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The brother of the graduate student killed by the dismemberment historian gave frank testimony

The brother of the murdered Anastasia spoke in court in the case of the dismemberment historian Sokolov on Monday. Sergei Yeshchenko was interrogated by conference call. The girl’s parents conveyed through the lawyer Baksheeva that they were not morally ready to testify again.

The meeting began with the fact that the court removed the status of victims in the case from the parents, and lawyer Sergei Lukyanov said that he was seeing such a practice for the first time. He demanded to read out the testimony of Anastasia Yeshchenko’s parents – because at the stage of the investigation, they spoke, among other things, about their daughter’s relationship with Sokolov. The official victim in the case was the girl’s own younger brother Sergey, a professional football player. Until the age of twelve, they lived with their sister in the Krasnodar Territory. Then she went to study in St. Petersburg, and he went to the football academy in Krasnodar. We called up two or three times a month, saw each other during the holidays when Anastasia came home. Sergey saw Sokolov when he came to St. Petersburg to visit his sister in December 2017.

– She is a very strong personality, she is used to achieving everything herself. – the brother recalled the killed Nastya. – I always spoke honestly, no matter what.

– How did she behave in conflicts?

– She acted in conflicts only if she felt an unfair attitude towards herself, if they tried to influence her against her will. But she always tried to solve all the problems. She did not speak obscenely, a very well-mannered person. Most of the time in Petersburg she lived in a hostel, how long she lived with Sokolov, I don’t know.

In December 2017, Sergei came to St. Petersburg, and then his sister lived in a hostel, because before walking around the city, they gathered there. Then, after a walk, Nastya and her brother met with Sokolov and went to that very apartment on the Moika.

– She loved him. I have not heard her speak negatively about him. She said that he is a very bright person, that they have common interests, and he is a person with whom she is calm. I understand that she is pleased to be with him.

At the same time, the girl did not complain to her brother about the bad relations with the historian’s children from a previous marriage – although Sokolov’s defense and he himself insist that the couple had a conflict precisely because of the children and that Anastasia was allegedly very jealous of them.

– Yes, I knew he had children. – Sergey told in court. – She told how she sat with his children when he had to go somewhere. Sokolov repeatedly asked her to sit with them when he needed to unlearn, recently she said that she was trying to establish relations with them. She talked about Sokolov’s meetings with his ex-wife – she was afraid that during these meetings there were betrayals.

From communication with Sokolov, Sergei has an amusing memory: “We entered the store, he walked in front of us, carried a basket of groceries, gave instructions on what to take. I got the impression that he treats Nastya more like an assistant than like a beloved woman. At home, in a calm atmosphere, he enthusiastically talked about things related to history, but I was not interested, he understood it and the initiative somehow faded. “

The judge then asked about the events of the night of November 7-8, 2019. The brother and sister called up before Sokolov killed Anastasia.

“I was at home, at 1 am the phone rang – Anastasia called me. She cried, she was in a very bad condition. She said that he beat her, hit her head very hard on the floor. That evening, when she came home, she told Sokolov that a friend had invited her to his birthday. Nastya said that when she announced this, he reacted very harshly, began to beat her. When she called, she was on the street, apparently left the apartment. “

– Did she often have such emotions?

“I don’t remember any other times when she was in this state. Her voice was shaking, she was crying, she was hysterical. I asked if this was the first time Sokolov had hit her? She replied that she had hit before. Then I said that I had to leave, I didn’t have to go back to my apartment. She said that she still needed to go back, she had things there. Forty minutes later, I called Anastasia myself – she spoke in a calm voice, the background was also quiet. Only Sokolov asked: “Who is calling?” She said: “I’m talking to my brother, if you want – check.” As I understand it, she made up with Sokolov and will spend the night with him. We wished each other good night and agreed to call each other the next morning. In the morning there was no call from her, I dialed, but her number was not available. She never showed up for a day. And the very next day on the news I saw what happened. “

During the interrogation, another curious detail was revealed – the brother said that Sokolov did not contain Nastya at all, this was done by her parents and grandparents – even money for all trips abroad was sent to her from home.

Sergei told the court that he did not want money from Sokolov (“there are no material requirements”), but he wants to be punished justly, because he took his young life, and now Sergei himself, his and Nastya’s parents and grandfather and grandmother will never again they won’t see her.

The size of the salary of the historian-dismemberment Sokolov amazed

Hearing of the case of dismemberment historian Oleg Sokolov continues in St. Petersburg. Among other things, at the meeting, the size of his salary as an associate professor at St. Petersburg State University was named – 17,566 rubles. The court also read out the testimony of the parents of the murdered girl – they are not morally ready to give them personally, like Yeshchenko’s brother Sergei. Meanwhile, Sokolov himself has filed a lawsuit over a film that tells about his previous victim – a friend whom he beat up.

Associate professor of St. Petersburg State University received pitiful money

In court, the expert examination of the case was announced – in particular, the experts established that Sokolov had shot Yeshchenko four times.

Then, from the terrible details of the crime, the court moved on to more calm topics – the personality of the historian. The judge read out Sokolov’s employment contract with St. Petersburg University (which, by the way, was valid until the summer of 2021), where the assistant professor had worked since 2008. His salary was announced in court: 17 566 per one rate. And this is the author of nine scientific publications with tens of years of teaching experience, who published scientific works and monographs.

Of course, the historian had other sources of income, but against the background of such figures, the information that Nastya Yeshchenko, whom Sokolov was about to marry, was not supported by him, but by her parents, no longer looks absurd.

Then, in court, they read out the testimony of Nastya’s parents, which they gave at the stage of preliminary investigation – they are not morally ready for new interrogations in court.

During the interrogation, the girl’s mother, Galina Yeshchenko, also said: “I have a daughter” – in the present tense. Mother told how Nastya graduated with honors from the village school, then entered the history department of St. Petersburg State University – and then she was interested in the history of ancient times, and not the Napoleonic era. She defended her graduate work in the magistracy already at the department of Sokolov – modern and contemporary history. “Anastasia was always interested in history, she knew English and French perfectly, went to France to work in archives with original documents. In her studies, Anastasia defended her master’s work with Sokolov, helped in the preparation of scientific conferences, articles. Sokolov took part in the balls of reenactors, Anastasia helped to organize them ”.

The girl did not introduce her parents to Sokolov, but she said that she had a close relationship with the historian, and he invited Nastya to marry him. “She was still thinking about it,” said the mother.

The girl continued to live in the hostel for a long time, Galina Yeschenko was aware of this. Later, Nastya often called her mother with questions about how to cook this or that dish – obviously for Sokolov. “We wanted to come to St. Petersburg on November 13, 2019, to check into a hotel,” the mother continued. – We wanted to visit Nastya and meet Sokolov. And on November 9, after four o’clock in the afternoon, a relative living in the Leningrad region called Oleg and Galina Yeshchenko and said that all the media were writing about a terrible crime. Parents came to St. Petersburg – but for a terrible reason.

Sokolov himself seems to have got used to the court and is feeling more and more confident. For example, he filed a lawsuit over the movie “Ball Invitation. Victims of Russian Napoleon ”, which appeared on one of the pay TV platforms. The plot told, among other things, about his previous victim – a girl whom he beat in 2008 and who survived.

Sokolov demands to recognize the information from the film “untrue, discrediting honor, dignity and business reputation.” As compensation, he asks for a symbolic thousand rubles and the collection of court costs. Obviously, it is the reputation for Sokolov and his defense that is more important. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for mid-September.