First, do not throw away the photos and damage the damaged parts

code, which was created in me after the flood, first take a picture. Separate all damaged things and only then start cleaning. Do not throw away valuables until the liquidator… Read more

During the reconstruction, the company damaged my balcony. Mm nrok nododnn?

Mr. Jaroslav owns an apartment in a ten-storey panel. Before a while, she voted to revitalize the house through the wall. The system of repairs should have a balcony. Mr.… Read more

Falen e-mail from esk spoitelny lk sla t. No one was damaged

The people first arrived in the e-mail mailboxes from esk spoitelny. The sender, who pretends to be a bank representative, asks you to activate the new security. There is a… Read more

The name of the company is most damaged by defamation internet, court manaei

In the times of the crisis, half of the managers are fighting for the reputation of their company. What companies say the most code? Rising prices, limited services, suspected corruption… Read more