Six years ago, no one knew the game, today it is a phenomenon

The first niche play was put on the knees by Tom Kuva, co-founder of The Chamber. On dal u li otherwise. With the help of the investor, they invested several… Read more

With promises of secure cards, no free bag

esk spoitelna announced that since then it has been expanding the insurance misuse of payment cards and at the same time reducing the client’s liability in the event of its… Read more

The blue card on the road is not enough. No pension to lkai unwillingness

With the insurance card, get the same income in the EU for which the local population has a year. But it’s not enough to get out in the doctor’s office… Read more

Falen e-mail from esk spoitelny lk sla t. No one was damaged

The people first arrived in the e-mail mailboxes from esk spoitelny. The sender, who pretends to be a bank representative, asks you to activate the new security. There is a… Read more