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The verdict to Efremov became the most severe in a year with such accidents

The performance, which turned into the criminal case of Mikhail Efremov, is over. On September 8, the Presnensky Court of Moscow sentenced the actor to eight years in a general regime colony. Judge Elena Abramova gave the artist three years less than the prosecutor asked for, and exactly as much as the relatives of the driver Sergei Zakharov, who died in an accident, demanded. But neither the defense nor the prosecution got the applause. The audience’s reaction to this performance was very mediocre: “Come on! We thought they would give more … “- swept along the corridor next to the courtroom immediately after the verdict was announced.

This process could not end calmly: from the very morning the performance began on two stages at once. Malaya, near the house of Mikhail Efremov, gathered his devoted fan-grannies. Under their gaze, the actor’s wife Sofia Kruglikova took the children to school. A little later, Efremov himself showed up. True, he went to the final action of the court play with only one thin blue folder with documents. The artist took neither warm clothes, nor any other belongings with him. Those present began to whisper: is it really hoping for something?

At the same time, the audience in court said:

On the main stage, near the Presnensky court, in the meantime, the action unfolded more abruptly. Everyone was here: a man in the form of a digger, or a ghost hunter, monks, a real shaman in feathers. A couple of minutes before the start of the announcement of the verdict, a column of girls in carnival costumes marched past the stunned bailiffs and police officers. The ubiquitous grandmothers here snatched their moment of glory, lining up in a row in front of television cameras with photographs of Mikhail Efremov in their hands. The photo bore an inspiring inscription: “Misha, you are not alone.”

Close friends came to support the actor – Garik Sukachev and Ivan Okhlobystin. Both celebrities opted to sneak into the courthouse and take a bench in the back corner on the second floor, away from Hall 11 and the press crowd. The main TV star of this process, the defendant’s defender Elman Pashayev, meanwhile, was emotionally explaining something to Sofya Kruglikova. While the parties were pulling up to the courtroom, something unimaginable began to happen on the approaches to the courthouse.

Two men decided to perform a voodoo-style ceremony with the burning of dolls. It is not clear who the ritual was aimed at. The homegrown shamans were quickly tied up by law enforcement officials.

Sergei “Spider” Troitsky, shamans, mummers … Awaiting the verdict near the court turned into a circus. The only thing missing was a bear with a glass of vodka.Photo: Ekaterina Shlychkova

Efremov himself appeared in court, as usual, quietly and unnoticed. Even the shocking baseball cap with the inscription “Non grata”, which used to be often an element of his judicial wardrobe, the actor this time left at home. He came to meet his destiny in a modest dark gray jacket, blue shirt and jeans. There is a permanent medical mask on the face, behind which it is difficult to recognize the emotions of the actor. Although his body language betrayed him. Entering the hall, Efremov got up, hunched over, stared at the blue folder, and remained frozen in this position until the end of the announcement. Sofya Kruglikova, on the contrary, could not hide her excitement and grief. The woman stood directly opposite Judge Elena Abramova and placed two pocket icons on the table in front of her. As soon as the judge began to read the first words of the verdict: “Efremov committed a traffic violation that resulted in the death of the victim …” – the actor’s wife closed her eyes and began nervously drumming her fingers on the table.

There were no surprises in the verdict itself, the reading of which lasted two hours. The court did not believe a single word of the defense witnesses Alyaksandr Kobets, Andrei Gayev and Tevan Badasyan.

Photo: Ekaterina Shlychkova

What is the further fate of this trinity is not yet known. The prosecution previously asked the judge to send material against witnesses for the defense to law enforcement agencies to initiate a criminal case under article 307 of the Criminal Code “Giving deliberately false testimony”. Nevertheless, there is not a word about this in the verdict.

Elena Abramova also walked through the version of the sudden loss of memory by the actor. Perhaps, after a while, some episodes from his memories were erased. But too much Efremov spoke against himself immediately after the accident and the next day. And to the traffic police officers who drove up to analyze the accident, he honestly admitted that it was he who was driving the SUV. And he said the same to eyewitnesses of the tragedy.

Perhaps the only one of the “people of Elman Pashayev” who was lucky this time was an expert auto technician Yuri Fialko. The one who advanced in court a fantastic hypothesis about the influence of energy waves on Efremov’s car or the interception of control by hackers. Judge Elena Abramova condescendingly noted in the verdict that the expert’s statements are a common set of facts from automotive practice. But they have nothing to do with the case of an accident on Smolenskaya Square.

Photo: Ekaterina Shlychkova

Moving on to the culmination, the judge noted that when sentencing, she takes into account the whole bouquet of mitigating circumstances for Efremov. Three young children, undermined health, many years of creative life and state awards. No aggravating circumstances were found. Against this background, it sounded even more offensive: “The court finds that the defendant’s correction is possible only in conditions of isolation from society.”

And then another blow: eight years in a general regime colony.

Mikhail Efremov seemed to be ready to hear this figure – he didn’t even shift from foot to foot, stood rooted to the spot. Sofya Kruglikova stood, clutching the hand of a relative, on which she leaned all the time while the sentence was being read. Against the background of such a silent tragedy, the reaction of lawyers from both sides looked like a special blasphemy. Elman Pashayev’s straight back and absolute zero regret on his face. And his main opponent is in the eternal butterfly, imposingly flipping something on the smartphone screen. As if he already knew everything in advance and nothing could surprise him. I involuntarily recalled the story of the writer Teffi “Fashion Lawyer”, where the defense attorney tried so hard to add sharpness and brightness to the boring process of putting up leaflets that he “achieved” the death penalty for his client.

I wonder what words Pashayev found for his client? Sympathy, a promise to turn everything 180 degrees in the appeal, or at least the banal “sorry, Misha”? One can only guess about this: immediately after the announcement of the verdict, the bailiffs asked the press to hastily leave the hall.

They took Mikhail Efremov out in handcuffs. By the decision of the judge, he was taken into custody in the courtroom. While the actor walked along the corridor, accompanied by guards, he again did not utter a word. A strange thing – none of the journalists, of whom this time there were so many that some did not even fit in the corridor and were forced to be on duty on the stairs, did not dare to ask the actor a single question. Everyone was so impressed by the performance, of which they became involuntary spectators.

The shock was not even caused by the term. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that through the efforts of lawyers, Mr. Efremov ended up in the absolute minority of those accused under Article 264 of the Criminal Code, to whom the court assigns more than five years in prison. The dry statistics of the Judicial Department under the Supreme Court will speak volumes about the failure of the defense. In 2019, 3177 people were convicted under parts 3 and 4 of Article 264 of the Criminal Code. Of these, 1896 were sentenced to imprisonment, including suspended sentences. In real terms, the alignment is clearly not in favor of the strategy of Efremov’s defenders. Up to 1 year received 207 people. From one to two years – 796 people. From three to five years – 261 defendants. From five to eight years – 21 people. Not a single accused under the “Efremov” article received a prison term of eight to ten years last year.

But much more shocking is the fact that the victims of this verdict, in fact, won nothing. The court only partially satisfied the claim of Valery Zakharov (the eldest son of the deceased). Instead of the required 7 million 300 thousand, he was awarded only 800 thousand rubles. Approximately so much Efremov transferred to the victims when they refused his money. So there is an involuntary feeling that there are no winners in this process. Except for the lawyers, who again shone in front of television cameras.

True, this time Elman Pashayev was laconic:

– We will, we will! – the lawyer muttered on the run when the journalists asked him about his intention to appeal the verdict.

The prosecution arranged the verdict. Prosecutor Diana Galiullina called it legal and fair. If the appeal takes place, Mikhail Efremov will have to wait for him in the pre-trial detention center. According to lawyers, the actor will have to spend two months in the dungeons at best. Of course, this time will be credited to him as punishment. At the moment, the court has already credited him with the time spent under house arrest. True, it turned out sparsely. According to the set-off rules, house arrest is the most disadvantageous measure of restraint: two days spent at home are equated to one day in a colony. So 90 days of house arrest magically turned into 45 days. The countdown for Mikhail Efremov started from today. He will have to spend 7 years and 10 and a half months behind bars.

Sentence to Efremov in photographs: views and passions

Sentence to Efremov in photographs: views and passions

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Three most harmful properties of the New Year’s favorite dish for Russians

Gastroenterologist and nutritionist Marina Khorol named three harmful properties of Olivier salad, which is a traditional New Year’s treat in Russia. Writes about this

The nutritionist told what the main danger of Olivier is

Horol noted that Olivier is harmful because it contains quite a lot of ingredients – this has a bad effect on the pancreas. The body has to expend various enzymes in order to assimilate all the foods in the salad one by one.

Salad dressing is also harmful to the body. As a rule, it is played by very high-calorie mayonnaise or sour cream, which contain a large amount of fat.

“This is also a blow to the liver, to the pancreas and gall [пузырю]”- explained Khorol.

In addition, the harmfulness of Olivier also lies in the fact that microorganisms multiply very quickly in it. If the salad is left on the table all night, then by the morning it will contain germs. And even the refrigerator cannot completely save the dish – after several days of storage, the salad can already be dangerous to health.

Earlier, a therapist, head of the Volodarsk medical outpatient clinic, Timur Asanov, called Olivier one of the most harmful New Year traditions of Russians and urged to abandon it.

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“This is the most anti-Soviet program on our TV”

“The investigation was conducted …” – this is how it is called on NTV. The program has been running for 10 years, and it is conducted by a wonderful person Leonid Kanevsky.

People's Artist Leonid Kanevsky - like a butt on the head

Well, “Mikhail Svetlov, tsigel-tsigel” … Or: “If someone here and there sometimes does not want to live honestly with us.” Yes, that same Major Tomin, the magnificent Shurik.

You watch the program and are moved: what a wonderful person this presenter is. You look like an endless crime series, and you know: there will be light at the end of the tunnel, there will definitely be, the killer will be found, you will see.

But suddenly I looked “The investigation was conducted …” in a different way, from a different side, angle … And I was horrified. Good God, how can this be ?! The program is broadcast every week from year to year, and there is only about the murders in the USSR. Not Stalin, not the Gulag, not the 37th, no – the splendid Brezhnev era. And murders, murders, murders …

They are not invented, these are real cases from the file cabinet of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Comrade Shchelokov, the minister of these bodies under Brezhnev, will not allow lying. And I, a fool, all yearn for those times, I am nostalgic, touched. I want there, I want!

Then, during the stagnation, what kindness was! People walked the streets, sang songs. The entrance doors would not close, without these damn code locks, intercoms … You could come to your neighbor at night without a call, ask for salt, and there you would be stuck in the kitchen until morning in frank heart-to-heart conversations. Oh, how I miss those times!

And suddenly People’s Artist Leonid Kanevsky seemed to be hit on the head with a butt. Murder, one worse than the other. Maniacs, rape, repeat offenders and death, death, death … So in what country did we live with you?

The same abruptly “Gulag Archipelago” will be and the perestroika “Ogonyok”. Then at least we had a guess about Stalin’s repressions, we knew something, thanks to Comrade Khrushchev, the thaw and the 20th Congress of the CPSU. And here … Let’s count: the program comes out every week for 10 years – and all the time about killers and their victims. There are twelve months in a year, four weeks in a month, so multiply by ten. What kind of animals lived in that wonderful Brezhnev time, just think!

This is the most anti-Soviet program on our TV. She leaves no stone unturned from that sincerity, love for neighbor, pioneer oath, red tie, Komsomol badge, party card.

“And the time was disgusting!” – said Raikin. We thought it was he about the Great Terror, but it turned out … Just as the exposure of Stalin destroyed the meaning of the life of many communists, so the “Investigation was conducted …” is killing my good-heartedness, nostalgia for the past of the country in which I live. You know, now it is so bad, so uncomfortable, man is a wolf to man, and not a comrade and brother, and then you float away, leave your thoughts in that very golden childhood. And somehow the soul becomes warm.

Now what to do, where to find an outlet? And in the 30s, darkness and horror, and in the 70s and 80s, and now “there were worse times, but there was no meaner.” I am at a loss, in decline, in despair, my picture of the world is broken, destroyed. “The killers!” – exclaimed Yarmolnik in the stagnant and beautiful “Baron Munchausen”. Eh, Shurik, Shurik, what have you done to me.

Our Gingerbread

This is what life has brought Sasha Pryanikova: the channel “Culture”, “We are literate!” – so the program is called. Gingerbread – and on “Culture”! And around children, children, everyone is so smart, advanced. How did Alexander come to such a life?

Photo: Still from video

He’s with MuzTV, remember? What was the host! Simply the best. You are so clever, ironic, musical. MuzTV largely supported it. It was already a quarter of a century ago.

Then MuzTV got a competitor – MTV. And who was there, remember? Vanya Urgant was there, Shelest was, Churikova Yanochka, Anton Komolov … Where are they all now?

Everyone has their own destiny. The most successful, of course, is Vanya, there are no questions – the star of the First. The rest have difficulties, everyone has their own. Churikova also left MTV for the First and at first became a famous host of the “Star Factory”. But the “stars” ended, the project ordered to live long, and Yanka came to naught. Now we see her (or rather, hear) only once every two years as the host of Eurovision, when the turn of the First Channel comes. She had some kind of Internet troubles, sometimes she acts as an entertainer in prefabricated concerts, “hodgepodge”, and nothing else. You already forget how she looks, you only remember that she is somewhat similar to her famous namesake from Lenkom.

Olga Shelest went to “Russia” with love. First, in “Girls”, and for the same “Eurovision”, where she famously performs solo with Dima Guberniev. And again, only once every two years, no more. But on MTV it was a cult character.

The same goes for Komolov. What a sweet couple gone! He dangled between the radio, where no one could hear him, and the First, where he was at Urgant’s dancers. Is this a role for such a hero?

Yes, it helped the guys through life. But Pryanikov, our Gingerbread, as Vika Tsyganova called him in the “Earth-Air” program, in my opinion, made the right choice. “Culture” is a brand, mark, quality mark. Sasha is very organic there, and the smart kids are so good for him. He spins them, is proud of them, admires them. He is like Maslyakov, only better, because KVN is degrading, although everyone is watching him, and “We are literate!” almost nobody is watching, but this is a great program. And Sasha Pryanikov is wonderful there.

“Dud is a man, and this is the most important thing in him”

At the end of each year, what do we do? That’s right, let’s summarize. Television results – a double-edged sword, oil oil. Today you are at the top (or above), and what will happen to you tomorrow? And, let’s be honest, this whole thing is purely subjective, from the bulldozer. Each has its own results. So I have mine.

Results of the TV Year of the Pig

New sincerity of the year. Yuri Dud.

A new person from a new generation. What does he take? Some kind of extraordinary sincerity, interest in people, which, perhaps, has not yet been on our modern TV, the ability to bend your own line. And in principle, kindness, no matter how simple it may sound. Yes, kindness is all the rage these days. And if from the heart, it can be seen immediately. So they dissected Dudy into molecules, tested harmony with algebra. But why? Dud is a man, and this is the most important thing in him.

Program of the year. “2 Wernick 2” (“Culture”).Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Program of the year. “2 Wernick 2” (“Culture”)

This brotherhood is already called mastery, which cannot be passed or drunk. Three years ago, the Werniki brothers were starting neither shaky nor shaky, even awkwardly somehow, but come on, they got excited and so added – it’s lovely to watch! Such individual people go to the program to them, which do not go anywhere else. Because Wernicki is a brand, this is respect and now the very mark of quality. Verniks will not offend you, on the contrary, they will understand and still get to the bottom of the truth. Pair dribbling is like pair skating, you need filigree skill. Vernikov has it, for sure.

“Evening M.” of the year. Vladimir Soloviev “Russia”.
Photo: Still from video

“Evening M.” of the year. Vladimir Soloviev “Russia”.

You can not love him, you even need to. You can not believe him. And recently a whole Grebenshchikov ran into him and called him a bad word. Only Solovyov if only henna! He conducts his propaganda and does not blow his mustache. Yes, so virtuoso, artistic and, what is there to hide, clever and talented, that even I got hooked on him. Yes, he is a propagandist, yes, he loves Putin, but he loves him famously, without losing his head. He will show Stalin with a pipe, then Vladimir Ilyich with his burr, then a Jew (and who is he with us?), Then a garbage, and sometimes a greedy (well, yes, this is propaganda) Ukrainian. And all this is at a very high level, I must admit.

Travel of the year. Zhanna Badoeva, “The Life of Others” (First).

Honestly, it rarely happens when a person comes from a small channel to a big one and becomes a superstar there. But this is exactly what happened with Zhanna. She is so curious, sudden, contradictory everything! Once in the USSR we traveled with Yuri Senkevich. That is, they themselves did not travel, it was only him, my dear, who sailed on boats, dived into the Mariana Trench, lived in the ice, and we looked with open mouth and did not even dream of that. Zhanna has a different format: now we ourselves with a mustache, we have already been to many places, have traveled, but still it cannot be compared with Mrs. Badoeva. She will crawl into any cracks, ask the most tricky or naive questions, and will not hesitate. And in general, against the background of London, Paris and Ulan Bator, Jeanne looks great.

YouTube of the year. Alexey Pivovarov (“Editorial Board”).Photo: Still from video

YouTube of the year. Alexey Pivovarov (“Editorial Board”).

But where are we without YouTube, now it’s a trend. Not even a year, but all subsequent life. Television goes to the Internet and remains there. Very soon, television will suck, and YouTube will win finally and irrevocably. Aleksey Pivovarov, a former television personality (NTV, STS, RTVI), makes his great programs on the Web once a week. And how he does it! I caught myself thinking that I can’t wait for them. He is free, relaxed, deep and beautiful there. Look up to Pivovarov!

Sobchak of the Year. Ksenia Sobchak did not go to Channel One.
Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

Sobchak of the Year. Ksenia Sobchak did not go to Channel One.

And what was the advertisement! Ksyusha in the bath (already interesting) calls Malakhov. Well, just like Freken Bock, with the help of a shower: “Andryusha, I will also soon become a TV presenter.” We are waiting, sir. They did not wait. At the cost of the heroic efforts of individual leading comrades of the First Channel, they put an end to Sobchak there. We don’t need such glamor! Let them interview whomever they want on their Internet, but they won’t come to us, on the First of the First. Well, yes, why do they need such a diva, she is already beautiful. Ask Bogomolov.

“The other day” of the year. Program “The other day” by Leonid Parfenov on the Internet. Photo: Still from video

“The other day” of the year. Program “Namedni” by Leonid Parfenov on the Internet.

Although I would call the “Namedni” centuries, after all Parfenov swung at our everything, no less. Yes, there used to be “1961-1991”, but it was a television, an old television. And now Parfenov is free from him, that is, absolutely. He went online and did not even promise to return. And there, on the Internet, he again started to work on “The Namedni”, without losing any quality. All the same sense of proportion, style! Enlightenment of pure water, and not a word, not a line, not a superfluous sound. A little more, and I will write a standard, vulgar cliché: “unfading skill.” But this is exactly the case.