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Furgal found a dangerous process in his body: he needs a tomography

The ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergei Furgal, said in Lefortovo that he suspected that he had started a serious illness. He asks to have a CT scan, but the investigator is in no hurry to meet him.

And the journalist Safronov is trying to refuse disinfection

Autumn at Lefortovo this year is a particularly difficult time. Some prisoners are asked to take them to a psychiatrist, others are stocking up on food (due to coronavirus, according to rumors, parcels and transfers may again be prohibited). But most of all the prisoners of this special pre-trial detention center in all senses are worried that they have begun to see their lawyers even less often, and human rights activists can communicate with them only at dusk.

How the most famous inmates live in Lefortovo now, including the ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergei Furgal and the former Kommersant journalist and adviser to the head of Roscosmos Ivan Safronov – in the material of the MK columnist, a member of the Moscow POC.

Lefortovo is the only pre-trial detention center in the country, which, in fact, has not canceled the restrictions introduced in the first wave of coronavirus. And, if in other isolation wards long-term visits were recently allowed for those already convicted, and members of the POC calmly walked around the cells, revealing violations, then nothing of this has happened here since March.

Human rights defenders were inundated with complaints by lawyers, including those in Lefortovo. One of them is the notorious lawyer Roland Eminov, who a month ago made a statement to the UK and the Prosecutor General’s Office on the fact of violations of the rights of prisoners during the pandemic.

– All my statements and complaints were sent to the FSIN, – says Eminov. – But I am preparing new ones, I will not give up. In the latest document of the chief sanitary doctor of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, there is no requirement that prisoners communicate with lawyers through glass and using a telephone. But we still talk like that. What kind of attorney privilege can we talk about? In general, there is only one room for communication with defenders. Only 3-4 lawyers pass through it a day, so the queue has become even longer. Some cannot get to their clients for more than a month. A person’s constitutional right to defense is violated.

The ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Sergei Furgal, is one of the few who were allowed to speak with lawyers not through the glass and not in the room for short-term visits. In general, in “Lefortovo” they now treat him with emphasized respect (apparently, after the scandalous rumors about his beating, which were not confirmed). For the first time in recent months, employees have never interrupted our communication.

“Yesterday they brought me a huge package of letters and telegrams,” Furgal says. – There are 500 pieces. But they are all for the period from 16 to 22 July. Messages from the past. I am terribly interested in reading letters and telegrams for at least September, I don’t even dream of October. One envelope contained only a drawing of the granddaughter, and for some reason her letter was confiscated. Even in the package, I found my own letters of the summer period, that is, they did not go to the addressees, they returned to me.

Sergei Furgal says that he leads a healthy lifestyle in Lefortovo: a glass of juice for breakfast, he does three push-ups during a walk, and so on. But prison, as you know, has not made anyone healthier. And Furgal admitted that shortly before the arrest, the Khabarovsk doctors discovered one dangerous process in his body, and he needed to have a CT scan for a long time. The investigator has medical documents about this, but he does not give them to the Lefortovo medical unit. As a result, you can miss important time.

Former journalist Ivan Safronov, optimism in his eyes is clearly diminished.

“I’ve been here for a hundred days,” Ivan says. – The lawyers reported that they baked a cake at home about this. I would like to be free as soon as possible…. Here I already started to miss buckwheat, the last time it was given two weeks ago. I did not finish the story about the military commissar about which I told you.

I was told that after you wrote about him in MK, all the military commissars began to fear arrest. I filled the refrigerator with food in case of a ban on parcels and transfers, I hope I can hold out. An important point – is it possible that our cell is not disinfected on Fridays? After processing, there is a strong smell and a headache.

Other prisoners told us about the same. And they also asked for warm clothes from the warehouse (the storekeeper is in no hurry) and disposable masks in the store (now they are given rather ugly ones, similar to Santa Claus’s beard, apparently sewn by convicts from the housekeeping unit).

There is a special category of prisoners in Lefortovo who are worried about completely different things. In recent days, several prisoners at once told the members of the POC of large birds flying along the corridors of the pre-trial detention center that they were being irradiated with unknown devices and poisoned with psychotropic substances. All of them, by the way, were suspected of treason. Some were eventually taken to a psychiatrist.

“Due to the lack of real treason, the special services“ accept ”fools,” says the intelligence veteran. – In the fall, such prisoners do not control themselves well. I do not envy the Lefortovo employees.

Maybe he is against Putin: the culprit of the “Syutka” scandal on TV explained

Was there a boy? Was there Syutkin, maybe there was no Syutkin?

What is hype and how to deal with it? This is how news is actually born.

Daniil Prokhorov told why he did not shake hands with the star

Show “Voice”, Channel One, our time. Someone (still someone, he is not Syutkin yet) Daniil Korolev, having triumphantly passed into the second round, shook hands with all the mentors, except for Syutkin. And what, you ask. And nothing, went to write the province, in the sense of YouTube, the World Wide Web. It turns out that our people, suspicious and sensitive to everything unprecedented, saw in this non-shaking a certain symbol, an afront, a fateful gesture. Here he shook everyone, but he did not. Is this Daniel an anti-Semite? Or maybe he is against Putin? Or for Ukraine?

This news, nowhere to go, scored first places in the chats. The news reached the newly minted singer Mr. Korolev. And this is what he said on this occasion: “To get into the second round of the Voice show on Channel One was so unexpected that all I thought about at that moment was how not to fall down or scream with joy while walking to mentors. And only after they wrote about it on the Web, I realized that Valery Miladovich had risen to meet me. It pains me very much that someone thinks that I have deliberately shown disrespect to a person whose work has inspired and still inspires me to this day. “

Everything, bobby is dead, in the sense of news. Or the mountain gave birth to a mouse. No, even a mouse has nothing to do with it, “Chapaev and Emptiness.” Zero turned to zero, the carriage turned into a pumpkin. A worthless hype, fake info and only one question: was there Syutkin?

Was. In fact, the news (real) is that this is one of the two singers of our great pop music (the second is Alexander Malinin), who always sings without a phonogram. With your voice. Even if this voice is already asking for retirement, 60. This is news.

Alexander Nevsky told how he will celebrate the New Year

Russian bodybuilder and actor Alexander Nevsky has been living in Los Angeles for a long time, but he is going to celebrate the coming of the new year in Russian. Olivier and red caviar will be on the table. He shared the details with MK.

“This New Year’s Eve I will be in Beverly Hills. As well as New Year’s day itself, when Moscow time (the difference with Los Angeles is 11 hours) I will congratulate my relatives and friends who are in Russia by phone. All restaurants in California are still closed, so I plan to celebrate at home, with my friends and my girlfriend. On the table there will certainly be Olivier salad, but cooked with a minimum of mayonnaise, and red caviar, with which I always associate this holiday. And also – good champagne and tangerines. I congratulate all your readers and send the very best New Year’s wishes from California! – said the actor.

Alexander also admitted that he would not forget about his Hollywood friends, whom he would certainly congratulate: “First of all, Ralph Möller and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who are not only my friends, but also idols from their youth. Ralph will celebrate with his parents in Germany and Arnie with his family at his home in San Valli, Idaho, ”Nevsky said.

“Posner must be protected – he is at risk”

“Putin must be protected,” Dmitry Kiselev said in his last final program. No comment.

Remote is the only salvation

But I would also say about another GDP. It also needs to be protected.

Television is a matter of young people, this is understandable, but our Vladimir Vladimirovich will turn 86 on April 1. Yes, he is at risk. However, like all of us.

Pozner needs to work remotely, from home, from his beautiful apartment on Skype. Why not. Take care of Posner!

However, the remote was not born now, not today. For example, for two years now the wonderful presenters Boris Berman and Ildar Zhandarev have been working at a distance from us. They have gone so far that they can no longer be seen or heard. B. and J. are very progressive presenters. They knew everything, foresaw everything. But, perhaps, they got so carried away, overdid it with these movements in space, that they simply disappeared from the horizon.

In fact, it is necessary to protect both Putin and Posner, and each other. The time is now. The remote is the only salvation. If only souls and hearts do not move away from each other. It sounds pretentious, but for sure.

Past Life Television

“Vote. Children”. Not in this life. This is from some other Russia of the future (but in fact the past), which no longer exists. Children’s “Voice” is a myth, a phantom.

Photo: Still from video

Beautiful children sing, and how they sing! There are spectators in the stands, they so support every little person. You can feel it very much.

Does nothing surprise you? Spectators who no longer exist. Soon we will generally get out of the habit of seeing them on the screen, hearing, feeling their presence. Who are they, the audience?

Not in this life. In that last one, everything was so beautiful, bright – at its best, programs. So modern, graceful, ironic. As if this is not antediluvian Russia, but very advanced, even pro-Western. Russia, where there is joy and happiness and extraordinary technical equipment. There is no such Russia anymore, forget it.

We are shown what was shot quite recently, in advance. Blind selections were filmed at that prosperous time, of which now only the pain of memories remains. Yes, if you turned on the TV and saw the audience in the studio – do not believe your eyes. All this was, was and passed.

The illusion remains, as if we are still there. As if they hadn’t fallen into this damn coronavirus, this quarantine and the death that had already begun around. But it is necessary, it is necessary to plunge into the very recent past, in order to at least take strength from there. Where else?

We must look at Nagiyev and admire him. I caught myself thinking: I always wait for the retired child to run back to Dima. For me, like that child, for some reason it is very important what he says at the end, goodbye. It’s like Posner’s goodbye.

Nagiyev is a very good psychologist. After all, according to Stirlitz, the last word is remembered. And he speaks this last word so tenderly, tenderly, as if, always leaving hope, chance. Literally in one phrase.

And you also have to admire Polina Gagarina. Do you disagree, wrinkled your noses? I also did this when she sat on the jury for the first time, right after Pelagia. Yes, then the comparison was obviously not in favor of Polina # 2. She wanted to be like Pelageya, but she could not. She was making something out of herself artificially, she was just a doll.

And then the doll came to life, let’s go, the Suok doll. Somehow miraculously, she became so natural, light, unusually feminine. Maybe she worked on herself, but in fact she just has it. Past Life Television. You have to watch it in order to remember how it was. What we were, at least we tried. Because now everything is not so and not so. Now coronavirus.

You’re out of your mind!

The Mir TV channel aired the favorite film The Dawns Here Are Quiet. I turned it on because I always need it. Moreover, in our difficult time. Yes, this is according to Boris Vasiliev, directed by Stanislav Rostotsky. Both are front-line soldiers.

Still from the film.

Bath scene. Where is she? Literally two seconds and there is nothing. What happened? How could they do this?

Who are these people, let them stand and tell. They must have been so scared of being naked. Maybe you’ve never seen it? Or vice versa: they look on the sly and not that, but here for the sake of the purity of the genre they cut it out. Who gave you the right, hypocrites?

This film is a masterpiece. About girls, girls, women in the war. Very young and very beautiful. These girls and death are incompatible things. But it was so, and the front-line soldiers Vasiliev and Rostotsky knew what they were writing about, filming.

Every scene is important there, every one. Or have you idiots decided that the bathing day can be neglected? Stanislav Rostotsky, the greatest Soviet director (“It Was in Penkovo,” “We Will Live Until Monday,” “White Bim Black Ear” …), this scene was simply necessary to emphasize the incompatibility of such beauty, femininity and war. And you, damned censors, do not trust Rostotsky ?! To a man who went through the whole war, seriously wounded … What do you think, is he just like that, for “strawberries”?

What do you call what you have done? You are blasphemers, you ruined the picture. This is the same as some idiot cut the Mona Lisa at the exhibition.

The stupid Soviet censorship, of course, missed this scene, could not help but miss. Because there and then in those committees there were people who remember the war well, who fought themselves. Of course, there were prudes in the USSR too, and party members, as much as you like. And there was no sex, as one woman once said on a teleconference with Posner. But he was!

What are we talking about? The current officials from television want to consider themselves holier than the Pope, holier than the Soviet “no-z-z-zya”. Somehow they even cut out the good Russian word “horseradish” from Ryazanov’s Garage. Then they put in, realized that they looked like fools.

Therefore, I ask, just like in another Ryazanov comedy: return the picture to its place! Leave everything as it was and never touch with your dirty paws again. After all, Victory Day is coming, the 75th anniversary. Maybe the parade will no longer be, and the celebrations as planned, and the “Immortal Regiment” … But films about the war will be shown for sure. The very films that are impossible to forget, that we are waiting for.