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Doctors fell ill with covid after vaccination: experts called it “a pig in a poke”

This is happening both here and abroad. So, the other day in the United States, six volunteer testers of the American-German drug died, two of them received a real vaccine, four – a placebo. However, before the start of the study, all of these people were healthy.

And in Volgograd, several vaccinated doctors became infected with COVID-19. The fact was confirmed by officials from the regional health ministry. At the same time, they do not refuse that even before vaccination, all subsequently sick were tested for PCR and tests showed that people are not sick with coronavirus.

Passion and oddity continues around mass vaccinations against coronavirus

“But, apparently, they were already at the stage of the disease – in the first days the test could be negative,” suggests the deputy chairman of the regional health department Elena Krasnova.

But this is only a hypothesis. Tests for IgM antibodies, which are produced in the acute phase of the disease, are not provided by the protocol before vaccination. Like many other detailed health examinations. That is, no one will specifically monitor whether the person vaccinated with the coronavirus shortly before vaccination, this circumstance, by the way, is not even a contraindication for vaccination.

Vaccinators (before this also applied to volunteer testers) should be aware that vaccination does not protect 100% from the disease, but, in theory, should facilitate its course and minimize the consequences. Although, according to some experts, the latter is also written with a pitchfork on the water.

“Nobody even claimed that the vaccinated people would not get sick,” one of the Russian doctors agreed to comment on the situation. – Vaccination works only in conjunction with other anti-epidemic measures and strict adherence to sanitary and hygienic standards, it is when all conditions are met that the vaccine can help reduce the rate of spread of the disease and the number of severe cases.

So far, absolutely all vaccines created in such a short time, regardless of the country of origin, promise only a temporary result – antibodies appear for a maximum of 3-4 months. And then what? Another dose? How many times? Optimists argue that the main thing is to relieve health care at the peak of morbidity and waves, and then let those vaccinated get sick. But how safe is it for people with artificially created antibodies to face a real virus in life? No one has yet proven the likelihood that this “acquaintance” will not start the effect of antibody-dependent intensification of infection, which can increase mortality among the vaccinated population. As was the case with the dengue vaccine.

“Regular free vaccination of the population every three months – no budget will have enough money for this; the American vaccine Moderna costs about $ 30, the domestic one is promised for 15-17 euros, but the logistics are expensive, since there is currently no production capacity capable of producing millions of doses at one or several closely located enterprises, and this was warned about. that it may be necessary to conclude contracts with foreign pharmaceutical plants ”.

Another big problem, experts predict, is not just to mass produce, but also to stabilize the second dose with the coronavirus spike protein.

“What the participants in the clinical trials were injected with were experimental samples, not industrial production. The latter, for various reasons, has not been established either, including because it has not been possible to stabilize the second component of the vaccine. “

As you know, the Russian “Sputnik” consists of two components, the difference in terms of introduction between which is 21 days. Only after the last injection, that is, after another 21 days, should immunity arise.

There is already talk of extending the period between the first and second stages of vaccination. To increase vaccine production gradually, and to have enough for everyone. But it’s somehow strange that the rules and instructions can be changed so easily, and the final result supposedly does not depend on this.

As is known, the “rocket carrier” of the spike protein is an adenoviral vector. It is he who, as they promise, must trigger the necessary immune response in the body.

“But, excuse me, from what particular strain of coronavirus is this spike protein? – our expert asks a reasonable question. “In addition, the spike protein mutates easily, and it is precisely this part of the virus that is unstable, it is artificially modified. Another of the properties of the spike protein is that it is not perceived by the body as foreign. Isn’t it so that the body’s immune response begins precisely against the adenovirus, and the vaccinated people receive protection from it, and not from COVID-19, which, of course, can get sick after vaccination? “

Unfortunately, no explanation has yet been received on these issues. The developers, apparently, consider this information confidential and are ready to provide it only to potential buyers-partners. But who wants to buy a pig in a poke?

“The fact is that this vaccine contains two strains of adenovirus. That is, its creators say directly that with the first dose of the vaccine there will be a reaction to the adenovirus itself. But with the second dose, the reaction will be to the spike protein spike of the coronavirus. And at first, in any way, the reaction to the adenovirus is going on. Then to the second agent who is being introduced. “

“Of course, complications may begin in those who have undergone vaccination with adenovirus and then caught the coronavirus. This is especially dangerous with doctors, since, among other things, they continue to work in places with a high viral load – in polyclinics, hospitals, hospitals, that is, in areas of special risk. And the consequences of what happened in Volgograd are not yet clear. “

However, regional officials insist that everything will end well. The percentage of infected people known to date is still small. In any case, more people died in America after being tested with the vaccine.

“We monitored the state of the first health workers after vaccination: there was a slight increase in temperature, which passed on its own. After we vaccinated the doctors of hospitals # 4 and # 5, the medical workers developed a very positive attitude towards this vaccine. “

But what will be the algorithm of actions if similar cases are repeated in other regions, and not only among doctors, but also among teachers, security officials, social workers? Have those who send people on incompletely studied vaccinations thought about this in advance?

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Fedoseeva-Shukshina prepares for a new court after reconciliation with Alibasov

The details of the trial between Bari Alibasov and Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina have become known. The producer and actress reconciled and resolved the housing issue. Until.

It seems that Bari Alibasov and Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina finally buried the ax of war. As “MK” managed to find out, the producer and the actress are together again, in love and harmony. The lawyers of the star couple told how the court session ended today.

“On October 12, the Troitsky District Court of Moscow ruled to return the apartment in New Moscow to Lydia Nikolaevna Fedoseeva-Shukshina. Bari Karimovich’s position on challenging the decision will be announced later, ”said Vadim Gorzhankin, PR Director of Alibasov.

Alibasov’s lawyer Oleg Sukhov noted that an appeal is possible. “You can dispute the decision in the appeal of the Moscow City Court within 30 days, and there is every reason for this,” Sukhov said. “However, Alibasov himself has not yet decided whether he will challenge the decision, since he always said that the apartment belongs to Shukshina, and the decision made only confirmed his words.”

Lidia Nikolaevna’s lawyer, Yulia Verbitskaya, in a conversation with MK, noted that the trial and the war for the actress’s apartment were an extremely difficult matter. Verbitskaya does not exclude that the court proceedings will continue.

“With a high degree of probability, both Alibasov and Motsar (who bought Shukshina’s apartment from Alibasov – editor’s note) will not agree with the court’s decision and will continue to fight for Lydia Nikolaevna’s apartment in appeal and cassation,” stressed Verbitskaya. – Well then. We will work and prepare. “

– Did Bari Karimovich and Lydia Nikolaevna really make up?

– Yes, we made up. At least Bari Karimovich withdrew his demands for divorce and dropped the claim. But he was in no hurry to return the apartment. At the request of Lydia Nikolaevna to return the apartment, he said: “How the court will decide.” So the court decided.

– How did you manage to return Lydia Nikolaevna’s apartment?

– We worked hard. The case was extremely difficult. In fact, we have changed the existing practice and this is extremely important. Now everyone who has become a victim of deception will be able to defend their rights and ensure that justice is done. Do you know what I want to say to the readers? Don’t be afraid to defend yourself. Go to the end. Special thanks to the Russian courts for their work and for being true professionals and restoring justice!

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Cashier Khairullina who stole 25 million bursts into tears after hearing the verdict

On Monday, September 28, the Salavat court put an end to the high-profile story of the “Bashkir Bonnie and Clyde”, who managed to steal about 25 million rubles from the bank for a couple. Luiza Khairullina, a simple cashier, who took out bills in her purse for several years, received five years in a general regime colony. The mastermind of the robbery of the century, Marat Khairullin, received a year more.

“I didn't strive for luxury, I didn't buy anything for myself, I gave money to my husband”

Recall that the loss of 25.4 million rubles in the Salavat branch of Rosselkhozbank was noticed in May last year. The security service quickly established that senior cashier Luiza Khairullina could be involved in the theft. Law enforcement officers visited the cashier’s home, but they found no one in the apartment. The neighbors said that the Khairullins couple fled with their children, leaving all household appliances, furniture, personal belongings in the apartment. And only a month later, in July 2019, the “Bashkir Bonnie and Clyde” were found in a rented apartment in Kazan. The Khairullins were returned home. The senior cashier was sent to await trial in a pre-trial detention center, and the man was ordered to be under house arrest.

When the investigators began to investigate, it turned out that the ideological mastermind of the crime was in fact a man. The apparently prosperous family had debts on loans, because its head squandered his earnings on rates. When the family budget cracked, Marat began to ask his mistress to take out some money from the cashier. The first time, in 2017, Louise took out 50 thousand rubles, then 100. Appetites increased: if at first the senior cashier took money in rubles, then later the currency – euros and dollars – was used. Sometimes a woman gave her husband money right at the workplace, where he came under the guise of a bank client. As Marat himself later admitted, “his wife followed his lead.” The woman herself explained that “she did not strive for luxury, did not buy anything for herself and gave all the money to her husband.” As a result, when not a penny was left at the box office, the couple decided to flee.

The husband of the kidnapper of millions was at first a witness, but after the revelations on a popular talk show, his status changed and the man became an accomplice. On the air of the program, which, by the way, generously pays for participation, the man said that he had lost all 25 million rubles. However, after the program, having received his fee, the man backed down and said that allegedly his wife’s lawyers had advised him to “confess” his guilt.

The announcement of the Khairullin’s verdict in the Salavat Court on Monday began in the afternoon and lasted more than an hour. The first to arrive at the meeting was Marat, who was under house arrest. The man was in a cheerful frame of mind. And Louise who arrived under escort, according to eyewitnesses, sighed heavily. By the way, many local journalists who followed the process noted that Louise became paradoxically prettier in the pretrial detention center – the woman threw off about 15 kilograms, let go of her braid …

Both hoped that the court would give them suspended sentences, despite the fact that the prosecutor asked for real ones. Perhaps that is why the woman could not restrain herself and burst into tears after the announcement of the terms. The man, who was taken into custody right in the courtroom, also barely contained his emotions. Already in the cage, he asked journalists not to interfere in his life.

“We’ll figure it out somehow without you,” the convict rapped out, answering a question from correspondents who were interested in the further fate of the Khairullins’ minor children. By the way, now Louise’s father enters the schoolchildren, on whom real trials rained down – first, his daughter went to prison, then his wife died.

As for the stolen money, according to Louise’s lawyer, she has already made an attempt to start making damages. Marat only promised that he would return the stolen goods.