First, do not throw away the photos and damage the damaged parts

code, which was created in me after the flood, first take a picture. Separate all damaged things and only then start cleaning. Do not throw away valuables until the liquidator… Read more

The first day of vacation may be murderous. Don’t forget to insure it

One hundred and first days of vacation will be just the last. According to the experience of the employees of the assistance companies on this day the greatest risk. The… Read more

Credit news: the first card for women only and a free credit card

Two banks issued credit cards this spring. Komern banka has started thinking more about its clients and provides the first card for women. Raiffeisenbank, as the first bank, is the… Read more

The first real estate fund mon fell. Is it time?

It seemed very interesting. Krtk and after it was possible for investment companies to establish open real estate funds for retail clients, there were three funds on the market with… Read more