ei shop living again in large. Mortgages take flow

In May, domestic banks provided 6,741 mortgages for housing, the largest in the last three years. This follows from the published indicator Fincentrum Hypoindex, which monitors the average annual mortgage… Read more

Reduce mortgages, but the overall index settled by five thousand upwards

mortgage rates fell in April. The Fincentrum Hypoindex summary indicator, which sets the average rate for mortgage loans, paradoxically rose by five thousand percent up to 4.28 percent. “The reason… Read more

On tax changes in mortgages vtina issued. Spot the dispute

Since the last year, the mortgage rebates have been significantly improved from the tax. The city of 300 thousand will be able to deduct only 80 thousand from the foundation.… Read more

Banks offer mortgages with a year below 4 percent, but they have a lot of conditions

In recent months, the people did not drink much about living. Banks have responded and reduce years on mortgages. Komern banka and UniCredit Bank also reduce rates. But the condition… Read more