SURVEY: Talk to banks to collect the most absurd fee

The first round of the survey on the most absurd bank fee in 2011 will take place on the server, where you can choose your favorite tariff favorite. Banks were also given space to spend the day.

This year, everyone was supposed to choose from the nominated fees the one that they think is the most absurd. ” .

We are convinced that we pay for quality services and we are not ashamed that we want fees for our services. But the customer must be clear in advance what he will pay for. That’s why I have one A4 page. In addition, the client can choose a tariff where he pays only the monthly fee and all common services, including withdrawals from ATMs throughout the EU, are free of charge.

We consider as absurd such fees that do not relate to banking services, but to functionality or you use a communication channel. If some of our services are charged, they always cost the same, and visit a branch or give it over the Internet or over the phone. It can also use the same services in all channels.

We consider fees for innovative functions to be absurd. Therefore, let us bring them to the people. So why limit them with an absurd fee? Why do you want a pension from the pensioner for bringing pension to the bank? We consider this absurd.

And a similar example could be found in the Czech banking

It’s easy for us. As our strategy shows, it’s mon tm free of charge.

The fees we charge are justified. Our fee policy is long-term transparent and frov, clients know what to pay. We would not like to label as absurd any of the fees charged by our competitors, so let’s leave this assessment to the public.

Like any other company, the bank must offer its products at a reasonable price. The size of the fee must go hand in hand with the quality and availability of the services offered. If a situation arises where the fee tries to cut it, it is not clearly defined, or the client is not able to get acquainted with its essence, such a fee can be called absurd.

This transparency is very important for SOB and the client has the opportunity to get thoroughly acquainted with each individual fee. As in the previous year, I would like to propose the proposed fee for the registration fee sent here electronically. The world currently manages a large number of our clients over the Internet and they should have easy and cheap access to their electronic banking.

In my opinion, the fees for services are absurd, where the bank does not incur significant costs and, in addition, the “work” is passed on to the client. From this year’s nominated fees, therefore, I choose the Fee for any (current or permanent) order and changes to the standing order via internet banking.

Guessing the most absurd bank fee from the position of the bank is basically absurd. Pestoe GE Money Bank does not charge some “nominated” fees, let’s leave the result of the survey fully in the hands of the voting public.

Fee for finding the balance via an ATM.

I can spe absurdly discuss whether and which bank fees are absurd. Behind all products and services, of course, there are some costs, which are reflected in the price, in the case of banking services for a fee. Our goal is not to provide the cheapest services, but quality products, services and advice at appropriate prices for a variety of banking products. Each client can choose me according to their needs and preferences. We offer various alternatives and combinations.

We do not want to point to a specific fee and claim that it is absurd because KB itself does not. We agree to be transparent and honest in our pricing policy, and if we consider some charges to be absurd, we will not cover them. There is always a reason for the fees we charge.

A few examples of fees in the current list: for example, a fee for a deposit via an ATM. It looks like an automated service without costs, but it is not. The ATM must also be able to drink and secure cash, the ATM must be able to authenticate the banknotes and any card inserted means authorization costs. A similar example is to find out the balance via an ATM. In the same way, the overdraft carries with it costs even in the event of non-withdrawal – the pension bank reserves the client’s right to have it available immediately in case of need and does not have advance information about the client’s changes. With a similar perspective, we can take into account virtually all fees listed in the current list.

As in the previous year, from the table of nominated Best Fees, we will select the fee for inserting a variable (specific) symbol into the castle order. Even our answer, we consider it absurd, remains the same:

The possibility to insert a variable, specific or constant symbol, or at first for the recipient in the castle order, is a matter of course and a part of the payment service. The client and the recipient can easily identify the payment. In our opinion, it is completely absurd to charge an additional fee for this system of service.

Given that my personal favorite fee for keeping a mortgage here is among the nominees this year as well, I will choose this fee first.

The absurdity and nonsense of this fee is that the bank’s reward for providing a mortgage loan and thus for keeping a mortgage is a year. The bank will receive its reward in the form of a year, so I don’t see a reason why we should give the client a fee in addition to the year, and the team will give him thousands of crowns. For mortgages, the client does not encounter a fee for keeping a mortgage here or with a fee for issuing a mortgage loan.

In particular, I will repeat myself, but from my point of view, the fee is absurd, which is not understandable. With this password, we pay maximum attention, which is why this year we proceeded to further simplified and clearer tariffs. We noted these remarks that the meaning of some items is not entirely clear to our clients. So we gave them a visit and used esk killers for most of them. Even then, we want to provide clear, accessible and functional services for the current hunter – so that everyone can immediately see what I are getting and how much to pay for.

This year’s favorite for my fee is the electronic entry fee.

For the client, the choice is especially important. There are about three banks in the Czech market, who have their own fee policy, who focus on another market segment and who try to compete in other ways – some price, different quality and services offered, gave you quality financial advice. Therefore, if the fee is absurd for the client, I force a bank that does not charge it. Therefore, although Raiffeisenbank does not pay its clients a practically daily fee from previous years, I will not propose a specific appointment.

I still respect the bank’s first role in creating its own policy fees in such a way that it does not arouse negative feelings in clients and at the same time responds to the bank’s mortgage and clearance.

Of the nominees, we would mainly include fees from the nominees for fees for “service” services provided in the framework of electronic banking by the client himself. Typical representatives of this group of fees are the fee for the entry from it sent electronically and the fee for inserting further fees into the castle voucher. The bank’s effort should be to motivate the client to use the possibility of his own settings in his country and first and foremost in this way to calculate the costs of bank fees. That is why Volksbank offers these services to clients free of charge.

It doesn’t matter what the minds of the bank, but the customers. And so our client asks what they like and what they would like to change. Through social security, let’s get feedback very quickly, and we are happy for it. Mon a little surprising, there are rarely darkness charges. In Zuno, this is the majority of services for 0 crowns. Rbus regarding the most absurd fee must be paid by the clients of the banks. Nm incurs absurd fees for such services, where the client can negotiate, over the Internet, and the bank does not cost either time or pension.

“Although the attempt to ask bank employees for the most absurd bank fee could be considered absurd in itself, we assumed that some bank clients may find some price tags on bank services unjustified, that they can free themselves from their workloads and to bank tariffs as a consumer, ”comments the results of the Ale Rod poll from the server.

Only five addressed speeches were able to come up with the nominated fees, they commented on what they themselves or even covered their answers in their statements, often in the sense that you have to say what you like and that the fees are justified.

“A rational and logical effort by me to raise even more of my own institutions shows that it is voting in a poll in the hands of the public, which eliminates these bank fees by simply moving them to pensioners who do not hide these absurd fees. Because not words, but the client’s pension are the only thing the bank has heard of, ”adds Ale Rod.

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