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The date of the divorce of Bari Alibasov from Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina has become known

The final court hearing on the dissolution of the marriage of producer Bari Karimovich Alibasov and actress Lydia Nikolaevna Shukshina will be held on December 24, 2020 in the judicial department of the magistrate: the ex-lovers still failed to reconcile.

Divorce will happen before the New Year - there is no turning back

As the PR director of Alibasov, Vadim Gorzhankin, said, Bari Karimovich did not make any statements about his desire to stop the divorce proceedings, on the contrary, the producer wants to terminate the relationship with the actress as soon as possible.

“Apparently, he is determined to” divorce “, – said Gorzhankin. – The initiator of the divorce was Fedoseeva-Shukshina. On November 6, the actress filed a lawsuit for divorce, and Alibasov is not against divorce. The Star Union was registered 2 years ago, on November 20, 2018. Since there is no dispute about children between the plaintiff and the defendant, and there is no dispute about the division of jointly acquired property, the claim is tried by the magistrate court at the place of residence of the defendant – Alibasov. “

PR director Alibasova stressed that the court on the donated apartment of Fedoseeva-Shukshina, for which there has been a war for several months, will take place in January 2021.

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A revolution awaits the registry office: it will be possible to divorce anywhere

The opportunity to divorce or register the birth of a child anywhere in the country without reference to the place of residence may appear in the near future. The Ministry of Justice has started to prepare the corresponding bill.

Until now, an application was only allowed at the place of registration.

As explained in the Ministry of Justice, it is proposed to establish an extraterritorial principle for the provision of services for registration of acts of civil status. It means the opportunity for citizens to apply to the registry office for a certificate of birth, death or divorce in any region. The authors of the amendments noted that now this principle only works in relation to the registration of marriage. That is, you can play a wedding hundreds of kilometers from home. But in order to get rid of annoying family ties, according to the current law, you must go either to your hometown, or contact the registry office at the place of registration of your spouse. Another option is to get divorced at the same registration department where the marriage was concluded. The same rules apply to newborns: you can register a baby at the registry office either at the place of his birth or at the place of residence of one of the parents. This procedure creates inconveniences, first of all, for those who do not live by registration. According to the Ministry of Justice, the new rules will make the services of government agencies more accessible to the population. To implement the innovation, all the work of the registry offices is planned to be transferred to the electronic space – to the “cloud” unified register of civil status records. The software required for this is already running. The data in the database will be stored centrally. An employee of any registry office department will be able to connect to the system and register an application for divorce, registration of birth or death. According to the same scheme, it will be possible to obtain a duplicate of the certificate if the document, for example, is suddenly lost on a trip. Moreover, the developers are planning to create personal accounts for citizens, which will make it possible at any time to print the necessary document or certificate about themselves or their minor children.

Supreme Court clarifies how to divide property in case of “extended” divorce

Important advice for couples who have decided to part ways, but are still dragging their feet with an official breakup, was given by the Supreme Court. It is better to get a divorce right away, otherwise then you will have to share even what both have gained while living apart.

Jointly acquired good is what is acquired even after parting

As it became known to “MK”, ​​the Armed Forces dealt with the dispute between the couple from St. Petersburg. The couple got married in 2008, but decided to separate in 2015. However, they were in no hurry to go to the registry office and lived separately for a whole year, but in the status of legal spouses. After the legal divorce, the ex-wife filed a lawsuit for the division of property. She was not satisfied that her ex-faithful had ten million rubles in the bank account. The man rescued money from his activities as a private entrepreneur – he was engaged in washing and disinfecting tankers. The lady lost two trials. The judges refused to recognize the accumulated millions as jointly acquired property. First, the businessman earned money when he was already living separately from his wife. And secondly, the plaintiff could not give a single argument in favor of the fact that a substantial amount was intended for any needs of the crumbling family. However, the complaint to the Supreme Court yielded very unexpected results. The higher authority agreed with the woman. In its definition, the Collegium of the Supreme Court noted that the Family Code calls any property and money acquired during marriage as joint. Moreover, income from the entrepreneurial activity of one of the spouses also falls into the common piggy bank. So the trip to the registry office for an official divorce only a year after the real breakup of the family for the businessman husband turned out to be a big mistake. All decisions of the lower courts, which were not in favor of the plaintiff, were overturned by the Supreme Court and sent back for reconsideration.

The husband told about the divorce from Polina Gagarina: “I’ll give a signal”

Singer Polina Gagarina and photographer Dmitry Iskhakov officially divorced in court on December 28.

Star marriage was officially terminated in the metropolitan court

Recall that Gagarina and Iskhakov began dating in 2013. In 2014, the couple secretly got engaged in Paris, and then they signed at the Tverskoy registry office in Moscow. Three years later, daughter Mia was born. The discord in the relationship of the star couple began in early 2020. Then rumors of a breakup leaked to the media. And if the singer did not comment on this information for a long time, then her husband admitted that they really broke up, but managed to maintain friendly relations.

In the judicial precinct №252 of the district Pechatniki Gagarin and Iskhakov were divorced in several sessions. The spouses never appeared in court, entrusting the unpleasant procedure to their lawyers.

Dmitry did not want to comment on the divorce.

“I’ll give a signal when I decide to take such a step,” Iskhakov said.

After the divorce, the daughter remained to live with her mother, while the artist agreed to the girl’s periodic meetings with her father. As for the property, it was rumored that Gagarina would like to keep her jointly acquired property and a car.