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VS explained how an employee to avoid dismissal for forced time off

It is impossible to dismiss an employee who has taken time off on urgent matters for absenteeism – such an explanation was made by the Supreme Court. The higher authority interceded for the woman whom the boss showed to the door only because she left for the funeral of a loved one.

It is important to consider all circumstances and past merits of the employee

A complaint from a resident of Tambov reached the Supreme Court. For many years, the woman worked in the local central market. Two years ago, an employee had a misfortune: a relative died in Moscow. Having learned about the tragedy, she asked the director for two days to go to the capital for the funeral. The boss ordered to write an application for unpaid leave and said that he would release the subordinate. The lady immediately told the whole team about the upcoming trip. In addition, she took the original of the application to the personnel department, and handed over a copy to the archives of the document specialist. Returning to work, the deputy director of the market learned the shocking news: she was fired for absenteeism. The chief backed down and said that he did not approve of any vacation at his own expense and did not release the employee from the workplace. The lady failed to challenge the dismissal in the courts. All instances concluded that the truth is on the employer’s side. He did not issue an order on granting leave, the employee did not familiarize herself with it against signature. This means that, as the judges decided, agreements with the boss do not work in words. However, the Supreme Court sided with the offended worker, returned the case for review and made an important clarification for those who are used to asking time off from work orally. As noted by the panel of supreme judges in their determination, the lower instances did not take into account the circumstances under which absenteeism was committed, if at all. It’s one thing if the employee just went out on a spree or decided to sleep until lunch. And it is quite different if he had to leave for a funeral or sit out at home because of poor health. At the same time, the Supreme Court recalled that according to the law, in the event of the death of close relatives, the employer, in principle, cannot refuse the employee a “funeral” leave. In all other cases, the courts should take into account all the employee’s past merits, the presence or absence of disciplinary offenses in his biography and his attitude to work in general. As pointed out by the Supreme Court, dismissal, even for absenteeism, should be chosen by the employer only as a last resort. It should be taken into account whether the employee has dependents: children, elderly parents or sick relatives.

Bari Alibasov explained the call to an ambulance by falling from the third floor

Showman Bari Alibasov denied information about his binge and said that he was severely injured due to a broken elevator. The founder of the Na-Na group claims that he hasn’t drunk for several weeks. Earlier today it was reported that the police broke down the door to Alibasov’s apartment – the ambulance doctors called the security forces, who, in turn, received a call from the apartment – but no one opened it.

– Bari Karimovich, what happened to you?

– I learned 15 minutes ago that something had happened to me. And what has not yet been specified. I went out for milk, and at the entrance some girl was looking for me and asked if I was still alive. She thought I was drinking.

– That is, the police officers did not come to you?

– No. Nobody came.

– But what about the ambulance?

– Came, anointed my ass with something. It falls off me.

– Clarify please…

– 10-15 days ago, I was in a hurry to shoot. A car was waiting for me at the entrance downstairs. I left the apartment and saw that the elevator was not working: the elevators were sitting inside the cabin and fixing something. I waited a few minutes, but nothing happened, and then I ran downstairs. On the third floor, I stumbled, fell on my backside and flew like that to the second floor.

– Seriously injured?

– A lump jumped up, but in the clinic they examined me and found nothing terrible.

– Were you drunk?

– No, I last drank about 20 days ago at some representative office at an event. 50 grams of vodka.

– Have you been at home all this time? But what about corporate parties?

– Was home. I don’t speak at corporate parties, but the guys work, yes. In general, everything is fine with me: excellent relations with Lydia Nikolaevna Shukshina, the group …

– All these days have you been in touch with relatives and friends?

– Yes of course. My sister has already called me twice today.

– Do you live alone or does someone take care of you?

– Of course, they help me. I’m waiting for the assistant to arrive; on the way to see me, he has to stop by the store and buy semolina with compote.

Maybe he is against Putin: the culprit of the “Syutka” scandal on TV explained

Was there a boy? Was there Syutkin, maybe there was no Syutkin?

What is hype and how to deal with it? This is how news is actually born.

Daniil Prokhorov told why he did not shake hands with the star

Show “Voice”, Channel One, our time. Someone (still someone, he is not Syutkin yet) Daniil Korolev, having triumphantly passed into the second round, shook hands with all the mentors, except for Syutkin. And what, you ask. And nothing, went to write the province, in the sense of YouTube, the World Wide Web. It turns out that our people, suspicious and sensitive to everything unprecedented, saw in this non-shaking a certain symbol, an afront, a fateful gesture. Here he shook everyone, but he did not. Is this Daniel an anti-Semite? Or maybe he is against Putin? Or for Ukraine?

This news, nowhere to go, scored first places in the chats. The news reached the newly minted singer Mr. Korolev. And this is what he said on this occasion: “To get into the second round of the Voice show on Channel One was so unexpected that all I thought about at that moment was how not to fall down or scream with joy while walking to mentors. And only after they wrote about it on the Web, I realized that Valery Miladovich had risen to meet me. It pains me very much that someone thinks that I have deliberately shown disrespect to a person whose work has inspired and still inspires me to this day. “

Everything, bobby is dead, in the sense of news. Or the mountain gave birth to a mouse. No, even a mouse has nothing to do with it, “Chapaev and Emptiness.” Zero turned to zero, the carriage turned into a pumpkin. A worthless hype, fake info and only one question: was there Syutkin?

Was. In fact, the news (real) is that this is one of the two singers of our great pop music (the second is Alexander Malinin), who always sings without a phonogram. With your voice. Even if this voice is already asking for retirement, 60. This is news.

Infectionist Malyshev explained the death of coronavirus vaccine testers

Six people died in trials of a joint German-American vaccine. Moreover, four were injected with a placebo, that is, their bodies were not exposed to the real drug. What could be the reason for the deaths of the subjects and whether this had happened before – we asked about this, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, infectious disease specialist Nikolai Malyshev.

– I came across such things, it happens. People die from concomitant diseases or even unexpectedly, says Nikolai Malyshev. – For example, a stomach ulcer or perforation is detected – and the person dies.

One way or another, people die, including in groups of subjects. Some diseases show up during research, and placebo groups are no exception.

– How seriously are people who need to test the vaccine being tested?

– Very seriously. A person takes tests, including biochemistry, doctors look at his state of health … And within 2-3 days after the examination, the participants must start testing.

– And if more time has passed?

– It happens that a week has passed – as they say, the train has left, people can no longer be taken for tests, their examination must be carried out again. These are the laws. But, I repeat, no one is immune from death. The quality and effectiveness of the vaccine, as a rule, has nothing to do with this.

Recall that in the placebo group, two foreign subjects died of stroke and heart attack. One of the people who received the vaccine suffered from atherosclerosis and died three days after the first dose. Another participant suffered cardiac arrest 60 days after the second dose was administered, and three days later, doctors recorded death.