Due to the letter in the Czech insurance company, adjust the conditions of travel insurance

If you are afraid to travel to the Czech Republic because of a fight or you are not sure about your health condition, we will help you against the cancellation.… Read more

Try investing in a big Czech-Slovak competition for a Porsche Cayman

Eclipse uncertainly, but since then in sharp traffic. Investin competition, vn is the main prize of Porsche Cayman, starts on Monday in the black version. You can download the necessary… Read more

In the Czech Republic, aunt’s electronics are sold online, in Italy only seven percent

esk internet shop is on the rise, dog internet is domestically prod tetina electronics. This is the most in Europe. According to a study by GfK, in contrast to every… Read more

Prepaid credit cards come in Czech for five years

Both Visa and MasterCard want to offer prepaid credit cards for five years. This follows from the publication of card associations for TK. Anyone will be able to submit a… Read more