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School principal accused of promoting sexual perversion

The directors of Moscow School No. 962 in Otradnoye were accused of promoting non-traditional values ​​among minors. The reason for the accusations was a lesson dedicated to the International Day of Tolerance, held in grade 5 on November 17. In the lesson, children were asked to draw pictures on the topic of tolerance. In children’s pictures with rainbow hearts, advocates of morality saw the image of the LGBT flag. On November 23, the public ombudsman for the protection of the family, Olga Baranets, appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to bring the school director to justice for the propaganda of sexual perversion among minors.

Scandal erupted over rainbow drawings in a lesson dedicated to Tolerance Day

Thematic lesson “Let’s live together!” was dedicated to the International Day for Tolerance. This day has been celebrated in Russia since 2005, and such lessons are by no means uncommon.

In the lesson, the teacher told the children about the rules of tolerant attitude, about the need to respect the opinion of others. There was no talk about sexual minorities at all, this is confirmed by the parents of the children present at the lesson.

– The lesson took place in my daughter’s class, – says the mother of the 5th grade student Natalya. – The child said that the teacher talked about respecting other people and not quarreling. There was no talk about gays and lesbians. At the end of the lesson, the children were asked to draw any drawings on the topic of tolerance. Specifically, a rainbow, especially LGBT, no one forced children to draw, but some of the pictures were in a rainbow color. How did it occur to someone to turn this whole situation around!

Many guys drew the planet Earth and the seven-flower flower from the work of the same name. However, the attention of defenders of children’s morality was attracted by a drawing, which depicts a heart painted in the color of a rainbow with a missing blue color, like the LGBT flag. Perhaps the schoolgirl simply did not have a blue pencil … However, the drawing became the reason for accusing the school leadership of almost corrupting children.

On November 23, Ombudsman for the Protection of the Family Olga Baranets from St. Petersburg turned to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to bring the school administration to administrative responsibility under Part 1 of Article 6.21 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “Promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among minors.”

In a statement, Baranets claims that in the classroom, children were given mandatory tasks to draw LGBT symbols as a sign of tolerance and respect for gay people. Where this lady has such information is not clear.

We turned for a comment to the Moscow Department of Education, we were redirected to the director of School No. 962, Larisa Polyakova. Here’s what she said about what happened in the lesson:

“The school had a class hour dedicated to the International Day of Tolerance. During the classroom hour, 5th grade students got acquainted with the rules of communication and prepared an exhibition of creative works, in which they reflected their emotional impressions in drawings, painting them with rainbow colors. The rainbow is a symbol of the international movement for peace and there is no hidden subtext in the event, there is no information from the teacher and children’s drawings. “

However, someone clearly wants to see something different in an ordinary school event. Indeed, even in the innocent depiction of the Seven-colored Flower from the teacher’s presentation on the blackboard, Ms. Baranets sees the teacher’s demonstration of the color of the LGBT flag and an explanation of its meaning. And the inscription on children’s drawings: “You shouldn’t evaluate people, you need to appreciate them”, in her opinion, reinforced concretely the fact of the teacher’s propaganda of the values ​​of sex minorities.

Let’s remind that Olga Baranets’ apparatus is not state-owned. The position of the public commissioner for family protection in St. Petersburg was established in 2015 at a conference of the parent, patriotic, Orthodox and veteran community of the city. According to the charter, the commissioner adheres to the views of the Russian Orthodox Church in his activities. The tasks of the human rights activist include, among other things, blocking Western technologies of destroying the family and counseling parents who have suffered from juvenile justice and sex education.

Moscow City Duma deputy accused of embezzlement reveals a cunning system in court

Moscow City Duma deputy Oleg Sheremetyev, accused of especially large-scale fraud, called himself a victim of the slander. On October 12, the Zamoskvoretsky court of the capital began to consider the criminal case of the parliamentarian. The deputy assures that he did not participate in the machinations with the awards of his assistant and did not appropriate the budget millions.

Parliamentarian Oleg Sheremetyev called his criminal case absurd

According to the investigation, Oleg Sheremetyev, a Moscow City Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, from November 2019 to February 2020, four times submitted to the parliamentary staff memos on bonuses for large sums of his assistant Irina Kuznetsova. Kuznetsova received money on her card, withdrew it from an ATM in the Moscow City Duma building on Strastnoy Boulevard and gave it to her boss. And he appropriated the “laundered” cash. According to investigators, the scam brought Sheremetyev more than 2 million rubles. If the MP is proven guilty, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

The victim in the case was initially recognized as the chief of the Duma apparatus, Alexander Taranov. However, from the first minutes of the trial, the roles changed: at the suggestion of the prosecutor, the Moscow City Duma itself became the victim. The state prosecutor told the details of the scheme imputed to Oleg Sheremetyev.

– From October 29 to November 19, 2019, Sheremetyev had a criminal intent to steal. He chose the budget funds allocated for the functioning of the Moscow City Duma as the subject of the criminal encroachment, – the state prosecutor emphasized, – Sheremetyev submitted four deliberately forged service notes on awarding Kuznetsova. For October and November 2019 for a million rubles, for December for 673 thousand rubles, for January 2020 – 363 thousand rubles, for February – 436 thousand rubles. According to the rules, a deputy of the capital’s parliament can have no more than four full-time assistants who are exclusively subordinate to him. He has the right to reward them for especially important and difficult tasks. Plus, a maximum of 40 volunteer assistants who work without wages can help the deputy.

As it sounded in court, Irina Kuznetsova got a job as a full-time assistant to Sheremetyev last year. She did not know about the boss’s machinations, so she regularly took money from the card for him. The deputy did not plead guilty.

“The accusation is absolutely absurd,” said Oleg Sheremetyev. – The prosecutor read out that I wrote a deliberately false memo. I believe these are defamatory statements. What kind of work is considered especially important is the prerogative of the deputy. Only the deputy decides whether the assistant deserves a prize and how much to award him. No one else has the right to rate it. The prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee exceeded their powers by taking over the right to assess.

According to the parliamentarian, the assistant, allegedly, is still a swindler herself: she harbored anger and slandered the boss. And all because Sheremetyev caught her in some machinations and fired her.

– There was no theft. I awarded Kuznetsov. At first, she worked very well and deserved a prize. She said in advance that she was going to use the prize to help residents of the area, – put forward an interesting version of Sheremetyev.

Another assistant to Oleg Sheremetyev, Kirill Anoshin, described Kuznetsova as a cunning, deceitful and wayward woman.

– She was there (in the office of the deputy – editor’s note) for the main one. What she wanted there, she did, she fenced herself off from everyone and spoke negatively about Sheremetyevo, – said Anoshin.

The accountant of the capital’s parliament, questioned in court by a witness, also spoke about the oddities of the distribution of money in the capital’s parliament. According to her, the salary of a Duma official is a complicated thing. In addition to the salary, the full-time assistant to the parliamentarian receives bonuses for special conditions that stimulate payments and bonuses. Whether or not to give a bonus is up to the deputy himself, for whom the assistant works. And most importantly, decisions on bonuses are never checked for validity by anyone.

The jury of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren was accused of provocation

On November 21, St. Petersburg hosted the municipal stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in mathematics. Due to coronavirus restrictions, students completed assignments from home or in the classroom without supervision from teachers. Naturally, in such conditions, some tried to find the correct answers on the Web – moreover, problem solutions appeared on one of the popular resources within half an hour. However, as it turned out later, these decisions turned out to be wrong. Moreover, the organizers of the event themselves uploaded them to the site in order to catch careless participants in the act.

During the exam, the organizers published incorrect decisions on the web

Konstantin Knopp, a teacher and popularizer of mathematics from St. Petersburg, spoke about an unusual attempt to combat the cheating of the St. Petersburg jury on social networks.

“As you might guess, within 10 minutes after the start of the Olympiad, some problem conditions appeared on With a prayer “help to solve” and, of course, without specifying the source of the problems. In about 20-30 minutes, quite reasonable solutions appeared on the same resource for all the “floating” tasks. And it would be very sad if it were not for two common properties of these solutions: they were all written by the jury members (problem authors and variant authors) and they were all wrong, ”said Knopp.

According to the teacher, the goal of the jury was to assess the scale of the problem and to de-anonymize the participants who wrote off the solution from the Internet. At the same time, according to Knopp, such a measure is not new and has already been used in the fight against cheating on the exam.

– Cheaters (people trying to win by dishonest means. – “MK”) are the scourge of all intellectual competitions, – said the teacher. – A couple of years ago, on the night before the holding, whole variants of regional Olympiads in physics, the Russian language floated away … Before some of the USE, our Ministry of Education itself posted on the Web in considerable quantities various fake options, so that, even if something from correct options, it would be extremely difficult to find him in the sea of ​​fakes.

In the meantime, the actions of the jury members provoked a strong public reaction. Some even accused the jury of provocation and disrespect for the participants of the Olympiad, because the shameless behavior of children is not a reason for the same dishonest response from adults. However, many parents, on the contrary, took the side of the organizers of the municipal stage and supported their desire to punish the dishonest participants.

Indeed, the motive for the actions of the jury members is quite understandable. From year to year and without a pandemic, scandals occur around the same municipal stage due to cheating. Yes, victory at the municipal stage does not provide any advantages, except for reaching the regional stage. But where is the guarantee that someone will not be able to win it with the help of deception? In addition, job leaks have already happened more than once. All this often leads to the fact that really talented children lose the incentive and desire to participate in the Olympiad. It is like doping in sport, with the advantage gained in dishonest means.

Ivan Yashchenko, the coordinator of the Higher School of Education in Moscow, scientific director of the Center for Pedagogical Excellence, told us about how urgent the problem of cheating assignments at the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren during a pandemic and whether it is possible to cope with it: pandemics. Including the municipal stage in a number of subjects already last year was held on computers, so the capital as a whole was ready for this stage of the Olympiad in a distance format. In our work with schoolchildren, teachers and parents, we place the main emphasis on explaining the absolute senselessness of cheating at the second stage. By itself, a victory in a municipality does not give anything, and it is practically impossible to become the winner of the regional and, moreover, the final stage by dishonest means under current conditions.

This year, due to the distance format of the Olympiad, the number of participants in the municipal stage has increased significantly. For example, 46 thousand schoolchildren wrote Russian in the capital, although usually the number of participants does not exceed 20 thousand. Nevertheless, we manage to minimize the incidence of dishonest execution of tasks. The municipal tour in the capital takes place online, teachers are watching all the participants. In addition, we have special programs that help to calculate non-independent jobs. St. Petersburg is now only at the beginning of the transition to electronic technologies in conducting VOS. In this regard, it seems to me that the method of combating cheating, chosen by the jury in mathematics, is quite acceptable. In our work, we also sometimes needed to use similar techniques. “