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Companies et. Somewhere they take benefits, elsewhere they take a percentage of salaries or even work desks. For those who don’t have an idle at the table, they go to… Read more

He started out as a door-to-door salesman, today he has his own brand and a turnover of 200 million

Dominik prunk sold his first shoe to ride as a student. He was twenty at the time and brought in slippers. Over time, the assortment expanded and began with its… Read more

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They can rely on it in times of good and bad. And when the real difficulties come, badly often only on his abilities, how much the company shakes, or whether… Read more

They stayed in the cellar, today they have two production halls and a hundred employees

Ten years ago, Martin Wallner and Tom Huber, friends of the rest of the bike, wrote such a good semester that they decided to implement the project. Today, statisticians have… Read more