Summer pearl binder: fraudsters try to fly on the fly as well

Travel and sales live in the summer months, detectives conceived the most work. Kadoron records hundreds of scams in just two months. Some of them are even available and sweat, when the insurance company pays the fraudster a pension and he has to sue with him.

V lt people underwrite the connection first in travel insurance. Typical summer bonding frauds involve, for example, a false document and a thin. The fraudster often “tries” it with several couples at once.

Such a case with a pensioner-pensioner is mentioned in the same liquidity of the Czech Business Insurance Company and the European Travel Insurance Company. An entrepreneur of senior beer from a trip to Europe had more proof of employment abroad. Thins from many stt were on the stle dra lebn talents. Thanks to the excavators, which were not generally recognizable from the originals, it received a total of almost two million crowns from several domestic associations. However, the insurance companies eventually exposed him due to thorough control and mutual cooperation.

The unusually high highlights pointed to fraud with a document by experts in the Kooperativa insurance company, when the insurance company tried to apply a thin for the price charged in Mongolia in the amount of 35 thousand US dollars (almost 600 thousand crowns). In order to find out that this was a fraud, in the end there was only one phone call for a Czech consultation, which confirmed that the mentioned medical facility in Ulnbtar does not exist at all.

Luggage that can’t even be taken away

For summer holidays, some people often lose their luggage. In various destinations, the suitcases of some families of people were repeatedly lost. However, thanks to many witnesses and the well-known camera system on letitch, the Allianz detective company only finally saw the furnace. They found out that when the family went on vacation, they immediately picked up all their luggage after the skin and the mother and children took them to the hotel.

Going curious was the case of Uniqa, which her client gradually reported a possible big loss from his holiday trip. According to his mucus, it seemed that he was slowly taking the whole household with him on his travels and that he had the overall needs for a much longer time than his vacation time. “The case got clear contours, when it was found that a similar insurance company has concluded a number of connections in the past and made claims everywhere,” said Eva Svobodov. and even regularly. ”

Oeten who are in the winds

According to Jiho Cvka from the Generali insurance company, some travelers go abroad not only for tourism, but also as a member for a full-time spa. The first bag is in locks from insurance conditions.

When the liquidator finds out that the client has had his teeth whitened, for example, instead of an acute dentist, he will not receive anything from the insurance indemnity. The same will end up with children who want to be reimbursed for their love of unexpected human health, even though they have gone out for cosmetic surgery.

Sales do not know the calendar or date of the insurance policy

In summer, according to connection experts, frauds associated with antedate insurance contracts appear at frequent events. The various fake insurance events in the property insurance of a list are not an exception. This is especially the case with floods, winds or pores.

The owner of the South Bohemian farm announced the Czech connection code on the property due to the self-ignition of the stack. The eighth bag proved that the “self-confessed” leader was the twelve-year-old son of the owner of the farm, who drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes with his friends on a haystack. It was not far for the stack of slm to be reduced to ashes.

They are less frequented, despite the typical summer scam, so they fake into the apartment during long holidays. And according to Hana Axmann from the European Travel Agency, it doesn’t have to be just about apartments at home in the Czech Republic: “We recently noticed a scam with a stolen apartment in the Dominican Republic. The client went to the same center for several years and knew the situation. He knows that the inspection of the house in the apartment to the police is a matter of formal significance. He did not count on the fact that we would contact one of the above testimonies of the event, and he gave a completely different facts about the time of theft, the way of forcible entry into the room, including the sentence stolen. In particular, the fraudster arranged carelessly with his fellow passengers. That’s why we pedaled the police. “

Fraudsters themselves against themselves

Sometimes they scam usvd clients themselves. “When traveling to England, the client used the code for stealing a laptop from a hotel room, unfortunately he did not share this fact with his wife, with whom he traveled. When the liquidator tried to find out how he gave the data to the stolen laptop, his wife picked up the phone first, who uttered a magic sentence: It will probably be a mistake, no one has stolen the laptop, really, we have only one and when we call together I could talk and is in his town, ”describes Kateina Krsov from Direct pojiovny.

This is the case with a number of insurance frauds of a familiar nature, such as the first cases of travel insurance and property insurance. According to the statistics of the largest domestic insurance companies, the number of vacancy rates is declining in terms of fraud in car insurance, which otherwise leads to fraud in the long term.

Overall, however, summer months from other centuries will come again and so they do not. “When, for example, a calamity comes in lt, some people try to make a living on the net of others and try to cheat. But the fraudsters’ reaction to the winter disasters is still the same, ”points out Vclav Blek from Allianz. There is a threat and ten years for insurance fraud.

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