinees. And I put on the costume of Santa Claus several times, and played this role with pleasure. I liked to speak in an imperious, menacing voice and generally to be the main figure at the holiday. And by the way, don’t be confused: it was Santa Claus that I liked to be, and not Santa Claus. Let me remind you of the differences between Russian Santa Claus and American:

Santa Claus has a blue camisole or a red toe-length fur coat, white felt boots, warm mittens and a hat. Santa Claus has a red jacket, pants, black boots, light gloves and a nightcap with a pompom.

Santa Claus has a long beard; Santa has a short one with a shovel.

Santa Claus holds a staff in his hands; Klaus has nothing.

Santa Claus has a white belt or with a trim to match the color of a fur coat; Santa has a buckle belt.

Santa Claus has glasses; Santa Claus sees well.

Santa Claus moves in a sleigh pulled by three horses; Santa Claus rides in a reindeer cart.

Santa smokes a pipe; Santa Claus leads a healthy lifestyle, does not smoke or drink.

But with the Snow Maiden, everything is much simpler: we have one for the whole wide world.

Snow Maiden: – In kindergarten I was a Bunny. And when I was already dancing at the ballet school, my first appearance in the opera Morozko at the Maly Opera House in St. Petersburg was the role of Bunny. And I will be the Snow Maiden especially for your readers. I love this look!

– Do you believe in horoscopes?

Santa Claus: – I believe. I am a Sagittarius, and I correspond 100% to all descriptions. And I can break wood, and do stupid things, but sincerely and without anger. (Smiles.)

Snow Maiden: – To be honest, no. Today the stars will converge like this, and tomorrow it will be different. I think everything is individual, and a lot depends on our actions. After all, it is a true truth that everything comes back to us like a boomerang – both evil and good. I am sure that good actions change our horoscope for the better.

– What tree do you have at home?

Santa Claus: – I don’t put the Christmas tree on the New Year now. Several years ago, after the New Year, I flew to hot countries for a month, and when I returned home, my tree dried up and crumbled to the floor. While I was carrying it out, I sprinkled the entire corridor with needles, so that the whole apartment was littered with these needles for several years (and they are dry and very sharp).

Snow Maiden: – I have a gorgeous artificial tree 4 meters high at home. Fortunately, the house allows that height. We have been putting it on for the fourth year since I moved. And this beauty stands before my birthday. Professional designers help me decorate it, but the finishing touch is always with me. It seems to me that decorating a Christmas tree is a very pleasant and soothing process. I hung up some toys and made a wish. But the most important thing in the tree is garlands and glowing lights. There is a huge Christmas tree in the area between the main and guest houses, it is also decorated with garlands. And in front of my house there are two fantastic Christmas trees. The house itself is also covered with New Year’s illumination. It turns on automatically when it gets dark and stays on until the morning.

– What gifts do you like to give?

Santa Claus: – I love giving fabulous porcelain houses. I like to give New Year’s toys with the year marked. I have a 2001 Christmas toy. This year I moved into my apartment in Moscow, where I still live. This toy for me is a symbol of a new stage in my life.

Snow Maiden: – Yes, very different: perfumes, candles, which I myself love, cosmetic sets, scarves, T-shirts … In fact, the New Year in terms of financial expenses is a natural disaster, to be honest. And even more so now, when everything is so complicated. But what worries me even more is not money, but time, which is not enough for anything. Therefore, my assistants help me. They look after what I would like, send me photos, coordinate and purchase gifts.

For my daughter Ariadne and those closest to me, gifts, of course, I buy myself. Frankly, my daughter loves all sorts of gadgets – so there were iPhones and other new electronics that she wanted. When she was fond of filming and photography, I gave her a video camera. All kinds of tripods and accessories for photographic equipment. She used to give trips to horse clubs, and much more. Yes, I spoiled my daughter very much, did not refuse her anything. I always wanted my daughter to have what I lacked in childhood.

– What would you wish our readers in the new year?

Santa Claus: – I would like to wish the readers of “MK” health, happiness, respect for themselves and their loved ones. There is also the ability to appreciate small joys, of which there are actually many in our life. We just don’t always notice them. I wish you all good, love, faith and hope!

Snow Maiden: – Always smile in any situation. And it will really save the world. If there is no reason for the holiday, then think of it yourself. Love and be loved, take care of your beloved people, appreciate them and cherish them. I want there to be peace on our earth, so that each of us has enough room in our souls for kindness, so that each of us can share something good with a friend. So that even in difficult times we all do not become embittered, but rallied.

I want to thank my subscribers, viewers and just all people who are not indifferent to my fate for their support. Who lent a helping hand in a difficult moment. I am grateful to everyone, even my spiteful critics, since they are also not indifferent to my fate. Before my birthday on January 20, I want to go to my beloved Maldives. I will again delight you with new photos from there.

And also I congratulate all readers of “MK” on such a huge date – 101 years of the newspaper’s existence! Happiness and prosperity! And on my 45th upcoming anniversary, I will raise a glass to you and my favorite newspaper MK.

Experts told whether it is worth waiting for a new pharmacy crisis

The crisis that developed during the pandemic, on the one hand, gave an impetus to the development of the drug market in the country, on the other hand, exacerbated the problems that existed before it. Experts spoke about this during the round table “COVID-19 as a test of the strength of the country’s drug supply system”, which took place in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

From February 1 in Russia it is planned to restart the marking system

According to the head of the OP Commission for Economic Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Yevgeny Nifantiev, in recent years the drug supply system in the country has demonstrated stability, but today it is under attack, and not even under one. “In fact, the system survived in March when there were interruptions in paracetamol. We must pay tribute to the participants in the pharmaceutical market and regulators, who then worked in a single burst and went through a difficult period. “

However, the problems with medicines began long before the pandemic. The head of the League of Patients, Alexander Saversky, recalled that over the past year, according to data from various sources, from 170 to 270 drugs were excluded from the State Register of Medicines. The situation with prednisone was indicative, which disappeared in April, but the defect (absence in pharmacies) was officially recognized only in October. “The main problem has not been resolved: we do not know the needs of the population for medicines. And we do not need a law on drug circulation, but a law on drug provision, ”the expert said.

Industry representatives noted that the most serious tests for the market this year were a rash pricing system (due to the fact that manufacturers were forced to sell drugs below cost, many left the market) and the introduction of a completely unfinished drug labeling mechanism at the height of the pandemic.

Alexander Martynenko, a representative of the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, said that the pandemic has pressed on acute problems. Secretary of the Russian Society of Physicians, Russian pulmonologist Andrei Malyavin urged doctors not to prescribe ineffective and harmful drugs to patients with COVID. “Now a real orgy with polypharmacy: dozens of medications are prescribed to patients. Yesterday I consulted a patient from Omsk, who was prescribed 22 drugs at once. Antibiotic prescriptions are rampant everywhere. This is not pneumonia at all, this is not a bacterial infection – antibiotics should never be prescribed for the purpose of prevention! Today we are already faced with severe complications after treatment with them, for example, with pseudomembranous colitis. Now there is not only free sale, but also distribution of azithromycin and levofloxacin to the population. In the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, we see that it is necessary to prescribe antibiotics to such patients only on the basis of research results, but in reality they are distributed free to everyone. This is not only the formation of superinfections, but also wasted money. The All-Russian Health Organization has unequivocally refused to prescribe hydroxychloroquine to patients with coronavirus, and in our country they continue to poison people, this is a toxic drug. If we talk about antivirals, then there are no direct antiviral drugs against SARS-CoV-2, just like there are none for any other ARVI. We need to calm down and wait patiently for them to appear. Another of our all-Russian fun is the fascination with interferon inducers and interferons. Both poor and excessive immunity pose a threat in COVID-19. All severe manifestations of the disease are associated with excessive immunity, and this situation cannot be spurred on. Pigelated interferons are good for chronic infections, and it makes no sense to bet on them in the treatment of coronavirus infection: their bioavailability does not exceed 3%, ”the expert said.

But there is good news as well. COVID-19 can be effectively treated even now – groups of drugs that have a good effect are known. These are steroid hormones and anticoagulants (direct and indirect action).

Most patients with COVID-19 get sick easily, and they do not need to be treated with anything at all, the expert emphasized. “I hope that reason will prevail, and the Ministry of Health will remove dangerous and ineffective drugs from clinical guidelines for COVID-19,” the doctor said.

In addition, the expert stressed that today the situation with the treatment of patients is greatly complicated by unfair competition. For example, we still massively put heavy patients on mechanical ventilation, while non-invasive ventilation of the lungs gives a much lower mortality rate. “But today we have 800 patients on mechanical ventilation, and only 12 people on non-invasive ventilation, which are mainly used at the Sklifosovsky Institute, Burdenko hospital, First Honey clinic, and there are excellent results. Why this is happening, I do not know, ”said Andrei Malyavin.

Teacher and Constitution: Senators have found a new way to fire a teacher

Senators proposed to fire teachers for using educational and educational activities in order to incite hatred. The idea to introduce appropriate amendments to the law “On Education” was put forward by the Federation Council commission for the protection of Russia’s sovereignty from external interference. If such a law is passed, the teacher could be dismissed because of a careless statement that is contrary to the constitution.

For statements that are contrary to the Main Law of the country

As the head of the Federation Council commission Andrei Klimov explained, the bill is aimed at regulating the work of educational organizations in international cooperation. For this, the law “On Education” is planned to be supplemented with the concept of “educational activity”. “At the same time, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of dismissing a teacher if he uses educational or educational activities to incite social, racial or religious hatred, as well as induce other actions that contradict the Russian Constitution,” Klimov stressed.

The teachers met the senators’ initiative with incomprehension. Vsevolod Lukhovitsky, co-chairman of the Interregional Trade Union of Educational Workers “Teacher”, noted that education and enlightenment cannot be put side by side. These are completely different activities. A school teacher should only engage in educational activities, the expert is sure.

“You can only demand from a teacher what is spelled out in his employment contract,” Vsevolod Lukhovitsky stressed. – Being fired for using educational activities to incite hatred is very similar to the infamous article about committing an immoral wrong. This concept is too vague. There is a risk that a certain number of objectionable teachers may be fired on such grounds. Such a bill today, when we have tens of thousands of teachers in our country, sounds insulting.

Experts suggested that the senators’ bill could be useful in the field of international cooperation, where the main goal would be to keep such cooperation to a minimum. At the same time, as Vsevolod Lukhovitsky noted, over the past two decades, Russian state educational organizations have not cooperated with foreign NGOs anyway.

– The establishment of any framework for educational organizations can negatively affect the mood in society and violate the right of people to freely express their opinion, – said Rashid Magdeev, chairman of the cultural and educational public organization “Tatar Community of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region”.

– Education is a systematic work, and enlightenment is something like amateur sports in certain areas: history, religion, culture. The task of educational organizations is to preserve the culture of their people. We are a multinational country. Any minor conflicts are usually extinguished within the diaspora itself. And discord and conflicts are fueled by extremist organizations. If you limit educational activities, there will be a problem of learning language, history and interfaith relations. You cannot limit anyone in statements. It is better for a person to express himself sharply out loud and openly than to harbor it in himself. Even acute conflict issues need to be openly discussed, – Rashid Magdeev believes.