New insurance for footballers. Clubs will receive pensions for it

Pojiovna Generali is trying to become a new player of the amateur footballers. The coincidence is that the club will receive a pension for each football player. Compared to the… Read more

the people will have it, the new civilian end will protect the customers, including

The new one will also be able to withdraw from contracts that were concluded in the store, but it was not until the entrepreneur addressed consumers outside this area, ie… Read more

Vivn for a white wife? New only when the reason will be right

According to the new civil law, the marriage will not only be a means of starting a family and the day of raising children, but a new emphasis will also… Read more

The new civil law will bring justice and protection to the weak

From January, a new civil law will apply, which will affect the lives of all of us. The rules for inheritance, the conclusion of contracts, the sale of property between… Read more