D-Day: A poor businessman used to hope he was saved by leeches and investors

Radim Prokop presents a cosmetic line made of leeches. It is not his invention or product. This is a Ukrainian product. In the past, Prokop didn’t succeed, and even this… Read more

Day D: The investor called the crushed bottle crank from the madhouse. And he was right

Jaroslav ern gave investors 600,000 crowns for his invention – the crumb of plastic bottles. For invested pensions, offer 10% in companies. After unveiling the prototype ern stated that investors… Read more

Day D: The programmer asked about a million for software that will increase your pension by 38%

Automated investment in the financial market. With this project, programmer Tom Matjek told investors about pl million crowns. For this, offer to provide a dedicated program. Matjek all his software… Read more

The big shot on D-Day: the inventor of the power plant offended investors

Zdenk Svoboda worked with a project he called Zazen on electricity generation. It is basically a windmill with a vertical axis. After investors d 1.5 million crowns for 49%, his… Read more