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Keti Topuria spoke about future childbirth

A Studio soloist Keti Topuria is expecting the birth of her second child. It is known that Keti will have a boy and the baby should be born in early January. Topuria told us about her plans for the birth of a baby.

Rumors about the singer’s pregnancy have been circulating for a long time, but Keti did not comment on conversations about her personal life. A very graphic commentary on Topuria’s interesting situation was the video for the song “Se la vie”, where the singer no longer hid her changed forms. By the way, the singer commented on her first pregnancy in the same way: five years ago, Keti placed all the accents in the video for the song “Here she is love.”

With the father of her daughter Olivia, businessman Lev Geykhman, the singer has been married for almost four years. And in November 2020, Keti played a wedding with entrepreneur Lev Dengov. Now the family lives in a country house, and in the absence of concerts, the singer enjoys maternity leave. But if mass events become possible, Keti will immediately return to work.

“I plan to give birth after the New Year,” – said the singer in an interview with the website WomanHit. – The last time I was pregnant with Olivia, I was literally a month on maternity leave. And now I will go out after two months. I think that’s enough for me. “

Experts told that you can learn about parents from the drawings of the child

“My son never draws in pictures, where he depicts our family, the younger sister, as if she does not exist,” the mother of a 5-year-old child worries. “My daughter always paints herself separately from my husband and I,” the parents of the first grader complain.

Of course, it is impossible to fully understand the problems of the child and his attitude towards the family only by his art. However, experts are sure that many of the “pain points” of the baby can be easily identified by what and how he draws.

What can the drawings tell about the child, his emotional state and attitude towards loved ones? We tried to figure it out with a child psychologist.

How to interpret what your kids are portraying

Unfortunately, sometimes attentive parents are sure that the child feels comfortable in the family, even if this is not entirely true, – explains the child psychologist Yulia Krotova. – An ordinary child’s drawing can tell adults a lot about the baby’s condition even without going to a specialist. Understanding will help adults smooth out the negative and create a comfortable environment for the child. Of course, there is practically no point in evaluating the drawings of babies under three years old, they do not objectively reflect the child’s inner state and his relationship to adults. Children’s creativity becomes really informative from 4-5 years old. Also, you should not evaluate a picture of a child if it is drawn immediately after some kind of family conflict or quarrel. Obviously, the drawing will show only the child’s attitude to the current situation, and not his state and perception of his family as a whole.

Experts believe that one of the most effective ways to diagnose intra-family relationships is the “My Family” drawing test. With a correct assessment, you can get the most complete information from it. To conduct the test, you just need to ask the child to draw his family the way he wants.


Black dad and lonely kid

A case from one’s life: Alina from the Moscow Region noticed that her eldest 5-year-old son became very capricious and withdrawn after the birth of her younger sister. The My Family drawing showed unexpected results. The kid depicted himself on the left side of the sheet next to the grandmother and the cat. Mom and her sister were on the other side of the sheet, and dad was drawn in the middle of the composition and carefully shaded in black, the rest of the family were painted in bright colors.

Psychologist’s comment: In the drawing of his son, Alina was most excited by the fact that the boy depicted his father in black, although in this situation it did not matter much and happened by accident. After talking with the child, it turned out that recently the man most often wore a dark jacket and trousers, which is why the son painted it with a black pencil. In such a picture, you can talk about the reasons for the baby’s anxiety by the composition, that is, by the way the characters are placed in the picture. The child clearly feels deprived of the attention of the parents, unnecessary for them after the birth of a younger sister. Based on the picture, we can say that lately he has developed close relationships only with his grandmother and a cat. Judging by the fact that the boy portrayed his father in the center of the picture, but separately from other family members, the father tries to give everyone equal attention, but is rarely at home, since he works a lot.

How to interpret a drawing by color

Normally, children usually paint bright and colorful pictures of their family. On average, they use 5-6 colors for coloring. Experts note that the more confident the kid is, the brighter his art looks. True, each kid has several especially favorite colors, which will prevail in the picture. However, in general, by the nature of the coloring of the picture, conclusions can be drawn about the current state of the child. So, light, bright or saturated colors speak of cheerfulness and comfortable well-being of the baby in the family. The predominance of red can indicate the emotional tension and irritability of the little artist. If the baby’s family is drawn in black and gray, it is worth thinking about the presence of hidden fears in the child, trying to understand the reasons why he is restless around loved ones. Interestingly, most often the baby paints the same color as himself, the family member for whom he has the greatest sympathy.

Children’s drawing and composition

Normally, the child usually draws his family in the central part of the sheet, the downward shift most often indicates the child’s low self-esteem, and upward – on the contrary, about the overestimated. The only children in the family most often paint themselves in the center of the composition between mom and dad. The family members that the child draws closest to his own image are usually the closest. It is also worth paying attention to the sequence in which the child draws household members: the one who is closer to the beginning, in the eyes of the child, takes a more significant position in the family. If a baby portrays himself aside from loved ones, this most often indicates a feeling of loneliness of the baby, a feeling of his uselessness to loved ones. In addition, such a composition is often chosen by children who experience jealousy and lack of parental attention after the birth of a brother or sister.

The absence of one of the family members in the picture is also considered an alarming sign. If this is the same little brother or sister, then the point is jealousy. If there is no mom or dad in the picture, this may mean that the baby has practically no psychological contact and emotional connection with this person at the moment. For example, if a child did not draw his little brother or sister, perhaps he is jealous of his parents and seeks to defend his right to their love. If there is no “artist” himself in the picture, it is worth considering that the baby feels rejected, unnecessary in the family. If a fictional family member appears in the picture, experts also note that the child is currently experiencing a lack of parental love.

Photo: Children’s Center “Petrushka”

Rake hands and clouds over the nursery

A case from one’s life: Oleg from Moscow began to worry that after starting school, his 7-year-old son began to show incomprehensible aggression and anger, began to obey poorly and even be rude to adults. Recently, the boy’s parents had to work a lot, the child spent most of the time with the nanny, so the adults decided to check if this was the reason for the changes in the child’s behavior. In the drawing, the boy depicted all family members, including the dog, he painted himself last. All the heroes were painted with bright colors, people are holding hands, drawn in a fairly proportional manner. The only thing that can alert the picture is the unnatural rake hands of the smallest author and clouds over the heads of the characters in the drawing.

Psychologist’s comment: Judging by the location of the characters in the picture, at the moment the child does not feel deprived of attention in the family. The only thing, not very good, is that he portrayed himself as the last one, this suggests that the boy subconsciously does not feel significant in the family. But the author’s unnatural rake hands can really speak of latent anger and aggression in the child. The clouds depicted above the family in the picture also testify to some negative emotions in the baby. In this case, it seems that the boy’s irritation does not come from the family, but from some external factors, possibly from the aggressive behavior of his classmates at school.

The position of the characters and proportions in the drawing:

The comfortable state of the child in the family, as a rule, is evidenced by the fact that all the characters are depicted in the correct proportions relative to reality. If a baby portrays himself as very small, it means that he feels insecure and insecure even in the circle of loved ones. As for the rest of the family and pets, the larger they are shown in the picture, the more role they play for the baby. The pose of the author himself in the picture is also of great importance. A happy and confident child is likely to depict himself with arms and legs outstretched, with all limbs drawn in detail according to the artist’s ability. Hands pressed to the body or covering the head indicate the child’s insecurity, perhaps adults too often scold or criticize him.

Drawings in which the author depicts himself as if hanging in the air, and not standing on the same plane with other family members, speak about the child’s negative emotions. Big eyes and brightly drawn pupils of the characters can indicate the anxiety of the baby, as well as the strong, with a clip, shading of the characters in the drawing. And the unnaturally huge rake hands of one of the characters, including the child himself, testify to the hidden anger of their owner.

Details in children’s art:

Psychologists believe that the complete absence of any details in the drawing of the child’s family indicates the isolation of its author. The opposite situation, when there are too many of these details, may indicate a hidden anxiety of the baby. The image of some specific objects in the picture also often indicates that the baby is not well in the family. For example, if, instead of people, a child draws a building where the family lives, then this may be a sign that the child is uncomfortable among those close to him. The image of the sun or a lamp can mean that the author of the picture lacks warmth in relations with loved ones. Clouds and clouds also indicate negative emotions that are bothering the baby at the moment, but they do not necessarily come from family members. The image of various toys or non-existent pets may indicate that the child does not have enough attention from loved ones.


1. The task to draw a family made the child happy.

2. All family members with whom the baby communicates closely are present in the picture.

3. Heroes are portrayed in proportion, no one looks unnaturally large or small.

4. All family members are close to each other, holding hands. All limbs of the characters are well traced.

5. The drawing is made in rich and bright colors without strong shading.


1. The kid does not want to draw his family or draws his house instead of people.

2. Excessively large or small size of individual family members.

3. The kid draws himself as the last member of the household, demonstrating that he means little in his family.

4. In the picture, one of the family members, the child himself, or a non-existent character appears.

5.Picturing yourself or loved ones with a closed face or unnaturally large hands.

6. The predominance of black, gray, brown and purple tones in the picture, the desire to draw your family with only a simple pencil.


– For analysis, you should not take drawings that children drew in kindergarten, school or art studio – they are usually performed according to certain criteria;

– If you want to correctly evaluate the colors used in the drawing, offer your child a full set of pencils and paints. Otherwise, the baby can draw a picture in dark colors only because they were at that moment at hand.

– You should not arrange an art test when the child is tired, offended or upset – the result will be uninformative, as it will show the state of the baby at the moment.

– Ask the child to describe his picture on his own, to tell what each of the characters feels, so it will be easier to correctly interpret the child’s art, especially if he is not very good at drawing.

– During the test, try not to praise or criticize the art of your child, otherwise it will be problematic to retest after a while, since the child will act according to a template, trying to please the parent.

The Ministry of Education thought about the constant school distance for some subjects

The Ministry of Education wants to legally fix school remote control. Schools may have the right to independently choose whether to introduce a “distance” or not. True, so far this will only affect additional classes.

This format of training can affect optional classes

The Ministry of Education has developed amendments to the “Procedure for the organization and implementation of educational activities for additional general education programs.” The document deals with school circles, sections and electives. The project introduces a new clause in the rules. It says that the school itself will be able to choose the format of additional classes. The amendments focus on the epidemiological situation in each specific region. That is, the director of a school or children’s art house does not have to wait for the decision of the mayor or governor to transfer the circles to a remote location. But the consent of students and parents is required. As stated in the document, if necessary, an increase in the share of e-learning and distance learning technologies will have to be fixed in an agreement. This is especially true if, due to the transition to home mode, the terms of mastering the program or the cost of training will shift. Providing an information environment, access to digital resources – all this, as follows from the draft order, will fall on the shoulders of teachers. At the same time, an individual approach to students and the effectiveness of training should not suffer due to the abandonment of the usual format.


Leonid Perlov, a teacher at the Moscow Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, comments: “There are currently no academic disciplines that can be transferred to distance learning without compromising the quality of education. Today, there is no operational system that would allow such a process to be established. The technologies and training programs that we now have do not allow us to talk about distance learning. This is the old teaching according to the old programs, but not in the classroom, but through the monitor. They are created from wheels and “on the knee”. This is essentially a beta version. To evaluate the results of such training, a time lag is required. This is a year or two for schoolchildren of all ages, not just graduates. “

Kirkorov spoke about “marrying the mother of his children”

Philip Kirkorov reacted to the news of the alleged marriage “to the mother of her children” – the daughter of Alla Victoria and son Martin, who were smashed by a magpie on the tail of a model, a socialite, a Rublev wife and part-time “singer” Alena Kravets in an interview with one of the publications.

Socialite Alena Kravets got entangled in rumors and biological cycles

“I have no idea who Kravets is and what this is all about,” the pop king responded to our question without hiding irritation. He added in his hearts: “Some kind of stupidity!”

Meanwhile, Ms. Kravets, about whom, as well as about his “marriage”, Mr. Kirkorov has no idea, refers to “evidence” that any court could qualify only as circumstantial, although the woman claims everything with with such categorical confidence that she herself is the mother of these children, at whose feet the pop king fidgeted almost the other day, snatching the wedding ring.

Perhaps she would have wanted such an outcome, but the lady is already busy – by her own admission, she is “working off karma” in a Rublev marriage. According to Rublyovka, all these rumors are circulating. Well, where else can they go? What else could be more urgent for the guests of this geolocation? In addition, it is a one hundred percent guarantee to remind you of yourself, your beloved …

The logic of Kravets – in accordance with the entire depth of her picture of the world – is as simple as it is convincing. Firstly, Kirkorov was spotted in a wedding dress salon. Didn’t you choose a dress for yourself? – Observationally realized, most likely, the singer. And in general, how long can you walk in brothels? There are no other worries …

Due to the fact that the rating of the “socialite” in the categories “charisma”, “professionalism”, “attractiveness” fluctuates according to polls on the Internet in the range from 2.8 to 4.3 on a 10-point scale, then, of course, the news about the wedding is pop- King on New Year’s Eve, it was also possible to adjust the price of their own shares on the show exchange. If, of course, someone is trading these shares.

In general, we need to do something. A deck of cards spread out the speculations about who is worthy of the hand of the king of pop, once again recognized by VTsIOM as the “musician of the year” of All Russia – of course, according to a survey of the population scared by the coronavirus. Philip’s favorite DJ Katya Guseva is good, beautiful, but, damn it, “no match” – as if again hinting at herself, Madame Kravets reasoned. But she missed the main thing in her picture of the world: Kirkorov’s children have not one, but two mothers, and Philip then, as a real Shahin Shah, should immediately start a harem.

Daughter Alla Victoria was born on November 26, 2011, son Martin – June 29, 2012 The difference is less than nine months .. Therefore, Madame Kravets missed the “mother of two children of Kirkorov.”

And, of course, one must completely not know Philip Bedrosovich himself, so that, fantasizing about him sensational gossip, come up with the most incredible possible. The point is not even that if Mr. Kirkorov wanted to make public the names of the women who gave birth to his beloved children, he would not have pulled the rubber for 8 years, let alone getting married.

Philip just can’t get married anymore. Why? Because. Who, pray tell, after the main and only woman of his entire life – Alla Svet Borisovna – will be so convincing on this throne? That’s it. And the pop king will never agree to anything less, even if Alena Kravets herself puts on a wedding dress from Anika Kerimova’s salon …