The fine imposed on Prolux was also paid by innocent clients

Kamil Zbuzek sold the apartment through the real estate agency Prolux. Although the buyer paid the entire amount to real estate, Mr. Zbuzek paid the pension for the sale. But… Read more

The insurance on the payment card does not cover every sport. You must also insure yourself

For those banks, get a basic travel connection automatically with a payment card. If you are an athlete, be especially insured, the cards cannot be insured for risky sports. Before… Read more

Day D: Lotyka wanted 1.5 million for medicine, which was also spilled by Mao Zedong

Tatjana Lukjanov drank to investors for pensions from Latvia. Offer them asn lk, who use mainly Tibetan medicine. Tatjana would like to gain 1.5 million on Day D and offer… Read more

A broken arm left a woman from retirement. But you can also go to the bank with your son-in-law

In addition to pain, a broken arm will mean a financial complication. Mr. Lenka from Prague was also convinced of this. Suddenly, she could not sign at the bank and… Read more