D-Day: A poor businessman used to hope he was saved by leeches and investors

Radim Prokop presents a cosmetic line made of leeches. It is not his invention or product. This is a Ukrainian product. In the past, Prokop didn’t succeed, and even this… Read more

Day D: The investor called the crushed bottle crank from the madhouse. And he was right

Jaroslav ern gave investors 600,000 crowns for his invention – the crumb of plastic bottles. For invested pensions, offer 10% in companies. After unveiling the prototype ern stated that investors… Read more

Advocate advice: what to look for in an employment contract so that he cannot dream of a salary

a number of people are going to work and start looking for a new one. It’s a good idea to prepare for this and know what to look out for… Read more

He started out as a door-to-door salesman, today he has his own brand and a turnover of 200 million

Dominik prunk sold his first shoe to ride as a student. He was twenty at the time and brought in slippers. Over time, the assortment expanded and began with its… Read more