Banks offer mortgages with a year below 4 percent, but they have a lot of conditions

In recent months, the people did not drink much about living. Banks have responded and reduce years on mortgages. Komern banka and UniCredit Bank also reduce rates. But the condition… Read more

Banks slip mortgages of the genus, rates are still low

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esk spoitelna continued to keep the income from the mortgage, from banks at least

The income needed for the mortgage will fall. Applicants from the model deposit for the mortgage in 1.6 million crowns cost 18 thousand crowns of the same month. For the… Read more

We tried data on vr, the banks knocked us out

Mete se to stt i vm. Suddenly you need cash, you abroad or another investment. You have sun disputes, but you can’t pick them right away. eenm is pjka. But… Read more