Day D: With the first drowning con fun, they were investing boats for children

Swimming teacher Stanislav Bartoek wants to grow his business. It is considering the production of electric boats for children from the age of three. The investor requires 400 thousand crowns… Read more

They changed gas suppliers and the city paid a contractual penalty

Manel Kozek also went to a meeting in Pbram at almost fifty years. All this time they had the same supplier of electricity and gas, but two years ago they… Read more

They stayed in the cellar, today they have two production halls and a hundred employees

Ten years ago, Martin Wallner and Tom Huber, friends of the rest of the bike, wrote such a good semester that they decided to implement the project. Today, statisticians have… Read more

Make your own fruit. They fight with the sale, but they can do it even without subsidies

Collect one value after another. But you are most appreciated by customers. The family company produces its motifs and receipts in the Blch Carpathians, in a city where the sale… Read more