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Differences between the symptoms of coronavirus and influenza

Traditionally, with the beginning of winter, the incidence of seasonal flu also increases. In the current epidemic season, there is a likelihood of contracting the coronavirus, which is only gaining speed. What is the danger of this new tandem? Some experts are convinced that together “two in one” are capable of inflicting a fatal blow on the human body. Others – that two viruses in one organism do not get along, and once in a healthy cell, one virus will definitely displace the other.

Who is right? And what is the current situation with the incidence of seasonal flu? What should a sick person do if he contracted the flu and coronavirus at the same time?

According to Rospotrebnadzor, by the end of November, the epidemic threshold for SARS was exceeded in 42 regions of Russia. So far, fortunately, “the incidence is caused by respiratory viruses not of influenza etiology, but these are: parainfluenza, adenoviruses, RS viruses.” And the excess over the last week of November was recorded mainly among the adult population. Although usually ARI and ARVI are the first to pick up children. But this year, perhaps, the children are saved by disunity: in many regions, due to the coronavirus pandemic, kindergartens, schools are closed, circles and other out-of-school sections do not work.

And the peak of the influenza epidemic in the current epidemic season may be shifted to a later (or earlier?) Time. However, the highest rise in seasonal flu has always occurred during the winter period. And now “according to Rospotrebnadzor, the flu epidemic in Russia will begin in the 5-6th week of 2021). That is, in mid-February. But, as other experts believe, “a sharp rise in the incidence of influenza and SARS is possible during a thaw.” And the thaw, as we can see, did not stop this year. Rather, the real winter has not yet begun.

And yet, the main danger of the current epidemic season, according to our permanent expert, infectious disease specialist, MD, professor Nikolai Malyshev, is that a person can immediately become infected with both coronavirus and seasonal flu.

– Simultaneous infection with influenza and COVID-19 is possible, – Nikolai Alexandrovich is convinced. – Both viruses can enter the human body both at the same time and in turn. Together they will greatly worsen the state of health. First of all, both viruses hit the respiratory system, which provokes a serious complication – pneumonia. And all this can have very serious consequences for the body, which will be difficult to cope with.

The sick person himself is unlikely to be able to distinguish the flu from the coronavirus. In both cases, the symptoms are similar: with the disease, the temperature rises, there is a cough, runny nose, sore throat, weakness, and congestion in the chest. Both viruses are transmitted by airborne droplets. And the most dangerous complication they have is intractable pneumonia.

But there are still differences between influenza and covid, and everyone needs to know about them, the expert believes.

Flu symptoms. At the very beginning, its main difference and the most frequent is the high temperature. The disease progresses rapidly: fever, sharp headache, especially in the area of ​​the brow, muscle aches. But on the first day there is no runny nose or cough. Only on the 2-3rd day begins a sharp hysterical cough, there is a heaviness in the chest.

With coronavirus disease: there is also a temperature, but it is moderate (in 90% of those infected with the COVID-19 virus, the temperature rose to 37.5-38.5 degrees), in most cases, the sense of smell disappears. And always – a dry cough, severe muscle pain, heaviness in the chest, heart palpitations. Sometimes – nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; there is confusion. And a high temperature (39-40 degrees) with covid is also possible, but, as a rule, with a severe complication.

Both viruses are already walking in our country and in Moscow. Influenza in this epidemic season (according to WHO) is in four types at once, three of which are new – and they were not widespread in our Northern Hemisphere before.

The most active and dangerous of the influenza viruses for humans this winter and spring of 2021 will be the following strains: A (H1N1); A (H3N2); B (Victoria) and B (Brisbane). The latest strain B (Brisbane) has been a nightmare on the planet for many years in a row. But, fortunately, it is not one of the extremely dangerous viruses for humans. Swine flu is considered a pandemic (strain A (H1N1). Here it is able to quickly infect a person, dramatically weaken the immune system and cause serious complications. It is more often than others and is detected in sick people.

Therefore, as Professor Nikolai Aleksandrovich Malyshev advises, “now it is especially important to observe all hygienic and sanitary safety measures: not to attend mass events and not to arrange them yourself, especially in closed rooms. When in public places and transport, it is imperative to wear protective masks and maintain a social distance (keeping a meter apart) – this is a requirement of Rospotrebnadzor. And upon returning home, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, rinse the mucous membranes of the nose with soap and water, take a shower. And also: drink vitamins, give up bad habits, eat more vegetables and fruits ”.

Still, it is good news that this year, in late fall and early winter, there have been few cases of seasonal flu reported globally. This was confirmed by the World Health Organization. Moreover, the incidence of influenza at this time was 98% lower compared to the same period last year. Experts suggest that this is most likely due to the restrictions on contacts adopted in all countries, with the fact that many shops, entertainment establishments, gyms and stadiums are closed, schoolchildren, students, and other students have been transferred to distance learning …

But scientists do not agree with this, believing that it is difficult for two viruses in one organism to get along. And they support their point of view with research: “if a person is infected with one virus, he is less likely to get simultaneously infected with another. During viral intervention, the human immune system, fighting against one virus, will attack another. That is, once in a healthy cell, one virus effectively displaces the other. “

Well, if that’s really the case.

Shootout process in Moscow City disrupts imaginary coronavirus

Over the high-profile trial of the shootout in Moscow City, there is a real threat of termination of the case. Another juror on Monday, October 12, unexpectedly missed the hearing. Before that, we will remind, two civil judges were expelled for truancy.

Meanwhile, strangeness does not pass by the main person involved in the case, Magomed Ismailov. At the last meeting, the two-time world kickboxing champion was actually not allowed to go to court – right before leaving for the trial, the man was told that he had a fever. Ismailov could not prove the opposite.

The defendant was not taken to the meeting under the pretext of a pandemic, and then it turned out that he was not sick

Even before the meeting in the Presnensky court, the atmosphere of an impending scandal hovered – the wife of the accused, Ekaterina, was extremely outraged by the latest events. It turned out that her husband did not come to the meeting last week, not because he was ill, as stated in the telephone message from the isolation ward. And the process seems to have been postponed in vain.

The woman told her lawyer that after the alarming news of her husband’s discomfort, she rushed to buy medicine. At the same time, they added fuel to the fire in the pre-trial detention center and reported that Ismailov allegedly refuses to submit the text on COVID.

In fact, it turned out that Ismailov was simply not released from the cell, saying that he had a temperature. The defendant tried to explain that he was feeling as usual and that he had no fever. But all is in vain.

It is noteworthy that the story “about the temperature at Ismailov’s” can really turn out to be someone’s wild fantasy. So, on Monday the court received a certificate on the state of health of the defendant. It said that he was healthy as a bull and could be in court.

– I wasn’t sick at all. I consider the testimony to be falsified. I did not have any illness, – said the defendant himself.

When the judge answered that she was not a doctor and could not make diagnoses, the defendant only threw up his hands.

In the meantime, strange things happen among the jury. One more assessor was missing on Monday. This time the juror summed up at # 3. He sent a telephone message to the court, in which he said that he could not be present due to some “business necessity”.

The lawyers of the defendants asked for a second chance for a truant most of all, they say, if the jury is scattered about, the collegium will be dissolved.

– I can’t help but recall the previous cases, when in similar situations we could “postpone”, but two jurors, excuse me for the rude word, were thrown out. And I think in vain, – said one of the lawyers.

As a result, the civil judge number 3 was not removed from the collegium. The presiding judge decided to wait for Friday, then to make a decision on which, we recall, the fate of the process may depend.

Recall that the outflow of the jury began immediately after the defense began to provide its evidence. Two jurors were removed from the trial, one of whom was in a routine consultation with an ophthalmologist. Now there is only one person left on the bench. If he is also involved in the case, then in the event of another emergency, there will be no one to change the assessors.

Galustyan spoke about his unusual experience due to infection with coronavirus

Actor Mikhail Galustyan said that he had had a coronavirus, and shared the unusual sensations of the disease. The showman wrote about this on Instagram.

According to Galustyan, he was sick with COVID-19 for quite a long time, and this period, to put it mildly, was not the most pleasant. The artist had 20% of the lungs affected, and he felt disgusting. Some of the feelings experienced during his illness were a novelty for him.

“In November, for the first time in my life, I tasted tasteless eclairs, cutlets, and much more. Frankly, it was not very good, ”Galustyan said.

Also, the actor stopped recognizing the smells of “home comfort” familiar to him.

After the “covid” period he experienced, Galustyan expressed an important wish to people that “not a single person on the planet” would experience all the difficulties that arise when infected with coronavirus.

Galustyan’s fans, in the comments to his post, shared their experience of “meeting” the coronavirus. Someone had seriously ill relatives, someone had been ill himself. Users agreed that COVID-19 should not be joked.

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Infectionist Malyshev explained the death of coronavirus vaccine testers

Six people died in trials of a joint German-American vaccine. Moreover, four were injected with a placebo, that is, their bodies were not exposed to the real drug. What could be the reason for the deaths of the subjects and whether this had happened before – we asked about this, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, infectious disease specialist Nikolai Malyshev.

– I came across such things, it happens. People die from concomitant diseases or even unexpectedly, says Nikolai Malyshev. – For example, a stomach ulcer or perforation is detected – and the person dies.

One way or another, people die, including in groups of subjects. Some diseases show up during research, and placebo groups are no exception.

– How seriously are people who need to test the vaccine being tested?

– Very seriously. A person takes tests, including biochemistry, doctors look at his state of health … And within 2-3 days after the examination, the participants must start testing.

– And if more time has passed?

– It happens that a week has passed – as they say, the train has left, people can no longer be taken for tests, their examination must be carried out again. These are the laws. But, I repeat, no one is immune from death. The quality and effectiveness of the vaccine, as a rule, has nothing to do with this.

Recall that in the placebo group, two foreign subjects died of stroke and heart attack. One of the people who received the vaccine suffered from atherosclerosis and died three days after the first dose. Another participant suffered cardiac arrest 60 days after the second dose was administered, and three days later, doctors recorded death.