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The date of the divorce of Bari Alibasov from Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina has become known

The final court hearing on the dissolution of the marriage of producer Bari Karimovich Alibasov and actress Lydia Nikolaevna Shukshina will be held on December 24, 2020 in the judicial department of the magistrate: the ex-lovers still failed to reconcile.

Divorce will happen before the New Year - there is no turning back

As the PR director of Alibasov, Vadim Gorzhankin, said, Bari Karimovich did not make any statements about his desire to stop the divorce proceedings, on the contrary, the producer wants to terminate the relationship with the actress as soon as possible.

“Apparently, he is determined to” divorce “, – said Gorzhankin. – The initiator of the divorce was Fedoseeva-Shukshina. On November 6, the actress filed a lawsuit for divorce, and Alibasov is not against divorce. The Star Union was registered 2 years ago, on November 20, 2018. Since there is no dispute about children between the plaintiff and the defendant, and there is no dispute about the division of jointly acquired property, the claim is tried by the magistrate court at the place of residence of the defendant – Alibasov. “

PR director Alibasova stressed that the court on the donated apartment of Fedoseeva-Shukshina, for which there has been a war for several months, will take place in January 2021.

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Bari Alibasov explained the call to an ambulance by falling from the third floor

Showman Bari Alibasov denied information about his binge and said that he was severely injured due to a broken elevator. The founder of the Na-Na group claims that he hasn’t drunk for several weeks. Earlier today it was reported that the police broke down the door to Alibasov’s apartment – the ambulance doctors called the security forces, who, in turn, received a call from the apartment – but no one opened it.

– Bari Karimovich, what happened to you?

– I learned 15 minutes ago that something had happened to me. And what has not yet been specified. I went out for milk, and at the entrance some girl was looking for me and asked if I was still alive. She thought I was drinking.

– That is, the police officers did not come to you?

– No. Nobody came.

– But what about the ambulance?

– Came, anointed my ass with something. It falls off me.

– Clarify please…

– 10-15 days ago, I was in a hurry to shoot. A car was waiting for me at the entrance downstairs. I left the apartment and saw that the elevator was not working: the elevators were sitting inside the cabin and fixing something. I waited a few minutes, but nothing happened, and then I ran downstairs. On the third floor, I stumbled, fell on my backside and flew like that to the second floor.

– Seriously injured?

– A lump jumped up, but in the clinic they examined me and found nothing terrible.

– Were you drunk?

– No, I last drank about 20 days ago at some representative office at an event. 50 grams of vodka.

– Have you been at home all this time? But what about corporate parties?

– Was home. I don’t speak at corporate parties, but the guys work, yes. In general, everything is fine with me: excellent relations with Lydia Nikolaevna Shukshina, the group …

– All these days have you been in touch with relatives and friends?

– Yes of course. My sister has already called me twice today.

– Do you live alone or does someone take care of you?

– Of course, they help me. I’m waiting for the assistant to arrive; on the way to see me, he has to stop by the store and buy semolina with compote.