Day D: The programmer asked about a million for software that will increase your pension by 38%

Automated investment in the financial market. With this project, programmer Tom Matjek told investors about pl million crowns. For this, offer to provide a dedicated program. Matjek all his software… Read more

Put a pension in an evil for a year, disputes will appreciate the most

Who gave a pension on a term deposit last year, won. It doesn’t have to mean anything in the future. Salary that missed income is not a guarantee of future… Read more

The pension is connected to all chairs in the city

As an MSc, it is almost 30 thousand people who join the Czech Republic in st. Pension funds have reason to be satisfied. Last year was also one of the… Read more

Bank failure vs about pension failure, pension fund failure yes

Pensions deposited with banks, camps and building societies are legally insured. In case of bankruptcy, you will get them back. The situation is different with pension funds and insurance companies,… Read more