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The lawyer called the reason for the recalculation of fees for online education of students

By filing lawsuits due to the transfer of the educational process to the online mode, students, on average, demand a 15-25% reduction in tuition fees. Unofficially, universities recognize the validity of these requirements. But they have no money, and therefore they will be able to recalculate only if they receive a state subsidy for this. The state, as stated by the head of the All-Russian Student Union, Oleg Tsapko, “shifted all the costs of distance learning to universities, and those to students – the most vulnerable participants in the educational process.”

On average, prices should be reduced by 15-25%, they believe

Dissatisfaction with the quality of education after the transition of universities to distance learning, according to Tsapko, is total in nature: “I personally have not met students satisfied with the distance! All paid students have complaints about the quality of online education, of whom today are almost 60% of the total student body. Somewhere students complained that they could only watch video lectures, and when they sent assignments to teachers, they were never answered.

And, say, at the St. Petersburg University of Water Transport. Makarov did not have classes at all for the entire spring semester. And the parents are perplexed: why do they spend their mother capital on this !? People pay and do not understand for what, and after all, prices reach 300 thousand rubles. in the semester! “

The reasons for recalculating the cost of training with the transition of universities to distance learning, according to Tsapko, are more than weighty. This is a change in the form of presentation of material, and an almost complete curtailment of the socio-cultural activities of universities, and the freezing of the work of university libraries, laboratories and research centers. But all this was included in the initial cost of training.

Almost everyone is talking about the decline in the quality of online learning. For many years, universities have spent a lot of money on supporting distance learning tools. And when it came, it became clear: at best, students can rely on text materials. And no interactivity. Almost anywhere! But there are a lot of stories, like with that old professor who lectured in front of a black computer screen for two academic hours, but no one heard the lecture, because he pressed the wrong button …

In this situation, students believe, it would be fair to reduce tuition fees by 20-30%, and where there were no classes at all – perhaps by 80%, or even 100%. Indeed: what to pay for if the university has stopped classes?

It is noteworthy that many universities, according to Tsapko, “also do not want to shift everything to students. Many teachers and even rectors-pro-rectors admit the validity of the requirements. But universities have no money to return them. Moreover, many of them had to pay extra for the work of teachers, who, with the transition to online, began to work twice or three times more. Therefore, funds for recalculation of universities should be given by the state – grants or subsidies. This is not a lot of money, but it could support education. And without state subsidies, universities will fight to the last to avoid recalculation.

Alas, the state is showing a tendency to distribute subsidies, Tsapko stated:

– The position of the Ministry of Education and Science is that in order to reduce prices, it is necessary to prove that the quality of education has decreased. This suggests the expectation that cases in the courts will get bogged down in papers and court hearings, and that students cannot afford quality expertise, which costs hundreds of thousands of rubles. Thus, in fact, the state shifted all costs to universities, and those to students – the most vulnerable participants in the educational process.

However, there is a chance to win the recalculation lawsuits, assured Florence Lenskaya, a lawyer representing the interests of students.

– The presentation of materials and the form of interaction between teachers and students have changed significantly. In addition, due to the unpreparedness of teachers for online learning, the quality of the presentation has decreased. The form of training has changed. This means that the terms of the previously concluded agreement have changed, which, in accordance with Article 453 of the Civil Code, is a reason for revising the cost of education. And there is no need to prove any decrease in the level of education. By the way, the state has already provided financial support to business. Now we need to support universities. Otherwise, to paraphrase the classics, we will get the formula “Onlineization of students’ helplessness = collapse of Russian education”.

Doctors fell ill with covid after vaccination: experts called it “a pig in a poke”

This is happening both here and abroad. So, the other day in the United States, six volunteer testers of the American-German drug died, two of them received a real vaccine, four – a placebo. However, before the start of the study, all of these people were healthy.

And in Volgograd, several vaccinated doctors became infected with COVID-19. The fact was confirmed by officials from the regional health ministry. At the same time, they do not refuse that even before vaccination, all subsequently sick were tested for PCR and tests showed that people are not sick with coronavirus.

Passion and oddity continues around mass vaccinations against coronavirus

“But, apparently, they were already at the stage of the disease – in the first days the test could be negative,” suggests the deputy chairman of the regional health department Elena Krasnova.

But this is only a hypothesis. Tests for IgM antibodies, which are produced in the acute phase of the disease, are not provided by the protocol before vaccination. Like many other detailed health examinations. That is, no one will specifically monitor whether the person vaccinated with the coronavirus shortly before vaccination, this circumstance, by the way, is not even a contraindication for vaccination.

Vaccinators (before this also applied to volunteer testers) should be aware that vaccination does not protect 100% from the disease, but, in theory, should facilitate its course and minimize the consequences. Although, according to some experts, the latter is also written with a pitchfork on the water.

“Nobody even claimed that the vaccinated people would not get sick,” one of the Russian doctors agreed to comment on the situation. – Vaccination works only in conjunction with other anti-epidemic measures and strict adherence to sanitary and hygienic standards, it is when all conditions are met that the vaccine can help reduce the rate of spread of the disease and the number of severe cases.

So far, absolutely all vaccines created in such a short time, regardless of the country of origin, promise only a temporary result – antibodies appear for a maximum of 3-4 months. And then what? Another dose? How many times? Optimists argue that the main thing is to relieve health care at the peak of morbidity and waves, and then let those vaccinated get sick. But how safe is it for people with artificially created antibodies to face a real virus in life? No one has yet proven the likelihood that this “acquaintance” will not start the effect of antibody-dependent intensification of infection, which can increase mortality among the vaccinated population. As was the case with the dengue vaccine.

“Regular free vaccination of the population every three months – no budget will have enough money for this; the American vaccine Moderna costs about $ 30, the domestic one is promised for 15-17 euros, but the logistics are expensive, since there is currently no production capacity capable of producing millions of doses at one or several closely located enterprises, and this was warned about. that it may be necessary to conclude contracts with foreign pharmaceutical plants ”.

Another big problem, experts predict, is not just to mass produce, but also to stabilize the second dose with the coronavirus spike protein.

“What the participants in the clinical trials were injected with were experimental samples, not industrial production. The latter, for various reasons, has not been established either, including because it has not been possible to stabilize the second component of the vaccine. “

As you know, the Russian “Sputnik” consists of two components, the difference in terms of introduction between which is 21 days. Only after the last injection, that is, after another 21 days, should immunity arise.

There is already talk of extending the period between the first and second stages of vaccination. To increase vaccine production gradually, and to have enough for everyone. But it’s somehow strange that the rules and instructions can be changed so easily, and the final result supposedly does not depend on this.

As is known, the “rocket carrier” of the spike protein is an adenoviral vector. It is he who, as they promise, must trigger the necessary immune response in the body.

“But, excuse me, from what particular strain of coronavirus is this spike protein? – our expert asks a reasonable question. “In addition, the spike protein mutates easily, and it is precisely this part of the virus that is unstable, it is artificially modified. Another of the properties of the spike protein is that it is not perceived by the body as foreign. Isn’t it so that the body’s immune response begins precisely against the adenovirus, and the vaccinated people receive protection from it, and not from COVID-19, which, of course, can get sick after vaccination? “

Unfortunately, no explanation has yet been received on these issues. The developers, apparently, consider this information confidential and are ready to provide it only to potential buyers-partners. But who wants to buy a pig in a poke?

“The fact is that this vaccine contains two strains of adenovirus. That is, its creators say directly that with the first dose of the vaccine there will be a reaction to the adenovirus itself. But with the second dose, the reaction will be to the spike protein spike of the coronavirus. And at first, in any way, the reaction to the adenovirus is going on. Then to the second agent who is being introduced. “

“Of course, complications may begin in those who have undergone vaccination with adenovirus and then caught the coronavirus. This is especially dangerous with doctors, since, among other things, they continue to work in places with a high viral load – in polyclinics, hospitals, hospitals, that is, in areas of special risk. And the consequences of what happened in Volgograd are not yet clear. “

However, regional officials insist that everything will end well. The percentage of infected people known to date is still small. In any case, more people died in America after being tested with the vaccine.

“We monitored the state of the first health workers after vaccination: there was a slight increase in temperature, which passed on its own. After we vaccinated the doctors of hospitals # 4 and # 5, the medical workers developed a very positive attitude towards this vaccine. “

But what will be the algorithm of actions if similar cases are repeated in other regions, and not only among doctors, but also among teachers, security officials, social workers? Have those who send people on incompletely studied vaccinations thought about this in advance?

Read the material“Infectionist Malyshev explained the death of coronavirus vaccine testers.”

Participant in the shooting in Moscow City called on the blonde prosecutor not to pester

The main person involved in the shooting in the Moscow City complex – two-time world kickboxing champion Magomed Ismailov (aka Cobra) – testified in the Presnensky court on Wednesday, September 23. The defendant, answering the questions of his lawyers, told in detail what preceded the brutal fight between the guard of businessman Gabriel Yushvaev and the employees of the Russian Guard at the anniversary of another businessman, Dmitry Pavlov. At the same time, he flatly refused to answer the questions of the prosecutor Maria Semenenko, known for her harsh tactics of work in the processes. At some point, when the prosecutor insisted, the defendant, smiling, asked the blonde in high heels “not to pester”.

World kickboxing champion Ismailov testified in the Presnensky court and did not answer any question from the state prosecutor

The entire meeting was devoted to the interrogation of the main person involved in the case, the owner of the sports club “Scorpio” Magomed Ismailov. The defendant began with the main thing:

-I don’t admit myself guilty. I did not do anything that I am accused of: I had no weapons, I did not insult, I did not hooligan. I myself miraculously survived. Khamidov saved me (Eduard Khamidov was Ismailov’s bodyguard and now he is also involved in the criminal case – approx. ed.). Commands “Shoot!” did not give, the weapon from Yakobson (Arthur Yakobson is an employee of Rosgvardia, who guarded the hero of the day Dmitry Pavlov and was originally considered the instigator of the fight – approx. ed.) did not kidnap and did not transfer to anyone.

Then Ismailov said that on November 17, 2017, he came to the anniversary of Dmitry Pavlov together with his close friend Yushvaev. He, by the way, previously participated in the opening of the sports club “Scorpio” and generally “helped in every possible way” when Ismailov was professionally involved in sports. Yushvaev’s car parked in its place at the Oko tower, standing firmly at the curb. Ismailov stressed that Yushvaev, as the owner of the building, was assigned his personal place on the parking lot. The men were met by one of the hero’s guards. It is noteworthy that at that moment there were no questions about parking the car. On the 4th floor, where the banquet was going on, the guests sat down at their table. Ismailov did not drink alcohol. An hour later, at about 21.00, he went out into the street to “talk to a friend”, to call his wife Ekaterina. After that, he saw how one of the guards, who was distinguished by his bald head, approached Yushvaev’s car and began talking in raised tones with the driver. Ismailov decided to intervene:

-I spoke without aggression. Why be aggressive? I didn’t want to show aggression. I just came to find out what’s going on. But the guard was already “charged” – he was talking without following his speech, – said the defendant, noting that the interlocutor did not seem sober to him. -I began to explain to him that I had arrived with my friend, he is the owner of the Oko tower. His car does not bother anyone, this is her place.

According to Ismailov, at some point unknown people in camouflage uniforms entered the conversation “off topic” and in the conflict “began to live their own separate life”.

-We talked. Two wedged in. They had nothing to do with us anymore. Then I said that there was no need to gather here – and everyone dispersed.

Then, realizing that the “bald one” was in charge, Ismailov put his arm around his shoulders and led him into the hall to “amicably resolve the situation.”

-I came for my birthday. This whole situation – security guards, parking, a car – I didn’t need. I wanted to remove the “crowd factor,” Ismailov said, adding that after two minutes of conversation, it seemed to him that the conflict was resolved. – When we approached the elevator, it seemed that the conflict was over. And suddenly the door opens, and two or three people of Slavic appearance come out, already “charged”. One gets out and immediately reloads the pistol. It was Titarenko, as is already known (Kirill Titarenko – the hero of the hero of the day, participated in a shootout and was wounded in the head – approx. ed.) … Then the conversation started with the collision. I saw a weapon, and it greatly angered me. I then said to him “What are you, machine gunner? Why are you getting your weapon? ” To which he pointed the gun straight at me.

The defendant noted that he did not give anyone the command to “get our weapons”, as some witnesses heard.

-After the shot, I instinctively jumped back and, bouncing, fell. Shooting began. I felt that someone was leaning on me, it was Khamidov. And his wounds from the back – these bullets were intended for me, – explained the defendant.

Recovering himself, Ismailov ran out of the building and walked down the street to another entrance. From there I went up to the floor where Valdis Pelsh and the artists of the circus “Du Soleil” used to cheer the guests. Now chaos reigned there – shots were heard, the guests panicked, ran to the exit, someone shouted “killed the riot policeman.” On the 4th floor, Ismailov sat out the shooting behind the curtain, and then came out of hiding and left. And the next day, having learned from the media that the case had a resonance, he himself appeared at 38 Petrovka.

– Nobody put me on the wanted list. I thought that I would be interrogated as a witness and released. But I was detained, and I did not give detailed evidence, ”Ismailov said.

He also noted that Cobra is not a nickname, as the prosecutor earlier put it, but a sports nickname.

-This is ring hiring. I entered the ring with this nickname, as the coach called me, – explained Ismailov.

Then the prosecutor Maria Semenenko proceeded to interrogate the accused. However, as such, the interrogation did not work out – even at the first sessions, Ismailov announced a boycott to the prosecutor. And this time the defendant said that “he would not answer Maria Eduardovna’s questions,” because the investigation “sewed up his case with white thread.” The accused sat down on the bench, and the prosecutor began to read out her questions:

“Please tell me if you don’t know the people who approached the parking lot, then why did they listen to you when you told everyone to disperse?”

“If people and you didn’t have weapons, then how can you explain the presence of 15 cartridges and 8 bullets from different weapons?”

“Tell me, please, if Khamidov defended you, then why did he go to the 4th floor after that?”

“Khamidov, who blocked you with his body, was he alone? Or were there still his acquaintances with him? “

“When Khamidov went to the 4th floor, why did he go there? Did his acquaintances go to the 4th floor? “

“Tell me, please, did you say the phrase“ We are not guests here, we are the hosts here ”?

“Tell me, please, when you came to Petrovka 38, what surname did you introduce yourself?”

This interrogation continued for another 10 minutes. The prosecutor received not a single answer to all 20 questions.

– Tell me, please, how do you explain the fact that wherever you appear, shooting starts everywhere – on the first floor, on the fourth? The blonde prosecutor finally asked her last question.

-Do not bother me, Maria Eduardovna. I’ve already said everything, – the defendant replied smiling.

Recall that the shootout in Moscow City took place on November 17, 2017. On that day, the authoritative businessman Dmitry Pavlov (Pavlik) celebrated his anniversary in the restaurant of the Oko Tower. Among the friends of the hero of the day were thieves in law Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan), Sergei Aksyonov (Aksen Izmailovsky).

The cause of the conflict was a banal quarrel. The car of one of the guests – Gabriel Yushvaev – blocked the entrance to the building. As a result, a skirmish took place between Yushvaev’s guards and Pavlik’s guards hired for the evening, which grew into a real state of emergency. As a result, one person died and five were injured. Among the victims were Dmitry Yakobson, an employee of the special forces center of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Okhrana” of the Russian Guard, as well as Kirill Titarenko, who were guarding the hero of the day (he received a bullet in the back of the head), and Platon Koida (died at home four days later due to a detached blood clot).

Most of Yushvaev’s guards, like himself, fled abroad.