New insurance for footballers. Clubs will receive pensions for it

Pojiovna Generali is trying to become a new player of the amateur footballers. The coincidence is that the club will receive a pension for each football player. Compared to the… Read more

The insurance company will pay the code, but the insurance will terminate me

It may not be easy to insure the house that caused the flood. Many insurance risk of flood insurance with a large pirate. Otherwise, he was expelled in full and… Read more

Due to the letter in the Czech insurance company, adjust the conditions of travel insurance

If you are afraid to travel to the Czech Republic because of a fight or you are not sure about your health condition, we will help you against the cancellation.… Read more

The insurance arranged by the Internet vs does not have to protect

Many people have recently closed the internet. You just check the box and you’re done, but don’t forget to study the insurance conditions. The insurance company will cancel my contract.… Read more