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VS explained how an employee to avoid dismissal for forced time off

It is impossible to dismiss an employee who has taken time off on urgent matters for absenteeism – such an explanation was made by the Supreme Court. The higher authority interceded for the woman whom the boss showed to the door only because she left for the funeral of a loved one.

It is important to consider all circumstances and past merits of the employee

A complaint from a resident of Tambov reached the Supreme Court. For many years, the woman worked in the local central market. Two years ago, an employee had a misfortune: a relative died in Moscow. Having learned about the tragedy, she asked the director for two days to go to the capital for the funeral. The boss ordered to write an application for unpaid leave and said that he would release the subordinate. The lady immediately told the whole team about the upcoming trip. In addition, she took the original of the application to the personnel department, and handed over a copy to the archives of the document specialist. Returning to work, the deputy director of the market learned the shocking news: she was fired for absenteeism. The chief backed down and said that he did not approve of any vacation at his own expense and did not release the employee from the workplace. The lady failed to challenge the dismissal in the courts. All instances concluded that the truth is on the employer’s side. He did not issue an order on granting leave, the employee did not familiarize herself with it against signature. This means that, as the judges decided, agreements with the boss do not work in words. However, the Supreme Court sided with the offended worker, returned the case for review and made an important clarification for those who are used to asking time off from work orally. As noted by the panel of supreme judges in their determination, the lower instances did not take into account the circumstances under which absenteeism was committed, if at all. It’s one thing if the employee just went out on a spree or decided to sleep until lunch. And it is quite different if he had to leave for a funeral or sit out at home because of poor health. At the same time, the Supreme Court recalled that according to the law, in the event of the death of close relatives, the employer, in principle, cannot refuse the employee a “funeral” leave. In all other cases, the courts should take into account all the employee’s past merits, the presence or absence of disciplinary offenses in his biography and his attitude to work in general. As pointed out by the Supreme Court, dismissal, even for absenteeism, should be chosen by the employer only as a last resort. It should be taken into account whether the employee has dependents: children, elderly parents or sick relatives.

“It’s time for Putin to go to Dudyu”

So Vladimir Putin went to the Internet, to someone else’s platform. No, television actively helps him, casts his every word in granite, quotes tirelessly. But what is the effect! The surprise effect.

Because the internet beats TV

TASS is authorized to declare. TASS invented it (or invented it for him), carried it out: the President of the Russian Federation speaks and shows. There are two in the room, he and Andrei Vandenko, a very good interviewer who once lit up in Komsomolskaya Pravda. Yes, he saw Putin, but now Putin saw him. True, one such person, who even wrote a book about this, recently disgraced himself with Dud. It’s so dangerous to get close to a president who comes from the KGB. You can fall in love, enlist, become your own. For a journalist, this is death.

Vandenko asks with dignity, does not fawn, does not grovel, keeps his back straight. And only one question hangs in the air: why is all this started?

But why! The Internet is winning over TV, everyone can see it. What’s the most popular genre on YouTube today? Interview. The good old genre of interviews, which is a thousand years old, suddenly ascended to heaven, became a king, escaped from the box and from Posner and firmly entered the Web. Yuri Dud, Irina Shikhman (aka “And Talk?”), Nikolai Solodnikov (aka “Not Pozner Yet”) and all, all, all. For three, for two, for one – the people madly rushed to the Internet to talk to each other. But what can I say, the whole Oleg Menshikov invited Alla Borisovna to his theater and also nicely sharpened the frills with her in front of the audience according to the tickets sold. Literally everyone went crazy with these interviews.

And now Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Fabulous design, a bunch of TV cameras, favorable angles, light, color … Presidential aphorisms are immediately displayed on the screen, just like Dud’s! Moreover, Dud did not have a president yet. It’s time.

Who killed Listyev?

Project “Editorial Office” and Alexey Pivovarov present: dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the murder of Vladislav Listyev. Watch only on YouTube, TV won’t show you.

Photo: Still from video

Everyone was here: from Ernst to Sagalaev, from Lyubimov to Mukusev, from the widow of Albina Nazimova to a person who looked like Prosecutor General Skuratov to investigator Triboy …

Here it was necessary to show the time: “do you remember how it all began.” There was the pain of memories and an unhealing delight, an aching pity that everything was over so quickly. And Pivovarov did it, showed it. He came into the trust of literally everyone, charmed, charmed … No, not that … He’s just one of those who understand everything, and he doesn’t need to explain it a second time.

The first part is lyrical, sentimental, everyone present in the frame with Pivovarov moistens their eyes, as much as their heart jumps out: “Look”, Gorbachev, perestroika, freedom, reckless youth … Gradually the spring tightens: the first good money, stadiums, then a rollback “, But already from underground, August 19, GKChP, Rostropovich in the White House with a gun at the ready, victory! Power, a lot of money, quarrels, disputes, a terrarium of like-minded people, bandits, advertising … “Field of Miracles”, “Theme”, “Rush Hour” … Appointment of Vlad as head of ORT, cancellation of advertising … March 1, 1995, Listyev ends his program, at the exit from “Ostankino” call Albina … Entrance of his house … That’s it.

Pivovarov, like a good director, works here, all the details are important. He leads his line from late Soviet romanticism to that not at all golden mean of “dashing”, “saints”, murderous 90s, when everything happened.

Best Actor

Oh, how he played the assistant professor Sokolov, this Mikhail Gorevoy! Maniac, assassin, dismemberment, Knight of the Legion of Honor. And where?! In the show “Dok-talk”, under reconstruction. For many artists, this is called “hack”, but Gorevoy turned out to be Hamlet. Or Othello, no less.

Photo: Still from video

Or maybe Raskolnikov: the student turned into an assistant professor, killed an innocent, but only now he did not repent. Because Napoleon Sokolov is not about that.

It would be blasphemy to disassemble the artist’s play, to compare it with classical productions, deeds of bygone years, all the more fictional. This St. Petersburg tragedy happened quite recently and shook the whole country. But we are talking about television, despite the cynicism.

In general, the failed format was the most valuable reconstruction. Conversations in the studio in favor of the poor have already been said, retold. But this game of artists, direction …

On TV, artistic reconstruction has always been considered a makeweight, an insignificant part of a game composition. The opposite is true here. These eyes of the Gorevy will be in my dreams, I do not know where to run from these eyes. There is such a passion, how much of a Shakespearean! Such a devil in the flesh is breathtaking. And this is all for the living, for the living …

For such a game, reincarnation, I would give Gorevy an Oscar, no less. Why is there “Oscar” – “Golden Eagle”! He turned a show, scary to the point of banality, into an art phenomenon. That’s where he is dear.