Vivn for a white wife? New only when the reason will be right

According to the new civil law, the marriage will not only be a means of starting a family and the day of raising children, but a new emphasis will also… Read more

Do you open beyond the borders? Only when you go there or work

Banks of yours, I go abroad, many people think of fees and breeding banks. Mon it is, but probably neuette. Although foreign banks are cheaper, accidents are for everyone. You… Read more

Credit news: the first card for women only and a free credit card

Two banks issued credit cards this spring. Komern banka has started thinking more about its clients and provides the first card for women. Raiffeisenbank, as the first bank, is the… Read more

Wages can only rise when labor productivity increases

The current trend of sharp wage growth is unsustainable for companies. Although both confirm that they regularly add to their employees’ pensions. But add with one breath that the number… Read more