mortgage rates continue to fall over the years

mortgage rates have fallen again in June. The average year rate of the Fincentrum Hypoindex indicator reached 4.14 percent. The number of agreed mortgages also increased, reaching the limit of… Read more

When you don’t get vr, eenm is an atypical mortgage

You have low income, you are not able to record all invoices or you work for a definite period. Even so, you can get a mortgage. Just probably pay vc,… Read more

Don’t slow down with a mortgage, they won’t be cheaper

The crisis has eased, the mortgage market has finally shaken, banks hls jumped nrst new mortgages. Competition from banks has low mortgage rates, although experts predict that the years will… Read more

esk spoitelna continued to keep the income from the mortgage, from banks at least

The income needed for the mortgage will fall. Applicants from the model deposit for the mortgage in 1.6 million crowns cost 18 thousand crowns of the same month. For the… Read more